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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The dealer is allowed to mark up the rate by 1%. BMWFS then rebates part of the extra interest to them upfront..

    They probably clear an extra $500 that way.. Keep that in mind when negotiating.. because it will likely cost you an extra $1000 over the life of the loan.


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  • Thank you, kyfdx! Your info saved me additional 1k! After I told the salesman about 1% markup and told him to deduct 1% from the sales price,he ended up offering me 1.9% APR.
  • I got two good offers and am trying to make decision. Here is the two offers:

    <2005 3.0i>
    Premium,Cold Weather,Rear Climate, Automatic
    MSRP: $48,480
    Offer: $45,500 ($1,100 above invoice)

    <2004 3.0i>
    All of the above plus Xenon
    MSRP: $49020
    Offer: $45,500 + 1.9% APR ($500 above invoice)

    Which one should I take?
  • That is a tough choice..

    If you assume that you will get 4.9% financing on the '05, then the '05 will be about $60/mo. more for the life of the loan... or about $3600 more overall...

    If you think you might have the car for 3 years or less, I think that financially, you would definitely be better off with the '05.. The newer the car is, the bigger difference in value between model years, plus you won't have paid the higher interest for the full term.

    If you are keeping the car for 4 years or more, then things even out for the '04.

    1) That low interest rate is worth more the longer you keep the car... If you sell it soon, or it gets totaled, you'll lose money by having an '04, without benefiting from the low interest rate.

    2) The bigger the downpayment, the less you gain from the low rate financing.

    3) If you can find 3.9% financing (my C.U. had this as recently as September), then the difference is only $40/mo.

    4) If the '04 is a demo, or has already been put in service and has less warranty, then the '05 is definitely the better deal.

    5) The '05 is the "safer" deal. All of the above warnings and caveats are a negative only for the '04.


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  • If you are keeping the car for a long time the 2004 is a good deal. In my case, I leased a 2004 this month, I didn't want to worry about the advanced depreciation.

    The 2005 does add standard lumbar and bluetooth. I personally am a big fan of the Xenon headlights.

    Depending on the length of the loan, you can get 4% right now.

    Personally if I were buying, I'd go the 2005. Leasing I'd do the 2004 (if residuals where even)
  • Thanks to kyfdx and hiperck. I got 2004 model. I am planning to keep the car long so 1.9% is more attractive to me. I also test drived 2005 model and did not see much differences in terms of performance and exterior.
  • do you mind sharing which dealer gave you those quotes($45,500 for 2005 3.0i)

    thank you,
  • Does anybody have experience with negotiating on a 2001 certified X5 4.4? I found one that has a good carfax report. Has the Cold weather Pkg to include heated rear seats, Premium, and Climate pkg. $34K miles. Dealership won'tgo below $33,500.00

    Any comparible experience?
    Thanks, Solvehere
  • The CPO program has gone over so well it seems that BMW dealers have really jacked up the prices. For example, the actual CPO certificate costs a dealer $1200 in factory charges plus whatever he puts into the vehicle. Lets be liberal and allow $500 for reconditioning, maybe a set of brake pads, a batterey, and a headlight cover for a total investment of $1700. (Note these parts were all purchased at wholesale by the dealer.) If we use a 30% profit margin (cost divided by .7) the price difference should be around $2400 for a CPO over a non CPO. This 30% profit margin is a very generous allowance.

    Yet, in comparing both Edmunds TMV for CPO vs. non CPO as well as actual prices on the BMWUSA CPO web site vs. the site for non CPO cars, the price difference is much more than that. And the dealers seem to get it! Are the consumers gullible and/or scared?

    So, how much more is a CPO 3.0 worth? What is going to happen o an '01 through '03 X5? Interestingly, the CPO certificate and other costs don't vary with age or miles. If someone found a late (e.g., '03 X5) model with low miles and some remaining original warranty, maybe he should pass on the CPO surcharge? Conversely, maybe an '01 with a CPO is a wise investment.

    Is a 3.0 X5 that problematic that one should pay 3K-4K more just for a CPO??
  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25
    Hi mynextcar,

    Do you mind sharing which dealer gave you those quotes($45,500 for 2005 3.0i)

    Thanks in advance,

  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25
    Please provide Prices paid and the dealer info in
    and around VA, DC, MD, NOVA, WVA, NC, SC, DE, PA
    and NJ area. I am shopping around for 2005 X5
    3.0i. Test driven 2004 X5 3.0i on 11/30/2004
    in Richmond VA.

    MSRP 48420 + tax + titles + processing fee
    Offer 47980 + tax + titles + processing fee
    X5 3.0i + Prem Pkg + Cold weather Pkg + Rear
    Climate Pkg.

    Doesn't look like a good deal. Salesperson
    is not ready for any negotiations. Inspite of the
    fact that day was last day of the month after the
    Thanksgiving day weekend. Any feedback with good
    dealer info will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  • You might also check out our Certified Used Vehicles (CPO) discussion to see what others are saying about the cost vs. benefit.

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  • my local dealer offer me 2005 X5 3.0i for Invoice + $1500, is it a good price?
  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25
    Sounds Good to me. BTW can you post your dealer
    name, options you have chosen and the location
    of your dealer will greatly benefit everyone here.


  • I live in eastern PA, and am working with Northern NJ dealer to decide between an X5 or a 530. Good gas mileage or poor? RWD or AWD? are the deciding factors.


    Here are the details for a 36month 15k mile lease.


    2005 530

    (Cold Weather, Premium Pkg, Nav System, Satellite Radio, Xenons, Automatic)


    MSRP $53,115

    60% Residual

    Selling Price $49,915 @$1100 over invoice

    MF .00125

    w/9% PA tax $657.28/month


    2005 X5 3.0

    (Premium, Cold Weather, Rear Climate, Nav System, Xenons, heated steering wheel, self-dimming mirrors)

    MSRP $51,520

    58% Residual

    Selling Price $48,395 @ $1000 over invoice

    MF .00125

    w/9% PA tax $667.20 /month


    A local PA dealer also did very well.


    Seems fair to me. Any thoughts? Also a weigh in on the 530 vs X5 in the Snowbelt would be great.
  • I took the plunge and got one x5 for invoice + 900. let me know if you are interested in the dealership.
  • Thats a good deal. I've heard invoice plus $1200. Incidentally, while Edmunds and others represent that BMW dealers do not receive "hold back", don't feel sorry just yet. The factory has quarterly rebates to the dealers based on units moved. A hold back by any other name is still a hold back...
  • Sorry I havn't checked the message board lately. The quote is from VOB in Rockville, MD.
  • What dealership and where offered the invoice +900? What options? The best offer for X5 + automatic + prem pkg + rear climate + cold weather + Navigation was invoice + $1300. Dealership in NJ. Thanks!
  • Wolverine I had two different dealers in NJ doing better than $1300 over invoice.


    JMK BMW in Springfield and Hunterdon BMW in Lebanon. Daniels BMW in Allentown, PA was willing to match.
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