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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The prices you are seeing for 2-3k below invoice does NOT include tax. So you are not really comparing the same thing. I highly doubt that they are willing to go 3k below invoice INCLUDING tax. I don't know where you are or what tax rate you are paying but for 54k MSRP I'm guessing the invoice is around 50k and you should be looking at 47-48k before tax to negotiate
  • jjj10jjj10 Posts: 2
    Thank you stockguru!!
    I am in Fort Lauderdale near Miami.
    Tax is 6%. The Invoice price of the car is about 50,380. Thus, I guess 50K to 51K including tax might be reasonable price. What do you think?

    Thank you for your adivice, Stockguru.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    No one is dealing on the 4.8 in the NYC/Bayside/LI/NJ area. All I wanted was Rear entertainment, 3rd row, and Sport. I want the Sport package the most but cannot get it...I CAN get an otherwise fully loaded car for over $1,000.00 per month. Perhaps I should wait to see what happens in September. I can custom a 2009 diesel? Any thoughts? I am new to leasing: neither my spouse nor I had ever heard of an M factor....
  • First of all thanks to this forum. Been reading for a while and got a lot of idea regarding negotiating Invoice Pricing plus Premium package discount.

    I just got a deal today. The MSRP is $57475 and got invoice less Premium package. I got 7K off MSRP.

    Premium PKg
    Tech. Package
    Rear Climate pkg
    comfort access keyless entry
    3rd Row seat
    heated seat
    Auto tailgate

    Driving it off to my garage tomorrow.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    We may lease since the technology is changing. May be able to get one with Sport, Premium,Rear Climate,Running Boards, Cold Weather,Comfort Access, Navigation,Sirius (incl one year subscription) and Third Row for $5,000 down and $851 per month for 36 months. I am going to the dealer today to doublecheck. The $450GL, fully loaded, is significantly less although the price is to buy.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    I am located in Southampton, LI if that is relevant.
    Car man- any advice?
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    Hi, I have a X5 4.8 in Southampton, LI with Prem, Cold, Nav, Sirius, Running Board,Sport, Comfort, Rear Climate, and 3rd Row in Southampton, LI. I am doublechecking on options today so I can be exact on this forum. The lease is for 36 mos & price is $851 with 5K down. Too much? The car is Not located here but can be obtained. Should I continue to negotiate? Try to get their more fully loaded on site vehicle which,however, lacks Sport- for the same price? As August winds down, is dealer more or less likely to deal?
  • ltpdihltpdih Posts: 3
    Hi, I received the following quote from a CT BMW dealer. NY/NJ dealers don't seem to want to play. Is this a good deal?
    Exterior: Space Grey Metallic Interior: Black Leather
    Packages: Premium, Tech, Rear Climate, Cold Weather
    Options: Automatic Tailgate, IPod, Sirius

    MSRP: $64,500 +/- a few $
    Invoice: $59,560
    Selling Price: $58,875

    I'm also adding towing packing which they quoted at $1017.15 saying it is their "cost". Got a quote from a NJ dealer and they were $100+/- higher on towing.

    What do you think?
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    Are you buying or leasing? What dealer are you using? Please let me know as soon as it is convenient. I may have to go to CT.
  • ltpdihltpdih Posts: 3
    Given the amount of miles we drive per year, we are buying. Lease deal would have been good if we could go with 10K per year as I've bought from this dealer before they were going to give me the BMW Owner's loyalty lease rate.
  • ltpdihltpdih Posts: 3
    It sounds official - BMW is not extending their existing program beyond Sept 2. Financing rates go up from 0.9% to 1.9% after the 2nd. Lease rates going up more. Dealer also told me Premium Package credit is being discontinued.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    My dealer said that he can get the car I want from a general pool of cars that BMW has made available. Thus it is not "on the lot" nor is it special order. Does the dealer have the ability to negotiate on this X5? So far, he has taken 4K off MSRP. This amount must reflect the dealer incentive however. Should I give up Sport Package in order to get an on the lot vehicle. The problem may be that the only available X5's have MSRP's higher than the one I am interested in.
  • Sports Pkg is a personal preference. My previous car a 328is I bought off the dealer lot, he gave me 4K off MSRP on that which was the best possible deal at that time, and was on the lot vehicle, didn't come with sports package and I regretted it all along. Some folks don't like the sports pkg because they feel that BMWs already have a harsh ride compared to a Lexus. Personally if you don't get a BMW with sports pkg then might as well go for a Lexus or Merc., which probably offer a better bang for the A->B transporter.

    I think good deals are still possible, shop the price you are getting to other dealers in the area, preferably over email so you have it in writing. The lots are thinning out though 'cause of the great deals. Tell the dealer the mandatory options and the price you are willing to pay, you will be surprised how many may want to negotiate.

    Good Luck
  • I brought a 3.0 from Difeo (Shahid). I love the car and can tell you that when I bought, I went every dealer and they were by far the best price. Really nice guy as well.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    Thank you. Even though we intend to lease (it is my first BMW & I keep thinking of this as a 3 year courtship before the marriage), I will call DiFeo asap.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    BMW is continuing the current offers on the 4.8 through the end of September. The latest wrinkle involves the plan whereby the lessee puts down $3700.00 & then pays $729.00 per month for 36 months (includes Premium package, premium Sound,3rd row seats). I have been offered put down $8000 (includes all fees including NY taxes,bank, deposit,etc.) & pay $809 per month (includes Sirius,Navigation, and Sport package). Crazy? This is from a NYC dealer who says that it is better to put 2800 down and pay $978 per month...I now have more negotiating time & more number crunch time but I still would appreciate any feedback.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    To show how confused I was, the first offer involved monthly payments of $829 NOT $729 ....what I am learning is that even the reluctant NY area dealers are dealing BUT they are giving nothing away. Any option that you or anyone loves (or hates) besides the Sport Package. Currently, and because this is a lease not a purchase, I am only adding Sirius, Navigation, Third row, and heated front seats.
  • My queation is to you, can i lease BMW from different state? I am no in NY, I am in Oklahoma. I try with GL450 from FL, MBcredi says I can, but dealer refused to do it
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    You can lease from any BMW dealer in the country. Whether that dealer chooses to do business with you is something you can't control.

    All of the leases are run through BMW FS in Ohio, either way..

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  • I have a 2005 X5 lease that will end on 10/30/2008, and I am thinking if now is the
    time to get some good deal over 2008 X5 3.0 model, or should I wait for the 2009 X5
    (no idea when it will be available though).... Any one has any suggestion? For 2008 X5 3.0, how much below MSRP can I expect, as this car will be almost one year old when 2009 model comes out?

    Thanks a lot.
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