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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited December 2012

    (1) Navigation and resale: The fact that you asked about extended warranties at the end of your post suggests that you are planning on keeping the vehicle more than 4-5 years. At that point, having nav or not may not be that big of a deal on resale. And I don't think it's prudent to make option selections that you don't really want just for long term resale. That said, I find the navigation system especially helpful in the DC region if you need to route around traffic jams, accidents, etc. in strange neighborhoods. But that's for you to decide.

    (2) Ventilated seats: Haven't tried them myself. But, like I said, we really wanted the oyster interior. It looks great with the Black Sapphire (or dark grey) exterior. I would recommend you try them if at all possible, even in another BMW other than the X5. I had one friend tell me that another brand (MB maybe) had ventilated seats that actually made his back get stiff and the air temperature could not be adjusted.

    (3) Suspension: Sport activity package keeps standard suspension. There is an active drive sport suspension option for around $3,000. It is overkill, IMO. The SAP does include 19" wheels with lower profile tires. I test drove everything in the market and the BMW with the SAP/standard suspension handled much better than the Q7, ML350, Touareg,. The ML even had MB's dynamic handling package ($5k) and it wasn't as tight as the X5d with SAP. The only one that handled the same/better was the Cayenne/Cayenne GTS. I would even avoid the 20" wider tire upgrade ($900 on top of SAP). I drove one at Fairfax and it may have handled very, very slightly better, but unless you are on a track, you wouldn't notice it in daily driving. You would notice the extra tire expense when you have to replace a $1,500 set every 20-25k miles.

    (4) Extended warranty: Between the price of the extended warranty and extended maintenance, I was looking at something like $5k to go from 4/50 to 6/100. Way too much, IMO. On the maintenance, I have a very good independent mechanic that can do brakes and other maintenance items for 60% of the cost at the dealer. I stuck with the standard warranty, figuring if there are any issues, they should surface in the first 4 years/50k.

    (5) Price / Dealer: The credits seem to change daily, so I think you have a good price, but just work your way down from $500-$1,000 over invoice (2013 MY, I assume). Is the eco-credit down to $3,000 on your quotes? Also, I went to Fairfax for their Olympic promotion back in June and they forgot how to return a call or e-mail afterwards. Horrific follow up and I've heard bad things about service. They clearly didn't want me to order a car; they wanted to clear out their lot of X5d's in bad colors. I took the $1,000 BMW coupon to Silver Spring and got a great deal and follow up from sales manager. Haven't needed service yet, but friends go there (not Rockville) and have positive referrals. Rockville (VOB) has a bad reputation and obnoxious attitude. As in, "we have 20 X5d's in stock, none with SAP because nobody wants that". I did. I think Passport is OK if you can get there from here. Not too convenient for me.

    Good luck.
  • Upon further consideration, I see your point about the premium package vs. the comfort access. I think I will have to get the premium package...

    Also, the sport activity with the multi-contour also seems like the way to go because then I can get the cinnamon brown with the red exterior.

    The Passport sales person was the most helpful and easily contacted. Passport is very inconvenient for me, but really the only convenient dealer is Fairfax and they won't even return my phone calls. I kept hearing "we will get back to you by tomorrow" and then nothing at all.

    Yeah, I have a little guy and we're buying the car to be able to cart around more than 2 little guys with their car seats... I'm not sure how much I want them destroying my car regularly, but I kind of love the 35D torque... Definitely can't do any interior that is too light (such as oyster) because I am afraid of the stains that the little guy might make.

    I was debating about the heads up display because I'm putting the premium package on. Seems like the directions on your screen in front of you would be cool and probably safer. And I like the idea of the side cameras. But this purchase seems to just be climbing in price...

    I think I am settled on premium, sports, multicontour, 3rd row...

    Can you tell me who your "good independent mechanic" is?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Unless you drive more than 12,500 miles a year, you won't really need an independent mechanic until 2017, given the 4/50 included maintenance by BMW. Ours for our "regular" cars (Acura, BMW) is D&D in Silver Spring. For my former, and possibly future, Porsche, it's Intersport in Tysons.

    Regarding the cinnamon brown and red color combination, someone else posted awhile back that they picked this combo off of a photo and then it looked different when the vehicle arrived. They were trying to cancel their order as a result. Photo's of black, oyster and beige are pretty similar, but I've seen photo's of the cinnamon that ranged from brown to orange to pink. If you haven't already done so, I definitely this is a color combo you want to see in person in daylight.

