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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Same here: talked to my BMW salesman yesterday. One thing he said I might consider is to finance $7,500 with BMW for 0.9% to get the $1,000 credit you mentioned. Didn't do the math yet but definitely something to think about. Not sure though how this would work with 2 lenders - which one would get the title etc.?
  • Spec'ed out my X5d yesterday and came up with the following:
    Alpine white, Oyster, Dark Bamboo, Cold weather pkg, Sport Activity pkg, Multi-contour seats, Technology pkg, Premium pkg, Running boards, BMW apps, Space saver spare.

    Total MSRP $67,325

    They offered $2,500 eco + $1,730 nav credit + $1,000 loyalty (I only own a 2005 BMW motorcycle so they would have to look into that - my guess is no) + $1,000 finance (see my reply above).
    So best case I could get $6,230 without further negotiating, which makes it $61,095.

    Checking on Edmunds, the True Market Value in my area (Chicago Northshore) is $65,746 and invoice is $61,545 (both might be a little higher since Edmunds is off by $400 on the base MSRP).

    When they assessed the value for my trade in, they came out quite a bit lower than what I was asking (as expected); I think the sales guy realized that I was not too happy so when we walked out he said: "well, those were all the standard incentives that we considered, there might be more we can do".
    This said, I am wondering what my going in position should be.

  • Sounds like its fully loaded. I went out to BMW's site and the NAV credits expirted 10/31? Also, their was a federal tax credit for Diesel vehicles incl the X5 that expired 10/31/10. I don't see any advanced lean burn (or diesel) credits available from the GOV. Is this a BMW incentive?

    Bottom line is its damn hard to trust anyone for good info!!
  • He didn't mention the tax break so I assume it might be expired. But he did tell me that the whole staff had a 1.5h meeting in the morning to get briefed on the new incentives they can offer, so I assume nav and Eco are in.
    At the end I don't really care what he can pull out of the hat as long as I get a good price ;).
  • We are in Southwest Missouri. We are giving up our Jetta SportWagen TDI, and have been very pleased with the diesel engine. We drive quite a bit, around 50,000 miles per year. Diesels gets better mileage, hold their value better, and are generally more reliable. Granted, a diesel engine is an upcharge, however, our dealer told us upfront about the $2500 ECO Credit, and that they were matching the $2500 as an additional discount. Something they weren't willing to do on the gas model. At that point, the diesel isn't that much more expensive.
  • RK-

    We used True Car to determine the invoice price built to our specs. Then the dealer took the $2500 Eco and $1730 Nav off the invoice price. I was shocked at how easy it was.
  • According to True Car, invoice on your specs should be around $62,500. Then take off the Eco and Nav credits, putting you at $58,270. So ask for $58,000 and see what you get. If you can't get it in Chicago, my dealer is only 6 hours away in Springfield MO. We almost went to Chicago to get one off a lot, but my dealer decided he really did want me to stay local.
  • Hmm, might have to to consider a trip to Missouri...
    My quotes so far are way off from what you got in Springfield.
    Reliable BMW?
  • Priced it out through truecar and Wagner BMW matched it.
  • Yes it was Reliable BMW. You can PM me if you want my salesman's name and email address. We went in to drive one and left. I emailed him the next day about making a deal. Everything from that point was done through email until it was time for a deposit.
  • gsinillgsinill Posts: 13
    edited November 2011
    I just placed an order for my X5D today at my local BMW dealer.
    After the whole negotiation process started out a little slow, things got really dynamic over the last 2 days.

