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BMW 7-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • kuwait06kuwait06 Posts: 1
    just checking to see if anyone has heard of husband say when he turns the steering wheel to the left he hears some kind of noise that sounds like air coming from the one of the tires????..we just got it serviced less than a week ago and nothing was now it going back again!!!
  • I have 2001 740i with 59,000 on it. Last night i was using Navigation and by accident clicked on emergency option on the screen. Nav showed me my location and then screen went blank. I turned off the car but screen would not come back. Radio, cd etc. are working ok.
    I took out Nav DVD disc and turned on the car, screen came back. I turned off the car, put the DVD disc back in and turned the car on. Screen was blank, grey with white lines. I then tried taking DVD out again but it would not come out.

    Just wanted to know if anyone run into similiar issue and how it was resolved. It sucks that my certified warranty run out in June.

    Thanks for your help.
  • I've researched some aftermarket shops and have found angel eye bulb replacements for BMW 745s 2002 and up. The bulb give the look of HID like the headlight, not the yellow halogen light that it currently has. The question is, does anyone know where the angel eye bulb is located within the headlight module and how to replace it? I've looked over the Internet but can't seem to find any info regarding this. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I followed the 7 Series boards for many a month a couple of years ago when I was considering a new car. It seemed like everyone was having massive problems with the new style 7 Series and it was clearly star crossed. I bought a Porsche instead and love the great customer service and the fact that there is no unscheduled maintenance.

    I'm still puzzled though why people still want to buy these things. A quick scan through these boards reads like the Land Rover boards: most people love the cars, pay up for them, yet the ownership experience is awful! While the Rover thing is utterly baffling (a 70 MPH lane change in a Disco is a white knuckle experience while the ladder frame chassis takes a set and the roof decides much it is going to lean over) , I do understand how nice a 7 Series can be on a good day when the computers are all working, the I Drive in intuitively clear, and it is sunny out. But still, why do rational people buy such a problematic car?

    Moreover, I can't understand the Bimmer resale values. Everyone agrees that the car has lousy reliability. Yet, a used new style 7 Series is still close to 40K and the car is 4 to 5 years old. Are there that many people out there that just have to have the Bimmer brand, to heck with the underlying value for the money equation?
  • I have a 2002 745i, and I would agree that BMW's reliability isn't in the same league as Lexus, but they did realize the problems they had with the new 7 Series and extended the "new vehicle" warranty for another two years and 50,000 miles for '02 and '03 models. What other luxury marquee would do that?? I was in the market for a Mercedes S430 or S500 before I bought the 745. One of the many reasons for buying the Bimmer was the extended warranty - MB offered one at additional cost. Kelly Blue Book ranks BMW as the best in residual value over 5 years. Also, I think I can say with certainty that Bimmers are better in reliability than Mercedes, especially in recent years. Audi, I really can't say. Additionally, the technology is unparalleled (look at the new Benz S550 - they reek BMW inside and out!), the look of a Bimmer is unique, the interior is simple yet breathtaking, and most of all, they are FUN TO DRIVE!
  • OK, thanks for the reasonable response (I had expected an ad hominem attack by a cool aid drinker). Sure, the Lexus IMHO is a Buick made in the Far East, no one is really old or fat enough to want to drive around in an isloated S550 and lord it over his employees/clients/customers/vendors/neighbors, and Audis haven't been a paragon of reliability.

    I guess that leaves reasonable people like you (and me) who want a high end lux sedan that is fun and will handle with a short list to choose from. Don't forget about Jag though: great reliability, great pricing, and it is significantly lighter and nimbler than a uber German sedan. Resale? Lousy. But you can work it in your favor by buying an '05 for 42K as a CPO.
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    I found a 1990 735i sedan, needing some interior repairs, but overall very nice for $1,300. Aside from that, it needs an engine which I can have purchased and shipped for about 1,000.00. Should I purchase this car or not?
  • No. Here's why. Rather than figure that for $2300 you are all done (or at least partially there), figure what a 1990 in geat shape would cost. Maybe 4K? Thats the better deal because you have no way of knowing right now what else besides an engine (and speaking of engines, what could possibly be the warranty on a 17 year old used engine?)this jewell needs.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Absolutely not. You can buy these cars all day long in very nice condition for $2,500--$3,000. The 735 is a very good car and there are plenty of them around in good operating condition. I wouldn't take that car you want to buy for free, quite frankly. Save yourself a nightmare.


