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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It looks pretty good.. when I do the calculations, I come within a few dollars of the figures they gave you.. and you are getting the base rates..

    The discount is nearly $3K off of MSRP, so that looks good as well..

    If this is the car you want, I see no reason not to grab this deal...

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  • With Premium pkg, Sport pkg, 19" wheels. Dealer quoted price: $58,000 + Tax and registration.
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  • What were the options that you had for the bmw x5 3.0. Thanks
  • Premium Package
    Cold weather
    Rear Heat & Air
    Adaptive Zenon Headlights
    Heated Steering Wheel
    Leather Black
    MSRP Including Destination
  • Does anyone know if there are some newly available dealer incentives on the 2006 X5 4.4i? Suddenly I am getting much better offers on discounts from the dealers I have been working with.

    Thanks in advance.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Nope... no incentives. BMW doesn't do incentives unless it's the end of a model year and it's not selling fast enough...
  • timartimar Posts: 1
    A local dealer has an X5 with premium, cold weather,rear climate, xenon. It has ~4000 miles on it. How much off the new sticker price for those few miles? How much does a BMW lose in value once it is off the lot? If I buy a brand new 2005, will the dealer still get the 6000 incentive?

  • am05am05 Posts: 2
    I have read many posts about the results of negotiations with dealers for new and used BMWs, but I have not read any that give specific advice on how to achieve the same. I found a car that I want (330Ci 2dr Coupe) and I am ready to begin the battle for lowest price.

    Since the dealers mainly consider four elements in the selling process, 1)Price, 2)Trade-In, 3)Down Payment and 4)Monthly Payment, I am considering financing the deal so the dealer will give me a lower Price or higher Trade-In based on planned profit from interest in the financing. I would then pay the entire balance in the first monthly payment.

    I am wondering if anyone else has any advice or experience on this. I am afraid that if I remove financing from the deal, I will be left with only 1)Price and 2)Trade-In to negotiate with and will not get as good a deal. Basically, I am planning on letting the dealer think he has money coming from interest on financing that I will take back.
  • It seems you might be making this a little too hard...

    If you want to pay cash for the car, by all means, go ahead and do it.. I find that dealers tend to make the best deals for people that they feel certain will consummate the deal, immediately.

    Dealers do make money off of financing.. but, they don't get the interest from the loan.. When they write a loan for the bank, the bank pays them a small commission.. If the dealer writes the loan for a higher interest rate than the buyer would have otherwise qualified for, then the commission is bigger.

    But most dealers, especially high-line dealers, are familiar with buyers coming in to pay cash for a car.. Any dealer is going to try and get the highest possible price for their car, but most salespeople and sales managers don't get paid off the finance office commissions... They are just as likely to make you the same deal, either way..

    Now, if you were leasing, there are a whole bunch of other things to look out for...

    Anyway.. back to the point.. Some dealers make a living out of confusing people with finance and monthly payment offers.. Don't introduce those factors into your negotiation if you don't have to... Shop around, and get the best cash price...

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  • am05am05 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice, you seem to have done this before. One more question;

    What price do you use as the basis of defining a “good” deal? I have Invoice, MSRP and “What others are paying”. Since there seem to be no rebates or incentives for BMW, I guess I will shoot for invoice plus…
  • If there aren't any incentives, then you'll be hard pressed to get any closer than $1000 over invoice on a BMW.. On an X5, with a spread of $4K between invoice and MSRP, you've got a decent deal if you are anywhere on the invoice side of half-way between the two numbers..

    Ask them for a price first... and see where they start...

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  • I am looking for a 2006 4.4 X5. A local dealer offered $2000 off $60,245 for the following configuration:

    2006 X5 4.4i
    Cold weather package
    Premium package
    Rear climate package
    Heated Steering Wheel
    Premium Hi Fi System
    18 or 19" wheels (not sure which one)

    1. The MSRP says $60,245 - Is this accurate? How low should one ask for?

    2. One of the other forums on this board has whole bunch of people crying out about the problems with X5 .. how common are these? This is my first BMW, and after investing $60K in a car, the last thing I want is regular trip to dealer!