    We passed on both the technology and premium sound packages. No regrets on either decision there.
  • Is it not possible to get the M Sport package on a X5d? I can only add it to a X5 3.5 Sport Activity on
  • Friends,

    Any and all comments on the following are greatly appreciated. Here is what I recieved today from a dealer on Costco pricing:

    2013 X5 Diesel: Costco arrangement is for $800 over invoice

    MSRP Base: 56,700
    Premium Pkg: 3,600
    Cold Weather Pkg: 750
    Prem. Sound: 950
    Running Boards: 300
    Space-Saver Spare: 150
    Destination 895
    Total: 63,345

    Since he did not have any 2013s on the lot he figured MSRP at 7% above invoice (actual number will be verified), so his invoice figure was 59061. For some reason, his invoice+800 number was 59,761.27

    Pretax 56,761.27 (eco credit of $3000 applied)
    Dealer doc fee: 599
    License and misc fees: 39
    subtotal 57,399.27
    7% tax in my county: 61413.21
    less holiday credit and loyalty 2250
    Out the door: 59,163.21

    How much better than $800 over invoice could I do assuming it's a car that the dealer would be ordering for me and is it correct that the holiday credit and loyalty credit come off after-tax rather than pre-tax. Also, shouldn't the eco credit be $4500 rather than $3000?

    Thanks for any and all replies!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think $800 over invoice on a customer ordered 2013 is a pretty good deal. Although the dealer doc fee of $599 is very high. That essentially makes the deal $1,400 over invoice which is not so good. My dealer charged $199.

    Apparently the eco-credit has been reduced to $3,000 from $4,500. Sorry about that, but that's still better than the $2,500 it had been prior to May/June on the 2012's. I figured the $4,500 wouldn't last forever. Plus having a 2013 vs. 2012 MY is worth something extra at trade in or resale time.

    You might want to add BMW Apps to your option list, IMO. Pretty cheap and a good way to integrate your i-phone or android to telemetrics.

    All credits were taken off my pre-tax price, so push your dealer on that one. You are paying 7% tax on an extra $2,250; that's $157.50 that will fill the diesel tank a couple of times.
  • Wow, thanks so much for your very detailed answer. Unfortunately in Atlanta where I am all of the dealers seem to have their doc fee at $599 and are unwilling to change that line item. Maybe elsewhere there's room. I'll see what I can do but thanks again for the good advice.

    Any opinion on whether premium sound pkg is worth $$ rather than standalone satellite? Upgraded stereo worth another $600?
  • toy4metoy4me Posts: 13
    edited December 2012
    Hello Everyone,

    Well, we finally did it! We ordered our new X5 Premium (gas). Our price was $200 over invoice. One thing to watch out for is that some dealers tried to sell me $X over invoice, but would try to charge retail for every option. My price was invoice for the car, invoice for every option/package, + $200. The MSRP is $65420. Our price came out to $60925. This includes the "new" ZC3 convenience package with the soft close doors (Edmunds is still listing the ZCV package, which is out of production), the luxury seating package, the technology package, premium sound package, running boards, BMW apps, Space-Saver Spare, BMW's handling fee of $895 and MACO fee of $380. Our dealer offers free any time car washes and free loaner cars, along with the normal maintenance, etc. We are thrilled with our purchase and would recommend them any time! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share the dealer's information here, so PM me if you would like further. We are in Southern California. We decided to lease it through BMW, so we could take advantage of the holiday incentive of $1500 (after our price). Also, I read some posters are being charged a high doc fee. Ours is only $80. I hope this helps someone out.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Premium sound is really in the ears of the beholder. We didn't go for it as I thought the standard system was good enough and didn't hear that much of a difference. But you should listen for yourself.
  • Hi

    I just got a price for the BMW X5 SAP for $60,130 - $1,500 (with BMW finance) with Space Gray Metallic, Black 'nevada' Leather.
    -Convenience Package
    -Cold Weather Package
    -Sport Package with Multi-contour seats
    And I have a trade-in for $8,500
    I live in Chicago.

