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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • slojoslojo Posts: 6
    Does anyone know of a dealer in Florida that will order me an X5 3.0 for $1,000 or less over invoice?
  • sdHill, Can you tell me what was the final price you got and what all Options did you take...what's Residual value and money factor for 2008 X5.

    Thank you
  • Spoke with my dealer today and priced out a loaded '08 3.0. I'm a currently X3 owner and the dealer confirmed that the current owner loyalty program is in place until Jan 2nd (no word on when it will come up again, of if it will be extended). My X3 lease is up in March, but if you place the order before Jan 2, you can take delivery anytime in the next 90 days to secure the loyalty rates. The dealer said that he would work with me to push back production as far as possible and would store the car on lot until I was ready to give up my X3.

    Specs were:

    2008 X5 3.0i
    Black Sapphire Metallic
    Black Nevada Leather
    Dark Burl Walnut Trim
    Cold Weather Pkg
    Premium Pkg
    Sport Pkg
    Comfort Seats with Lumbar Support
    Technology Pkg
    Running Boards
    iPod and USB Adapter
    Satellite Radio

    First round of pricing:

    List: $59,020
    Invoice: $54,240
    Selling price: $56,913 (+$2893 over invoice)
    (Note: Edmunds TMV: 57,078)
    Money Factor: .0017
    Residual: 58% ($34231.60)
    Monthly Payment: $785

    Due at Signing: $4300, includes:
    First Month Payment: $785
    NJ Tax: $2046
    NJ DMV + Reg: $494
    Acquisition: $974
    Cap Cost Reduction: 0
    Security: 0

    So thinking I try to drive the invoice price down, of course. Not sure about the $974 acquisition fee - what is in that?

    I prefer this dealer, but have some competitive quotes out. We'll see what I can get them all down to.
  • knokno Posts: 7
    Hi chrisjur,

    Your situation is very similar to mine. My X3 lease is up in April (last payment in March), and a dealer here in the San Diego area has offered to lock the OLP rate for me, push the order out as far as possible, and keep the car on the lot long enough for me to take delivery after I make my last lease payment on the X3.
    My specs:
    2008 X5 3.0
    Alpine White
    Saddle Brown (dealer confirmed this is an available interior color for '08)
    Tech Pkg
    Prem Pkg
    Comfort Access
    Ipod Adapter
    Running Boards

    I've been emailing the internet manager back and forth, and I'm going in to the dealer next Saturday to complete all the docs. Dealer and I agreed upon 750 over invoice. I've heard that acquisition fees vary from state to state, but based on other forums I've read, 974 sounds a bit steep. If you haven't checked out other forums, try
  • Would really love to know what you paid finally (invoice + what). BTW did not know about loyalty program (1st time BMW owner)
  • So the best I could do is get them down to a base cap cost of $56,725 on an MSRP of $59,020 (that is $2673 above invoice) and this was after a lot of haggling. I was working with 2 other dealers and got it down to about $2400 and $2500 over invoice, but the difference wasn't substantial enough to jump dealers. I have heard many bad reviews about the two other dealers and my history with this dealer has been excellent...they are really first class. A few hundred dollars was not going to make me jump ship, plus the reduced OLP money factor on my deal softens the blow a bit on the monthly payments.

    worldnet5, the BMW owner loyalty programs is for anyone who has owned a BMW in the last 6 months. It gets you a substantially lower money factor on the lease, no security deposit, plus a waived termination fee on your current lease. (I believe the regular MF for a 26 month lease on a 3.0 is .00230 versus my .00170 for the OLP program)

    The current OLP offer (money factor of .0017) for the X5 expires on Jan 2, so you have to "lock in" your deal prior to that date.

    If there was a downside to the OLP, maybe all the dealers knew I was under the gun to make a deal and knew that I would lose substantial money if I missed the Jan 2 deadline. That could have been a bargaining chip in their favor. But here in North NJ and New York City, I was not getting any better deals that what I posted.
  • sm_edsm_ed Posts: 9
    Hello All,

    In the process of getting a 4.8 with 20"s. Something to worry about driving in snow? Are we going to see a big difference between 19 and 20s ?

  • This is the best the dealer will offer here in California for a '08 X5 3.0:

    MSRP: $51,225
    10K miles/yr. (our preference)
    $1,969 drive-off
    $678.01/mo. including tax

    Note: this is with the reduced MF since I am a returning BMW customer.

