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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree with your a comments. You can at certain Socal dealers get the X5 at invoice price less any specials etc.....this way you have a new vehicle and full warranty......
  • lay2lay2 Posts: 13
    Hi i need you help folks. i am looking to purchase 2009 x5 xDrive with climate, navigation,premium and technology package. the vehicle is spaced gray with black interior, 36000 miles. The dealer said he cannot go below 40,500.00 is this a fair price or c an i do better? Also should i be aware of any hidden cost> i will finance with my credit Union. I am open to any thouhgts suggestions etc> i just don't want to get taken> help! oh i am purchasing this vehicle in NY?LI
  • Hi,

    Went to the dealer, for a particular colour, he said, they need to order it. Let me know if he giving me a good deal ?

    My X5 xDrive35i Premium

    3.0 liter 6-cylinder with TwinPower Turbo technology

    xDrive, intelligent all-wheel drive

    Base MSRP $55,200

    Black Sapphire Metallic $0

    Black Nevada Leather $0

    Dark Burl Walnut wood trim $0

    Technology Package $1,700

    Convenience Package $3,500

    Destination & Handling: $895

    Total MSRP as Built $61,295

    I can sell it for $58,795 + T,T,&L.
  • I think you can negotiate atleast another $1K based on Truecar pricing
  • I have the same car model and year without navigation with 33k miles and an end of lease payoff amount of 29500. You should try to negotiate the price down to 35~36k if possible.
  • getvasgetvas Posts: 2
    I bought from Wide World BMW - Spring Valley - NY and they gave me for the exact price what they quoted on True Car certificate. The doc fee in NY is also a fixed $75.
  • Can you share the name of Socal Dealers who sell at Invoice. if you have specific sales person name, that woudl really helpful.

    I have seen deals for Invoice + $500/-, nothign at Invoice.
  • call Tina or Clint at Sterling BMW Newport Beach, Ca.
  • Thank you and I can oofer BMW X5 at the invoice price correct?
  • hello,
    could you share with me the dealship name and saleperson name?
    thanks in advance.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,597
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited February 2012
    Does anyone know if the incentives are back on x5 in February? BMW x5 sales are 14% down in January.
    I think this is the best time to get a great deal. My guess the will try to push sales through higher rebates to dealers.
  • Where did you get this information on X5 sales? Thats very interesting.

    14% down, but still no rebaltes, may be its good to wait till March to see if they come out with any new rebates!

  • 12k miles
    Sport Activity package, premium package, prem stereo package, technology package, cold weather package, contour seat, heated rear, run boards....3 years left on warranty - for $50k

  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited February 2012
    This is the monthly BMW sales report, just google it.
    Mercedes Benz Sales are up 26%
    BMW only 3% up
    This is because BNZ is heavily discounting their cars through dealer incentives, on average about 8-9K for 50K plus BNZ vehicles ( A friend just got the new ML350 for 8K bellow MSRP and another GL450 for 12K bellow MSRP).
    BMW is not heavily discounting their cars except for 7 series, therefore their sales numbers are poor. My guess they will have a fire sale soon to catch up.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Sales BMW of North America, LLC, January 2012

    Jan '12 Jan '11 % YTD Jan '12 YTD Jan '11 %
    1 Series 422 501 -15.8% 422 501 -15.8%
    3 Series 6,698 5,763 16.2% 6,698 5,763 16.2%
    Z4 104 112 -7.1% 104 112 -7.1%
    5 Series 3,216 4,350 -26.1% 3,216 4,350 -26.1%
    6 Series 409 83 392.8% 409 83 392.8%
    7 Series 977 626 56.1% 977 626 56.1%
    BMW passenger cars 11,826 11,435 3.4% 11,826 11,435 3.4%
    X3 1,687 1075 56.9% 1,687 1075 56.9%
    X5 2,610 3,038 -14.1% 2,610 3,038 -14.1%
    X6 282 357 -21.0% 282 357 -21.0%
    BMW light trucks (SAVs) 4,579 4,470 2.4% 4,579 4,470 2.4%
    BMW brand 16,405 15,905 3.1% 16,405 15,905 3.1%

    Read more here: l#storylink=cpy
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    I would say it is a very good deal as the new ones are not getting that much discounted.
    Almost $66000 new and You are paying only $50000 with 3 years left on warranty.
    Good deal.
    Thank You.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    I cannot get upto $6000 or more discount as other people here have posted, specially from CA dealerships. So to me this is a steal of a deal.
    You are getting a fully loaded X5 Sport Activity for more than 3 years left on warranty for only $53500.
    Just see how much it would cost You to buy the new one and compare from there.
    Good luck.
    Thank You.
  • alexkoperalexkoper Posts: 18
    Hello all, just picked up my X5 diesel last night. I ordered it specifically because I wanted the Nappa Leather package.

    MSRP 67195
    Eco credit of 2500
    Negotiated deal with dealer for $750 over invoice with no training fee and no maco fee. Final price was $60050. I think it's a great deal, had an awesome sales guy named Bo Sailor at Santa Barbara Auto Group in So Cal (Santa Barbara) ... No hassle or haggle, it was so easy.Car is great.
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