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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • boykieboykie Posts: 6
    I ordered mine this week, but only picking it up October 2 as this is when I move to CT.
  • Its nice to have freinds working at a dealership. car shopping is so much easier that way, call them up, they do all the dirty work for you, free carfax, wholesale value, true trade in value, etc.
  • I bought a new X5D for $500 above invoice on 6/7/08 (paid $65K for a premium,cold weather,rear climate,technology, third row, Ipod and USB adapter, running boards,ding and tire warranty). I see that the going price has fallen way below the invoice due to the new $4500 dealer invoice. Is there any way I can get some money back from the dealer or BMW (part financed) or do I just just suck it up. Can I complain to any govt. agency for the way I have been shortchanged by BMW.
  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    Thanks for the reply, anon3. That's good info. Anyone have any real-life experience with the tax relief for business owners on vehicles over 6,000 gvwr? I'm getting mixed info. on this topic. I understand it's been decreased to $25,000, but is it in reality just a percentage of the $25,000 according to your tax rate? Any input would be appreciated. :)
  • dale2009dale2009 Posts: 10
    Did you get your VIN? If not, you can cancel your order. I just did in this way and now my 35d is 3k below the inovice.
    Good luck.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,650
    That was a month ago.. have you taken delivery? If so, you are out of luck.. .incentives change all the time.

    As the post above mentions.. if you've just ordered a car, call up your CA and insist on the $4500 incentive..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thank you Dale and Kyfdx. Unfortunately I have taken delivery of the car just over a month ago. Guess I will have to grin and bear it. Hope I enjoy the car trouble free for many years to come. It did not start a couple of times in the morning when the temperature was in the 50s. But after a few minutes it did so on its own. Will have to see how it behaves in the NE winter.
    At least it is giving very good mileage - 25mpg on mostly city/suburb driving (logged 1500 miles in the first month). Much better than my wife's X3 - 17 mpg for the same driving.
  • zguzgu Posts: 10
    just got a quote for 2009 x5 35d
    cold weather package, technology package, rear climate package, premium package, 3rd row seat.

    MSPR $63K, asking price $50K

    Good deal?

  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    I'm getting my information from the dealership and from BMW North America. The $4,500 cash from BMW is only supposed to be available if you take delivery by 8/31.
  • rn4rn4 Posts: 1
    seems pretty good to me.....might I ask where that was?
  • zguzgu Posts: 10
    in california north bay
  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    I brought one 3 days ago My out the door price was $55,000.00 (including 6% tax fees etc) It came with Premium package,rear climate package,running boards,heated front seat,3 rd row seat,Navigation system,ipod and USB adapter
  • nycbmwnycbmw Posts: 6
    seems pretty good, congrats. did they have that in inventroy or did they have to get it for you? also curious, where did you get it? thanks
  • us_matrixus_matrix Posts: 10
    Hi Zqu,

    I am in Bay Area and this is the similar options what i am looking for and sounds like a really good deal for $13k off. Could you tell me the name of the dealer and sales person. If you could email me the info or reply here. Thanks.
  • us_matrixus_matrix Posts: 10
    Here is my email

  • d4mod4mo Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a X5 Diesel the dealer said he's give me the $4,500 rebate but there is no discount after that how much discount should I be getting I've no trade in ?

  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    You should be able to get a base model for $ 45,000.00 to $ 46,000.00
  • gadcargadcar Posts: 6
    They have this one in inventory, My dealer is in Roswell GA
  • d4mod4mo Posts: 3
    Thanks for that
  • russell99russell99 Posts: 3
    x5 3.0 trim
    1) Premium package
    2) Technology package
    3) 3rd row seat
    4) BMW asst with bluetooth
    5) ipod and usb adapter (6fl)
    6) Smartphone integration

    New Jersey

    Edmunds MSRP $57,325

    Dealer said MSRP is $56,425.

    Sale price that was offered to me is $52,790 + tax and fees.

    I may decide to lease it based on this price, do you think I could do better?
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