  • I was able to temporarily solve the problem by:
    1. Disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes
    2. Taking out Nav DVD
    3. Putting DVD back into reader

    Everything worked ok for about 2 days and then Nav screen went grey again while i was
    driving. I reset the computer (see above) and screen started working again. But this time
    radio stopped working after about 5 min. I had to turn radio off and back on again. It worked
    for another 5-10min and then stopped at which point screen went dark again.

    Any ideas/suggestions???
  • Hello,
    I also am having the same problem with my navigation system. Like yours, it is a 2000 BMW 740IL. Did you ever found out the problem and how to fix it?

    Thank you
  • I have an 'o4 745 and since the get go, have had nothing but problems with the telephone that came with the vehicule.

    I have had the phone replaced and the cradle repaired.
    The on screen memory numbers do not come on regularly (which means that no incoming calls can come thru and no outgoing sent) the number pad does not work when the onscreen does not come on, phone calls get disconnected in mid call and away from the car reception is not great.

    Anyone else have such experience and what advice can someone suggest the next time I see the dealer.
  • I have a 2000 BMW 740il with the same problem...after I am driving for an hour the Navigation Screen freezes and shuts the radio off...I can shut the radio off and turn it back on and it comes on for about 10 minutes then shuts off again...when the car is parked and off for an hour all is well again, any suggestions...Dealer has no clue!
  • I have a line on a '98 750il. 'Atmospherics' are good. Straight-forward seeming long-time owner, mileage (100k) commensurate with daily use of a reliable car, offer to allow me to talk to mechanic. I just can't get a feel from the web of what to expect. Reports seem to run the gamut:

    1. Run away screaming. Might as well be a Range Rover.

    2. Car of a lifetime.

    3. Not a Lexus, but not bad...

    I'm a low-mileage driver, 12K or less per year, commute less than 5 miles each way. Parts don't seem too expensive. What's the bottom line on these cars?
    My general approach to buying a used car is to buy the best car that depreciates the most. On paper, 7 series is tops, on THAT score, that's for sure...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Well I think the driving merits of the 750iL are outstanding. A Lexus cannot compare in power or handling.

    Your biggest obstacle will be: how much can you afford to keep this car going? Unless you are fairly well-to-do, repair bills on this car will truly stagger you if/when they come up. Maybe the depreciation is in your favor but the upkeep definitely is not.

    I'd say if you can't afford a new one, don't buy a used one out of warranty, as a rule of thumb for the 750 especially. Or in dollars and sense, I think you should plan on throwing about $250--$300 per month (averaged out) to keep the car on the road. That's not including gas and insurance of course.

    What to watch for: check engine light, flukey NAV system, glitchy electrics, front control arm bushings, loosening trim pieces exterior and interior.


  • bh82bh82 Posts: 1
    Was driving down the road when all of a sudden all the windows, including sun roof, rolled down. I could not get them to go back up nor could I unlock any of the doors. Everything locked up. Pulled off the road, turned off ignition and restarted. It must have rebooted because everything finally operated properly. Does anyone know of any kinds of problems like this??
  • dwfladwfla Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2000 740iL with 50,000 miles on it and here is what I need help with. The engine occasionally runs rough, as though it is misfiring or a cylinder is missing. Service engine light comes on. Sometimes when it improves, the light will go back off, but then it will start again. It has been into the dealer several times and they have replaced a couple different sensors as well as a fuel injector, every time saying that should fix the problem. Well, it does, but only for a short period of time. Then, it does the exact same thing and I think they are totally stumped (a lot of confidence in these techs!). Has anyone had or heard of the same situation?
  • Hi

    I've just bought a 2000 735i & need help discovering which mobile phone is compatable with it.
    The car is U.K spec, & I'm told has connection compatable with "old style" Nokias.
    The cord has a connector similar to a small version of a computer serial port lead,any ideas which phone I should be looking out for?
  • Today my husband got into his '04 745i and the idrive is only showing the BMW screen. It will not got to anything else. Has anyone had a problem with this and is there a quick way to fix it without sending it to the dealer. Thanks
  • The issue on my car was caused by the navigation CD/DVD drive/computer. Black box in the trunk where you put dvd disc. It had to be replaced. Look on the internet/ebay for it as NY dealer wanted $1300 for it.
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