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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • konradlvkonradlv Posts: 11
    Great deal.
    What color and options did you get.
    I am looking at similar car with Msra of $67,000 and the dealer offered it for 60k
  • konradlvkonradlv Posts: 11
    I am picking up my new X5 35 D TODAY
    NEW ECO CREDIT $3,500 !!!!!!!
    MSRP $67,045 SALES PRICE 59,000
  • fimsyfimsy Posts: 12
    Hello, I am a first time car buyer and plan to purchase a 2013 BMW X5. Live in NY and moving to MN in June.
    1. Should I purchase in NY and move car to MN or purchase car in MN?

    2. I am getting the 35i, with options of leather seating, navigation, snap in adapters and total of $52,014 MSRP. Can someone tell me a good price to bargain for and I need tips on pitfalls to avoid!!!
    Thank you
  • crohitcrohit Posts: 3
    Got mine NEW 2011 X5 Diesel:
    - 3rd row seats
    - Premium pkg
    - Rear climate
    - Head up display
    - Navigation
    - Cold weather pkg
    price paid 50k.
  • Would you be kind enough to post specifics?

    Looking at an X5 diesel with an MSRP of 67,400 and wondering what i should offer for the vehicle...

  • fimsyfimsy Posts: 12
    Thanks for your reply. Thats a very good buy. Where is your dealer please and how much did you get of the MSRP generally.
  • fimsyfimsy Posts: 12
    Hello, BMW financing for a new BMW X5 2013 is 3.99 for up to 72 months. Can anyone tell me if that is good? It ends this month of April they say
  • crohitcrohit Posts: 3
    I just bought a month back 2011 model. It was a celebrity demo model used by dealer. MSRP approximately 64k. Based on experience I feel
    That with all the discounts, u should definitely pay 10k less and on top
    Of that another 2k to 5k less depending how long the car is sitting in
    The lot. I miight have been lucky coz I found 2011 when the dealer was
    selling 2012 models. I did not do a lot of homework and did not know
    about the eco discount. Also if u r buying from on-the-inventory that
    means it is not custom made for u and not many BMW buying people
    do that. So I feel that ball is in ur court to bargain. U can always play
    the card that the model dealer is selling has more features then u need
    hence u don't wanna pay for them and hence it is not a good match
    and u r walking out. If dealer wants to sell, will be ready to bargain.
    Final judgement is always yours.
  • crohitcrohit Posts: 3
    That's a lot of APR. U might be better off checking ur local credit union.
    Depends on ur credit score as well. Also u can try more bargain with the dealer as well.
    Credit is cheap these days, shop around, u may be able to do better.
  • fimsyfimsy Posts: 12
    Thank you. I have very good credit and I agree its a high APR
  • fg3x5dfg3x5d Posts: 1
    Are all of you guys buying off the street or part of any corporate deals?

    I'm looking at a smoking deal, but it is through my company....that seems to be the best way to go.
  • jddssc121jddssc121 Posts: 35
    2012 X5 Diesel.

    MSRP = 64,095

    Selling price = 56,105
  • durniljrdurniljr Posts: 4
    that sounds a like a killer deal - can you break down incentives vs what you negotiated off? where are you located? not in TX by chance?!?!
  • mdg12345mdg12345 Posts: 2
    I was told by a dealer the best price they could offer is $60,089 for X5 with MSRP of $66,695. Good as long as $3500 eco credit exists. I am ordering the car with my specs (nappa leather, 3rd row, premium pkg, premium sound). I am thinking I can do better on the price, but not getting a better deal so far. Is this the best deal out there or is there better? I have seen a few posts above with over $7,000 off MSRP for similar. Best technique for driving a harder bargain to get a better deal?

    I am in Colorado, so if anyone has had a good dealer experience, please let me know. Thanks.
  • dhkhandhkhan Posts: 27
    Can you please post name of dealership you are getting the $60,085 price from.

  • jddssc121jddssc121 Posts: 35
    Eco credit of $3,500. Rest was just negotiating :)

    this was in WA state
  • konradlvkonradlv Posts: 11
    Is the $60,089 before or after eco credit???
  • jddssc121jddssc121 Posts: 35
    I have 3 dealers all fairly close to each other. had the 3 of them compete for my business ( all via email no less :) )
  • mdg12345mdg12345 Posts: 2
    That's the offer after the eco credit. Should I do better? Another dealer offered something similar. I have been looking at the dealers in Boulder and Longmont. Got less of a response from the Denver dealers (Murray and one other).
  • dhkhandhkhan Posts: 27
    Dealer in Longmnot? Did you mean Loveland?
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