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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks kyfdx. I priced the car using the Edmund's True Market Value pricing tool. The MSRP was 67150, the invoice was 61770, and the true market value was 63800. If I can get them to use the .00127 MF and the 57% residual, does it seem like a better deal?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    The base rate on the MF will obviously be a better deal than the marked up one.. but, residuals are fixed.. You can't negotiate that..

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  • lol, thanks ponytrekker. the more I learn about leasing, that seems to be exactly what's going on.
  • socal59socal59 Posts: 54
    I would shoot for $500 over invoice, ig you feel gutsy $200 over invoice. Like I said before, there are a lot of these on the lots and the new model is right around the corner. I would send a few emails to dealers telling them what you're looking for with the base rate MF and residual.

    I'm in the market for one too and I'm waiting to see what Julys numbers will be or maybe August as well. I like the way the 2014 looks and it has a great looking interior, but if I can get a good deal on a 2013 24 month lease ill wait two more years.
  • beth03456beth03456 Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm looking at a used 2012 with 12,000 miles in DC area. Its a bronze x35i Premium with convenience, entertainment, third row seat, cold weather, premium sound, tech packages, power liftgate. The original MSRP was reportedly $67K, they are listing for $56K. Any thoughts on a fair price? I'd pay cash. Can you get a USAA discount on used cars?

    I like it and would like to go ahead and buy, but I'm willing to wait for the fall when more 2012's will come on if I need to - hoping they will be interested in clearing this one out now though.

    Thanks for the help!
  • socal59socal59 Posts: 54
    Beth, if they are asking $56 k, then offer them $48k or so. They have room on that car. You can probably settle on low $50's I'm not sure what Blue Book is on that car. You can check here on this site too. You can buy a brand new one for about $5k more.
  • beth03456beth03456 Posts: 4
    Thank you socal. The KBB was about $48-$49K. Not sure I can get it if its over $50K given all the new cars out there I can get for that. I was thinking a 15% discount off their price, but have never purchased a used car before.
  • bmw_carbmw_car Posts: 10
    I am thinking of purchase at the end of lease and trying to find what are my options.

    I have X5 2011 Premium 35i with Technology package, third row seats, running board and cold weather. Even after 3 years of use, it smells and looks like a brand new car. I like the car so far and even if I re-lease it, I would probably go with same car. I may choose few additional options but it would just be a minor change. In nutshell, I love my current car.

    My residual is ~$38.5K. I would like to know the following:

    1. Does dealership provides certification or extended warranties when you buy the car ? Is it common or rare for this car ?
    2. Should I purchase the extended warranty or certification ? What is the typical cost of each ?
    3. What are the additional costs on top of paying residual when you buy the car ?
    4. Can I possibly get a certified pre-owned car around the same price as my residual ? I am finding the list price average between $45K to $50K. Can I expect 20% room for negotiation ?
    5. Any other advice from someone who did the purchase at the end of lease ?
    6. Shall I go via BMW financial directly or through dealership ?
    7. What is the typical financing rate for buyout at the end of lease ?

    Thanks everyone for your advice and responses.

  • socal59socal59 Posts: 54
    I purchased my current X5 at lease end. I offered them $4k less than residual; a few dealers didn't bite including the one I purchased it from. A nearby dealer went with it, they certified the car to 100k miles, detailed it put new Michellin tires on. I got the current financing BMW was offering (3.9%). Overal it was an easy transaction and I kept a car that I knew was well taken cared of. If you want your current X5 offer a few grand below the residual. They don't really want it back and have to sell it etc. Try different dealers.
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Posts: 16
    Not sure if this a good deal or not. I turned it down thinking late July or Aug might have better MF and a push to sell off 2013's.

    Base 2013 X5 35i
    ZCV convenice package
    Power Tailgate
    Heated front seats
    Park Distance Control
    Navigation System
    MSRP $54, 175 with dealer price at $49920 which includes a $2200 cap cost reduction and $1000 bmw loyality rebate. Actual dealer discount is $1050.
    39 month lease @ 12K/year is $599 per month with LA tax.

    Is this a good deal?

  • socal59socal59 Posts: 54
    Seems like a fair deal. What's the MF? What dealer, in Los Angeles area?
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Posts: 16
    Not sure about the MF, he didn't provide it. Glendale.
    I found another dealership giving me a $51,420 without cap cost and BMW loyality. With BMW loyality, the car is at invoice.
  • As for my 3 local BMW dealers I've found that if I want a new (X5) built for me, according to my desired options (color, packages, etc.), they will not compete amongst one another. One price fits all.
  • To ask Beth's question more broadly, do folks have general advice for purchasing through BMWs CPO program in terms of what negotiated price to aim for/expect (i.e. XX% under asking) or other relevant advice? I'm looking for a 2011-2012 X5 with relatively low mileage as well.

    Beth, any luck in your negotiation?

  • beth03456beth03456 Posts: 4
    My negotiations went very similar to the advice posted above (thank you!). They lowered the price and I got a bit more off, helped with a USAA discount, settled at ~$50K. It might have made sense for us to price out a new one or look at other used options but there weren't many other 2012-2013s with premium, third row and beige seats available, so overall we were happy with the deal. I love it.
  • kr3pt0nkr3pt0n Posts: 6
    Would anyone be able to recommend a dealer in northern california that recently concluded a $500+invoice or better deal on a new x5? My negotiations skill must suck as I'm getting $1000+invoice+bank fee as my best, even on the car that is already on the lot.
  • bamelingbameling Posts: 1
    Hello all. Wondering if someone can take a look at this offer and let me know if it is a good deal or not. 2013 BMW X5d. Comes with Premium Package, Premium Sound Package, Cold Weather Package, BMW Apps, and Running Boards. MSRP is $63,445. This was used as a demo and has a little under 5,000 miles on it. Dealer is offering it for $54,944.

  • fledexfledex Posts: 2
    I am going to say this is a no deal. I purchased a brand new 2013 x5d with MSRP of $61,975 for $52,975 last Saturday and my buddy got a similar discount and had an additional $1000 loyalty credit. They are trying to get rid of the 2013's right now so negotiate more or try a different dealer.
    Even at my purchased price, they are not losing money.

    By the way, the dealer I dealt with was in Dallas, TX which is not exactly highly competitive.
  • tom_mdtom_md Posts: 1
    Can you please share the config which you got and how much was it over invoice?
  • fledexfledex Posts: 2
    Space Gray X35D
    Premium package
    BMW apps
    Satellite Radio
    Space Saver Spare Tire
    Invoice is 57,633 using Edmunds

    I paid 52,975 (including the 3.5k ECO credit) + TT&L
    No trade-in and no loyalty since I had a BMW more than 12 months ago.
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