    Here's the build:

    Base MSRP $56,700
    Alpine White $0
    Oyster Nevada Leather $0
    Dark Bamboo wood trim $0
    Cold Weather Package $750
    Premium Sound Package $1,500
    Sport Activity Package $2,200
    Multi-contour seats $900
    Technology Package $1,700
    Premium Package $3,500
    Running boards $300
    Soft-close automatic doors $600
    BMW Apps $250
    Space-saver spare $150
    Destination & Handling: $875
    Total MSRP as Built $69,425

    After some back and forth over the phone, they offered $61,000, including Eco and Nav credit, if I pay cash or use external financing; I'll get another $1,000 off, if I finance through BMW. They are also still looking to get me the loyalty credit (another $1K) for my 2005 BMW motorcycle but I would be surprised if that worked out, especially since I already gave them my deposit so they can place the order.
    Since I need a trailer hitch, which is only offered as a dealer option, they threw in free installation as well, so I basically pay only for the parts - another 300 - 400 bucks I'll save. Estimated delivery is in 3 weeks.

    All in all I am very happy and must give most of the sales folks I dealt with kudos: they all tried hard and made the process fairly easy. Gotta love the transparency on pricing nowadays through the web ;)

    Thanks a lot to all the folks here on the forum for their tips and help; it's very much appreciated!
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Hi gsinill
    Try to finance about 10k with BMW rate 0.9% so you can get the 1000 credit?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Hi gsinill
    Why did you get the diesel?
  • Because I am HUGE Diesel fan.
    I am originally from Europe and used to Diesels; here in the US they still suffer from the bad reputation in the 70s and 80s. Can't compare a modern Diesel engine with the ones back then.
    Just test drive one and you know what I am talking about ;)
  • Agreed. The Diesel is amazing. For some reason they seem to be positioning it as the "conservative" choice in the lineup. I guess diesel engines aren't sexy enough, but you be the judge. Go drive the Gas V6, then hop in the Diesel and get back to me. :)
  • So I'm not real pleased with the pricing my dealer is giving me, and I'm not excited about their inventory on the diesel either. It seems diesel inventory everywhere near me is slim to none too.

    I was wondering, all other things being equal what's the likelihood of negotiating a better deal on a vehicle I have built to order? Does the dealer have "less to lose" by cutting a more aggressive deal on a vehicle they order for me? Is there any negotiating leverage I can benefit from here?
  • What I heard from the Dealer is Diesel X5 parts and repair is more expensive than gar version. Even extended warranty price for Diesel is expensive than gas version.
  • As far as I know they do not stock X5 Diesels (not sure where but I read this somewhere during my research). There are a few in the Chicago market but I assume those were custom built and the buyers bailed out.
    What are they offering you?
  • My deal from a PA dealer.

    My X5 xDrive35i
    3.0 liter 6-cylinder with TwinPower Turbo technology
    xDrive, intelligent all-wheel-drive
    Base MSRP $47,500
    Black Sapphire Metallic $0
    Leather Nevada Cinnamon Brown $1,450
    Dark Burl Walnut wood trim $0
    Convenience Package $2,100
    3rd row seat $1,700
    Heated front seats $500
    Navigation system $1,900
    Destination & Handling: $875

    Total MSRP as Built$56,025

    With Navigation credit and $1000 BMW Finance credit,
    Final Price is $48950 +$125 doc fee + tax + title.

    I got $1000 credit for taking BMW finance. BMW offered me 1.99%/24mo or 4.99/60mo. which is higher than what I am getting from my credit union (1.99%/72mo.). I am going to take the loan from BMW finance and refinance with my Credit Union immediately. There is no prepayment penalty for payoff. I have confirmed with BMW Financial by calling 1-800-831-1117. Beware that Dealers won't tell you about no prepayment penalty.

    Hope this helps.
  • The extended Maintenance option is indeed $200 more expensive for the Diesel compared to the gas model. I would assume that is for the maintenance of the urea stuff (emission).
    As per repairs: Diesel engines are in general more reliable and last forever. I had several old Mercedes Diesels and every single one had more than 300,000 miles on the clock and hadn't it be for rust, they would probably still run fine.
    Of course the new generation Diesels are much more complex, but in my opinion, the Diesel engine is the better concept overall.
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