    Do you guys think I can do significantly better or am I just fighting for pennies at this point?
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    sm_ed - You WILL experience a big difference with 20" wheels on an X5 because they ship with performance tires and not the all season tires that ship on the 19" wheels. I have owned three X5s with 20" wheels and I can tell you from experience that they are almost useless in anything more than an inch of snow. I remember one particular experience trying to drive to the airport early one morning in about 5 inches of snow before the roads were plowed. The vehicle had zero lateral traction and I was lucky to reach 20 mph without sliding sideways. (And no, all wheel drive didn't compensate to any significant degree.)

    I advise against 20" wheels if you plan on anything more than occasional driving in light snow. It's just not worth the extra $ cost for a "cosmetic" improvement (for most drivers) if you plan to drive in the snow often. BMW's web site even says "Performance tires are not recommended for driving in snow and ice conditions."

    I ended up buying a second set of 18" wheels with all-season tires that I would swap on in December. What a hassle.

    Contrast this with my 2007 X5 with 19" wheels, sport package, and all season tires which is a trooper in the snow.

    Also note that replacing the OEM 20" performance tires with the same size all-season tires is expensive. There are few choices, all of which are north of $350 per tire.

    If you have already purchased the vehicle, is a great resource for researching all season options. I found that it was much, much cheaper to buy a set of 18" wheels with all-season tires already mounted and balanced than it was to buy replacement OEM tires. The 18" wheels work just fine, but of course they don't look as nice as the originals.
  • mcs19mcs19 Posts: 14
    I'm trying to determine whether this is a good deal. 08 X5 3.0 msrp $56,225 (prem., tech., cold weather, 3rd row, rear climate, running boards, ipod) for $53,685. I can't seem to get a straight answer on invoice price because the dealers build in a dealer prep. fee which runs around $600. Sounds like b.s. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  • sm_edsm_ed Posts: 9
    Thanks Anon3!!!

    That explains why the demo car with 19s was so sure footed driving in 3 inches of snow. My wife who is a big fan of LX470 immedietly agreed to go for the X5 - part of it had to do with how well it handled in Snow.

    Gosh! picking up the car tomorrow and driving back 600 mi. Thought I will enjoy the car before: wife take over . This has adventure written all over it with the weather like it is in Midwest.

    Dealer is more than willing to do a swap for the 19s. Having a hard time to go for that.

    Thanks Again..
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    You're welcomed. I'm glad I could help. If the dealer will swap the wheels for free, it might be worth it just for the peace of mind. Whatever you decide, you will enjoy the X5.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Seems that you know a lot abt the x5 tires,would like to know in what size of tire will the x5 have the best handling and what brand of tire in normal road condition.I have seen x5 in 3 tire brands michelin,bridgestone,dunlop


    Isn't anyone here who is interested in a x6 looks great in pic surely will be better to see in person.
  • hello all,

    I am a first time BMW X5 buyer. I sent emails to 5 dealers asking them about the best price they can give me on 2008 X5 with my required options. 4 of them replied saying that they have the vehicles and advised me to come and look at them and that they will give me a good deal on the vehicle. the other one was more staright forward and he said that he will give me the vehicle for a price that is 1500 above the invoice price what ever it is. I have couple of questions. should I go with the Dealer that gave me the price quote. if so how low should I start the bargaining with him since he already made his offer. do you think I should start below invoice? does it work? do you think price of 1500 above invoice is a good deal? also should I even bother to go to the other dealerships at all as they have not yet made any offer and I do not want to waste my time with them if they are not going to give a better deal. kindly share your expereinces with me and I really value your advice.

  • knokno Posts: 7
    Hi jason42,

    I'm pretty new to this board, but I've been lurking around for MONTHS! I sent emails to 6 dealerships within 100 miles of where I live (San Diego). 4 of them were willing to give me a direct price quote when I said I was looking for 750 over invoice. Based on all of the posts on bimmerfest, x5world, this forum, and a couple others, 750 over invoice appeared to be the best deal one could get. Two were going to honor the 750, but my final decision was based on how easily I could close the deal (the OLP expires on Jan 2 and I needed to lock in the rate asap) and how willing they were to work around my April 16th lease end on my '05 X3. Since I am a current BMW owner, I'm getting the OLP MF of .00170. Here's a breakdown of my deal:
    MSRP: 53725
    Sellprice: 51360 (750 over invoice, with MACO and Training included)
    36 months
    10000 miles per year
    Owner loyalty money factor .00170
    Acquisition fee 625
    Monthly payment 728 (incl tax rate of 7.75%)
    Drive off 1207 (1st month payment and DMV charges)
    Residual at 61% 32772.25