    3. Any other insights?

    Thanks! Homer ..
  • To question #1, I believe each dealer is charged a fee for training/advertising called MACO??? on top of invoice. It was $300 when I bought our X5, but is different in other areas of the country. Besides that, everything else listed as invoice here, or on any other website, was correct. Obviously, the dealer could choose to absorb this cost, but don't count on it.
  • Hi, is it possible to get a X5 3.0 with no packages out there?
    will the msrp 42500 be my price?
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    No packages with manual transmission?.... There are 0 in the entire country, including ones in production and in transit.

    To get this vehicle, you would have to special order and probably give a L A R G E, non-refundable deposit... because the dealer does NOT want to get stuck with that. (And if you lease, he'll looove getting that back at lease turn-in... :P )
  • I just leased a...

    2006 X5 3.0i
    MSRP: $49370
    Cold weather pkg
    Premium pkg
    Rear climate pkg
    Auto trans
    Heated steering wheel

    for $643/mo. Sales price was $46694. The deal included a $300 transport fee since they didn't have the car on the lot. The initial "deal" was $700/mo. I found a much better deal ($655/mo) at a dealership a couple hours away on a slightly better car (Xenon lights & diming mirrors). My local dealer finally came down to match that same rate to the car they had, which came out to $643/mo.

    It pays to shop around!
  • Hello all, I've been "lurking" here during my research phase, and it's finally time to post! As my 1994 740iL is about to roll over 200k miles, I've been shopping committedly for a 2002-3 X5 for about a month now among dealerships, private parties, used car lots (yuck). I'm located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have been shopping as far as Arizona, Oregon & Nevada.

    The used car lots were quickly eliminated as an option. Prices, lack of car records & trust-factor took care of that. Private Parties offered better pricing and records, but warranties were often on their last miles or months. For me, warranty is critical, as my 740 has taught me well! (Since warranty expired eons ago, I've spent more on maintenance than the car cost me originally!) So the Dealership CPOs were the most attractive, but there was little room for negotiation. However, the warranty offered (generally 2 years +/-) was enticing.
    Just when I was about to purchase a Dealership CPO (02s and 03s ran $30-36k out the door, depending on mileage), I came across a private owner who had bought a Dealership Lease-return CPO in spring 2005 (8 months ago), and "got in over his head" on the loan. The car has the CPO warranty through Oct 2008/100k miles!

    So here's what I've landed, and I think it's a fair deal. I hope the value-gurus here will agree!

    2002 X5 3.0i
    • Mileage: 53k
    • BMW Certified/Extended Warranty
    • Interior Color: Black/Grey Sport Leather
    • Exterior Color: Steel Gray Metallic
    • Transmission: Automatic/Steptronic

    • PREMIUM Package
    • SPORT Package
    • REAR CLIMATE Package
    • COLD WEATHER Package

    Option Details:
    *PREMIUM Package has power glass moon roof, wood trim, 6-way power passenger seat, adjustable rear seat back, rain-sensing windshield wipers, front climate control, on-board computer, leather upholstery
    *SPORT Package has star spoke alloy wheels, M sport steering wheel, sport (self-leveling) suspension, anthracite headliner, sport seats (Leather)
    *REAR CLIMATE Package has rear door sunblinds, rear climate controls, privacy glass
    *COLD WEATHER Package has heated front seats, headlight washers, ski bag

    EXCELLENT Condition- Clean CarFax reflects lease, then CPO.

    I got the above for $24,500, including the factory warranty (original extended) through Oct 2008/100k. I'm a happy camper, I hope justifiably so! Look forward to your input.

  • h2fanh2fan Posts: 27

    I am looking at buying a CPO and saw this vehicle at a dealer:

    2004 X5 3.0i SAV - Price: $39,000

    Mileage: 17,490

    Titanium Silver Metallic

    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Rear Climate Package
    Xenon Headlights

    I am completely new to BMW and CPO. Anything in particular I should look for? How do I negotiate on the CPO price? What would be a fare price for me to pay?

  • iliili Posts: 1
    I am purchasing the above for $32,500 w 29300 miles. Is this a good price?
    Options: Leather, moonroof, xenon lights, 2 zone climate & wood trim. The "sticker" price was $36,000.
    Thanks so much for all your educated info @
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