    Is this a good price? Thank you.
  • kackikacki Posts: 18
    edited December 2012
    No idea about the X5, but that looks like a very good price for the trade-in, especially for Chicago.
  • I have an offer from my local dealer for BMW X5

    X5 xDrive35d @ Invoice
    Base + 3rd row Seat + Navigation

    X5 xDrive35i @ $500 over Invoice
    Base + 3rd row seat + Navigation + (Leather Seat, Heather Front Seat, Power Tail Gate, Parking Distance Control that are standard in 35d)

    I am looking to buy the BASE model with the options listed above. My Offer price is Invoice + Dest charges. The only additional charge that include is the MACO/Service Fee of $610

    Is it a good price?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    You should be looking at $500 over invoice BEFORE the various credits; well under invoice after applying: holiday, Eco, loyalty, etc.
  • Just closed X5 xDrive35d @ Invoice. Custom Order with 4-5 weeks for delivery. Roughly 15% off MSRP after the ECO Credit and Holiday Cash incentives. Besides, Tax & Tag, the only other additional fee includes $250 Doc Fee.

    My options include base + premium package + 3rd row seat + BMW Apps.

    Thank to everyone for sharing your deals.

    Thanks for the info. Please let me know on how i did on my deal.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Sounds like you did very well, especially on a 2013.....

    ....but with all that money you saved, you might want to consider adding the $300 running boards. We took a 4 day trip over the holidays to PA in which it snowed every day and the running boards came in very handy for knocking the snow off my boots before getting into the drivers seat. They also seemed to keep road mush from splashing up and covering the lower part of the door. And, IMO, they look good and are functional for helping wash the roof/windshield without pulling out a ladder. Acura charges double for their less attractive running boards, and Porsche charges about $5,000 for everything, so at the end of the day $300 is a giveaway.

    Are you picking up in Spartanburg?

    Congrats on your deal.
  • Strongly suggest running boards on the X5 be avoided with respect to Habitat1.

    Unless you mount a kayak or something on top frequently, I'd avoid them.

    They get your pants dirty upon each ingress and egress, tend to be the first part to discolor or dare i say show rust spots, and also make it tediously harder to step into the vehicle causing you to reach and stretch further. Unless you mount a kayak or something on top frequently, I'd avoid them.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited January 2013
    I'm not sure what running boards you are referring to, but they don't sound anything like the ones on our X5:

    - Aluminum and hard plastic/rubber don't rust.

    - They only extend out approximately 3.5" from the lower door sill, which given the curvature of the door, is barely 1" beyond the middle of the drivers door. I'm not sure how you ingress/egress your vehicle, but it's a non issue for me, my wife and daughters. In fact, they use it to assist as a toe step.

    - About the only thing I would NOT recommend is trying to use the running boards as a step for putting a kayak on the roof. They don't extend far enough out from the vehicle to give you a solid platform and attempting to stand edgewise on them with a kayak over your head is likely to end up ugly.

    - Personally, I got them mostly for appearance and partly to use as a slight step when holding on to the roof rail and washing/drying the roof of the vehicle. But our experience in having them in the snow was that they worked well as a way to kick snow off your boots and reduce the amount of slush that made it up the door from the wheels (i.e. defacto mud guards).

    In any event, they are an easy item for others to test drive themself, as most X5's I've seen on lots come with them.
  • Thanks for the suggestion and i will call the dealer today to see if i can add the running board.

    I agree that these running boards are primarily for convenience i.e., to kick snow or sand off your boots and for easy climbing into the car and not a good idea to hang things off the roof. We can certainly use them but be prepared for getting our clothes dirty as we lean to the vehicle.

    As of now, I am planning to pick up the vehicle from SC. I still have another week or so to make that decision.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited January 2013
    As of now, I am planning to pick up the vehicle from SC. I still have another week or so to make that decision.

    If you can swing it, I can guarantee you won't regret it. I had a 911S for 5.5 years and learned more about how to drive a car properly in 4 hours at the Performance Delivery Center. Skidpad, anti-lock brake strip, mini-formula one course...all with professional racing instructors giving you tips. Plus taking the X5d (theirs, not yours) over their off road course will really show you what all those hill descent and hill hold buttons do, along with the x-drive, etc. It really is the only way to truly appreciate BMW engineering. And the price - free - is hard to beat.

    They run a first class operation, from picking you up at the airport in an X6 to dinner and room at the Marriott, to the one-on-one delivery of your vehicle in a private showroom. Damn, I'm nearly talking myself into getting a BMW M3 instead of the Cayman S I have on order!
  • Hi Laavram,

    I have similar build for the X5 xDrive35d. May I ask how much you pay for it?
    I paid 55k with addtion of soft close and running board.
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