    I did this calculation on my own via some lease calculator I found on bimmerfest and the payment I figured was off by about $18...the dealer mentioned some misc. fees he included, but I'm not too concerned with 18 bucks difference. The car is ordered and the deposit has been placed. I expect delivery late March.
    Hope this info helps you!
  • I am not sure which part of the US you are in. But I would be stunned if you have 5 dealers with the exact options/colors X5 available in their showroom at this point in time. (If you are ordering it, that is a different matter). Anyway having said that your max price should be: invoice +1500. If you are in CA, maybe invoice + 1000. Also note that unlike other car dealers (Honda, Toyota etc), luxury car dealers won't budge too much on price. Their thinking: If you are walking into a showroom to drop 60k on a depreciating asset, a thousand extra for you won't be a deal breaker.
  • sm_edsm_ed Posts: 9
    Excellent 700 mi drive back home. Between getting familiar with the I-Drive and Sat. Radio - 10hr Drive seemed shorter. Everybody in the extended Dallas family liked the car. Considering that we are a LC/LX470 family - handling was especially appreciated. ( Not negative against LC/LX - just different ride) .
    Tobacco Interior and Premium Sound were huge hit.
    Head-Up Display was a nice surprise.
    HD showing Navigation, Cruise Control and different messages was interesting during the drive.

    Very happy with the decision to get a White / Tobacco - 4.8 X5.

    Thanks to the Forum...
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hi u seem to be in love with this car as ur describing 10hr drive seem shorter?!!!

    Since u guys like lx470 didn't consider checking out the new lx570 since it be out within the next week or 2?

    Did u get the 19inch run flats,have heard many saying that run flats ride as harsh less comfortable noisy can u confirm it?

    You said its just a different ride than a lx?can u describe it how different and whats better

    Did you get Active Steering many have been describing as big mistake by bmw It degrades handling and steering feel.

    Head-Up Display is this useful and can you turn it off

    Well HAPPY NEW YEAR. enjoy your new car and congratulations.
  • sm_edsm_ed Posts: 9

    We had to get before the end of the year. Even otherwise I doubt we would have gone for 570 - not sure about the new exterior - especially - Rear . Also, we are going to keep the 470 .

    We stayed with the 20s. Noise might not be a big issue with Radio on and yes Ride is spirited . For us it is refreshingly different from LX. Between the two we seem to cover Luxury to Sport rides. X5 is fun to drive.

    No Active Steering . Did not drive one with, not sure how it assists. No Ventilated seats either. Other than these two - pretty much got all the options.

    One simple Difference in driving between X5 and LX - I found myself maneuvering even the smaller pot holes on the road with X5 which I would have gone over with the LX. Basically, with LX you drive straight and with X5 you look for a turn.

    Head Up display is probably one of the last options I was looking for. Only Ventilated seats and Active steering ranked below HD. Yes, you can turn it off.

    We went through an extensive search process - narrowed down to :
    RangeRover - Didn't have the courage considering Reliability and the company up for sale. Probably the best looking interior of all the SUVs we considered. We have been told that reliability is considerably better now with Jaguar engine.
    ML500 - OK, but does not stand out in any of the categories.
    Cayenne S - This came in close second. After considering interior, exterior and options we chose X5. Something about Cayenne - we got strong opinions either way. No middle ground. X5 maintenance program is nice.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Thanks for the replys

    We stayed with the 20s. Noise might not be a big issue with Radio on and yes Ride is spirited . For us it is refreshingly different from LX. Between the two we seem to cover Luxury to Sport rides. X5 is fun to drive.

    X5 is fun to drive but not as smooth as LX?and when the radio is off is there too much noise?

    One simple Difference in driving between X5 and LX - I found myself maneuvering even the smaller pot holes on the road with X5 which I would have gone over with the LX. Basically, with LX you drive straight and with X5 you look for a turn.

    So its a little difficult to drive a x5 then the LX.

    and by the way how much did u pay for it.

    I hope you dont get dissapointed after then new LX570 comes and if it drives better than the x5. tk.
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