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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    That is NOT entirely true. I used to think that as well, but there are numberous examples where this reasoning has not been used by BMW:
    1) When the E46 M3 was introduced with 340hp, there was a one year lag time before the Z3 M coupe and roadsters changed from the original 240hp to the new engine in 318hp.
    2) The iDrive on the current 7 is still very different and much more complicated than the modified ones introduced in the 5 and 6 series.
    3) The 3 liter in the 5 series in 2005 got the revamped 26hp, while the 3 liter X5 (E50) stayed at the 225hp for the entire model run
  • I would like to know your dealers name.

  • a8175a8175 Posts: 6
    Hey how are you? What is your dealers name? I have a quote on my x5 30 ,51525.00 msrp and 48382.05 aelling price. 620.00 a month and around 3300.00 for 1st month,taxes,aqu.fee. I think it is a good deal. let me know. It is with lease loyality. Thanks
  • That sounds like a great deal! Way better than me...
    2008 X5 4.8i, the details are as follows:
    MSRP: $69,375.00
    Dealer quote is $66,375.00
    36 months / 10,000 mile Lease quote
    $1,079.97 plus $2719.11 fees plus tax

    What am i doing wrong? What dealer are you using making such a good lease and sales price? At that type of deal, I might just purchase.
  • Ok, here is where I am...

    In shopping for am X5 4.8, I have been presented with two options. Of course, I am trying to make a decision this month.

    1) The dealer has a new 2007 X5 4.8 very well equipped. MSRP $73,370. Dealer of course wants to move it and the few remaining '07s. Offered it to me for $9,600 off, so $63,770. Yes, I know its an '07, but it loaded very well. I don't really care about the power lift gate or rear camera thats only available on the '08s. I get a new car ever 2-3 years, so this seems to be a decent amount off. *** I assume the $2500 rebate does not apply to this '07 (priority 3 car???)

    on the flip side...

    2) a 2008, again, nicely equipped. MSRP $72,620. Lease offer of: 36 mo 10k/yr $999/mo with $5,000 cash (includes taxes etc). I dont know what price is being used to determine this. I am told by my dealer this car has been a demo (priority 2 - center own use) and is also not able to reap the $2,500 incentive.

    Both cars are fine and acceptable. I just am not sure which makes better since. This is not my best area. Can someone help? Insight? Does the incentive apply to the 07?

    Thank you. Trying to decide quickly.
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    Your Dealer sound like a scam artist. Here is why:
    1) I punched in the numbers of your car, and you can get that same 2008 X5 for $888 per month, based on a selling price of $65500. So he is ripping you off of more than $100 per month. This is with NO down payment...just taxes and acquisition fee.
    2) He is selling you the car at $69100 for you to be getting a $999 per month payment.
    3) He is either misinformed or full of crap. Priority 2,3,4,5 ALL fall into the rebate/incentive of $2500. Only priority 1 (customer sold) cars cannot qualify. The other stipulation is the car has to have been in a dealer's inventory as of close of business on Feb 14th. It CAN be at another dealership and dealer swaps DO qualify, as long as its Priority 2,3,4,5 and in inventory as of Feb 14th
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    Just sent you an email.

    FYI for others wanting to lease. Here is another tidbit factoid of the day. the Acquisition fee is another area where most BMW dealer make a profit. The posted Acquisition fee from BMW Financial Services is $575. I have seen some dealers charge as high as $875 for this Acq fee.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,708
    BMWFS acquisition fee is $625.

    Dealers can mark it up to $825 for extra profit... and most do..


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  • luis5luis5 Posts: 1
    It sounds like a great deal congratulations. Can you give me the dealerships name?

    Did you gave them as a payment the sale tax? Are you talking about almost 5000 dollars? depending on your state.


  • beopersonbeoperson Posts: 54
    Dealer in NJ told me that $2500 incentive for cars in stock is over in March, can anyone confirm?
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    Yes it is over in March. The only benefit is the money factor has dropped from 0.00255 to 0.00210
  • drmydrmy Posts: 8
    I am returning my leased 2005 x3 at the end of this month. I am looking at a 2008 x5, 3.0 : dk green, tobacco interior, cold weather package, ipod adapter, rear entertainment system, mats, msrp 51125, invoice price 47500, quoted sale price 48994, acq fee 625, mf .00210, zero down- I was told for all fees and 1st mo I would have to pay 1745.25, monthly payments $710 for 12k, 36 months.The residual is 60%

    Also, as an aside, I think I might buy this car at the end of the lease. Does this make sense to do?

    Is that a good deal?

    We live in Mass.
  • x5buyerx5buyer Posts: 2
    Hi - I am ready to purchase an X5. Below is my car. How much below MSRP can I expect to pay? Thanks a lot!!!!!

    My X5 3.0si
    3.0-liter, inline 6-cylinder engine
    xDrive, intelligent all-wheel-drive
    See all standard features
    Base MSRP $45,900
    Space Gray Metallic $0
    Sand Beige Nevada Leather $0
    Dark Burl Walnut wood trim $0
    Premium Package $2,750
    Rear Climate Package $900
    3rd row seat $1,700
    Comfort seats with lumbar support $1,200
    Heated front seats $500
    Navigation system $1,900
    Running boards $300
    Real Time Traffic Information $0
    Voice activation $0
    Destination & Handling: $775
    Total MSRP as Built $55,925
  • x5buyerx5buyer Posts: 2
    Hi - We just got back from the dealership. They offered us the following on a demo with 6,000 miles (supposedly the GMs wife was the only person to drive). They say it is a "new car" since it has not been titled. They will extend the warranty 3 months and 5,000 miles and sell us the additional 2 year, 50,000 mile maintenance for $595. So here it is:

    X5 3.0si

    MSRP $57,700

    Invoice 53,105

    Edmunds TMV 56,792

    Purchase price $51,350

    Is this a good deal - any problems with buying a demo? Thanks!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,708
    I'm not sure how I would price the demo, but I have a couple of notes..

    1) Every GM must be a polygamist, because every demo/loaner ever mentioned on the forums was driven by his wife.

    2) The extra 3 months/5K miles is from the original in-service date.. So, if the car was put into service in October, the warranty runs 4yrs/3mo., or 55K miles from that point in time.. So, you'd actually have less than 4 years remaining.

    3) The warranty extension means it has been put into the demo/loaner program.. That's not a bad thing.. but, it's on the vehicle history report.

    4) $595 for the extended maintenance is dirt cheap.. You sure they didn't say $1595? This extends the maintenance plan to 6yr/100K from the original in-service date.

    Good luck!

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  • mannydommannydom Posts: 29
    I welcome anyone's thoughts and opinions about which package I should go with. I seems like dealer's lots have units that contain more optional packages than I care or want to have. If I decide on either one of the mentioned package ONLY, will I get resistance from salesman? Thanks in advance.

    I like the Bluetooth wireless option with the BMW Assist. Any opinion on the Bluetooth option?

    How about comments on the various leather options or should I go with the least expensive napa?
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    Bluetooth is standard
    Napa is most expensive leather. I chose Nevada simply because of the cooling seats and massaging seats which are great for long journies
  • hkb93hkb93 Posts: 1
    Hi rezf I am looking to purchase a 4.8 as well pretty close to the configuration of yours. Could you email me you dealers name and who you worked with. I would appreciate it very much. I would love to get a great price as you did. Thanks
  • mets86mets86 Posts: 12
    For a lease, is the term "initial cap cost" the same as the actual price of the car?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,708
    It should be..

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