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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Potential hit on your credit score? I was told in the past that paying off loans too early has negative impact. Not sure this true or just a rumor...
  • We are near Houston and I didn't get anywhere near the deal. Car ordered yesterday.

    Base diesel 56,700
    premium package 3,500
    technology package 1,700
    running boards 300
    bmw apps 250
    destination 875
    Total MSRP $63,325

    Only credits are ECO credit $2,500 and a markdown of 1,595.

    GSInill - it sounds like you got $8,425 in markdowns. I'm rethinking my deal!!!
  • gsinillgsinill Posts: 13
    edited November 2011
    As I mentioned in my earlier post, my negotiations started out fairly slow as well.
    I actually contacted a dealer out of state first to get a better price - I would have picked up the car in Spartanburg at the factory if I had gone non local, sounds like fun anyway...
    Not sure, but I felt I could have gotten an even better deal but time was running out...
    And, it looks like there is a good chance now that I also might get the loyalty credit for my BMW bike.
    I would definitely go back and renegotiate. Maybe you can threaten to switch to another dealer for service since that's where they make their money anyway.
  • Great deal! I don't mind to drive to PA to get my X5. Can you share the name of dealer with us? :confuse:
  • cpl2usacpl2usa Posts: 18
    edited November 2011
    I live in NJ and have checked about 10 different dealers around here and this is the best deal I got. Dealer is Faulkner BMW. Lancaster, PA. I have not visited the dealer yet. Deal is done over the Phone and Emails. They don't have any X5s in stock I guess. My X5 is build to order (placed on 11/1/11) and production is not started yet.
  • Finally got the deal I wanted after I spoke to another dealer and had a competing offer. The first salesman either wasnt aware of the NAV credit or didn't think I knew about it. After some discussions with the first dealer and a mention of the new deal, my original deal was sweetened considerably.Very comparable to yours. Approximately 8k including the 1k for financing through BMW.
  • Glad it finally worked out! :)
  • RMKlein-

    Like GSinIll said, I think competing offers is the key to negotiation. Things started out slow at my local dealer as well, until I said I would just a quote from an out of town dealer. My salesman knows I travel for a living, and bought my last new car out of state, so I was not bluffing when I said I would do it again. In the end, he stepped up and kept my business local. I also got about $8400 off sticker. It can be done!

    However, they have completely fallen short on the financing end. I was pre-approved through my own lender when I placed my order, but the finance guy wanted a crack at beating my interest rate. I told him to have at it. That was a week ago. I kept getting the put off email from the salesman, so the husband stopped by the dealership yesterday. They had not even sumbitted my info to BMW yet! After a week! The extra $1000 bonus credit is the only thing keeping me from telling them what I really think of their finance guy.
  • kind far away. but thanks, I might try it too.
  • I purchased an X5 d with the following options

    Platinum Gray
    Dark Burl Walnut Trim
    Active Vent Seat Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Comfort Access
    Running Boards
    3rd Row seat
    Bmw Apps
    Multi-Contour seats

    MSRP 67675.00

    Dealer price 63409.24

    From that I got these rebates deducted some of these rebates may have expired.

    2500 ECO credit
    1730 Navigation Credit
    1000 Olympic drive credit

    Actual Price 58179.00 Plus NYS Tax

    I also purchased the tire insurance and extended warranty after the deal was completed. I picked the truck up at the BMW performance center in South Carolina. This is a fantastic experience and should be done at least once if possible. I am also a BMW Car Club member and have applied for an additional 1000.00 rebate available to club members with over 12 months of membership. The deal was done at BMW of the Hudson Valley largely with the help of my wife and True car pricing service.
  • Just curious midtown. Why did you pick it up in SC? Any advantages? Do they spend more time going over the car and it's functions? Thanks! It sounds like you got a great deal !!!
  • BMW calls it Performance Center Delivery...

    It's a pretty neat program, and no extra charge.. I think they have a link on their website..

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Hi rmklien
    It is very diffecult to get any good deals in Houston, just because they have the strongest economy in the country right now, lots of oil and gas money. All my friends are buy their cars out of town over the phone.
  • Ab-are you in Houston? Our deal is not as good as others but including the NAV and Eco credits and BMW financing credit we are about $ 8,500 off msrp. We purchased the x5 diesel with premium,tech,sport and upgraded sound packages. Also running boards and apps. Total msrp of $67,025 for approximately $58,500. Diesel sure seems like the way to go. Lots of torque, better mileage and lower emissions.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    No not in Houston but I travel their for work and know the area very well.
    Just so you know there is about 1200-1500 hold back on the cars and about $500 for marketing cost. The Eco credit is (BS), the gas and diesel are very close $600+-
  • Performance Center Delivery

    You have to get there on your own that's it for your costs. BMW's hotel will pick you up from the airport in the Marriort courtesy van or a car if you request. BMW puts you and a guest up in the Greenville Marriot they cover your dinner that evening and breakfast the next day. At around 7:30 am after breakfast you head to the Performance center. Upon arrival you check in and are introduced to the folks that will deliver your vehicle. Next you are taken to a classroom to discuss driving techniques and some of BMW's safety and performance features. After that the group splits with half going to the handling course and the other half to the skid pad. You also practice ABS braking. Then Lunch at the center. After lunch 1/2 of the group starts their deliveries the other half is taken to the BMW factory for a tour. After the tour you are taken to the BMW off-road course in X5s to demonstrate their abilities. All of the driving is done in a car or suv that you will be getting with the exception of the skid pad and off road course. The actual delivery process in my case took almost three hours. The delivery person was a BMW motorcycle instructor and he went over the features of the vehicle. I do not believe a dealership could spend the time. Then you are on your way.
  • Thanks! Did you ever discuss shipping your vehicle back to your BMW center. I read online that it's at the customers cost which makes little sense in that the dealer would have to ship the car if you didn't do the performance center delivery. Is it worth the experience?
  • I live in Washington DC. Today I ordered 2012 X5 3.5i premium.

    Space Gray and Black Nevada Interior ($55,200)
    With Convenience ($3,500), Technology ($1,700), Cold Weather Packages ($750), and Running Board ($300).

    MSRP: $62,325 (incl. Destination charge $875)
    Final price: $54,945+tax+tags+processing fee = $56,666

    What do you think? Is it a good deal?
  • 35d_ude35d_ude Posts: 9
    edited November 2011
    It looks like about 6.5% off MSRP (before incentives and rebates) is very doable. Would those of you in the know agree?

    The deal I'm targeting right now on a 2012 X5 35d is:

    MSRP: 65,325
    Less Dealer Discount 6.5%: 61,079
    Less ECO, Nav, Loyalty: 55,849

    So total purchase price of 55,849 + TTL

    Does this seem realistic? My local dealers are acting as-if I'm out of my mind. They keep trying to tell me they are "giving me" the ECO, Nav, and Loyalty discounts. I'm telling them BMW is giving those to me, and they have no impact on their margins.

    I'm thinking about going out of state, but only if my target figures are realistic.
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