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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sunnyvalisunnyvali Posts: 32
    Do you mind sharing who you work with at the dealership, I am in the market for similarly equiped vehicle and not having much luck with the dealer near me.

  • simonsmom2simonsmom2 Posts: 6
    edited June 2010
    Cannot decide which one to buy. Going back and forth and growing weary.
    Live in So. Cal. Finally found a white ADV pack MDX. Driving Acuras since 1986.
    Would love a change and love that BMW x5 35i Premium in Bronze. It has a smaller rear seat and cargo area for dogs, but drives beautifully. So does the larger mdx. Anyone else stuck in this indecision?
  • Sup Chris,

    Did you order your x5 yet?
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    edited June 2010
    I just went through the same ordeal. My wife & I are soon running out on a lease of a '07 BMW X3 (2nd one already) that we both really liked but felt that we've outgrown it now with 2 kids & occasional family guest(s) on weekends. So since I'm also a Honda/Acura "man" (from the past) we've considered a pre-owned MDX ...but after taking it for a drive and a much closer look at how that SUV felt all-around, I didn't feel its "value" in that $ range - it was flimsy and hollow in comparison; just shut the door and the entire roof pops-up about an inch!... the hood seams like a meager little lid, but it does weight 400lb less.
    We considered a cert. '08 MDX w/ Tech pkg. for $40k+ …but NO roof-rails?!?!...or running-boards, or $50+K for a new one – that’s a LOT for a Honda in a “fancy dress” …plus all the maintenance costs right from the start.

    For the same $ you can get into ’07 X5, but it was impossible to find the color/opt.combo we wanted w/ low ml, so after I learned that 2011 got a new 300hp 3L-turbo (finally) …that is as fast as the old V8 but burns less fuel as the old I6, we’ve decided it made sense to order exactly what we wanted for the “long-haul” (8-10 years) and went for it. $57K for Premium Pkg (White/Cinnamon int.:)) w/ 3rd-row + running boards. Instead of going with a lease again (that lately suck) we took the signature-loan where you pay the rest of your “down-pay” at the end of your loan if you want to keep it or trade-it in like you own it. Our “load-down”: $12k down + $500/m (60m)+ $22k at the end (w/ NJ tax) …but you’ll love the $0 maintenance for 4y/50k valued at ~$3K.

    As a warning! once you get used to a Bimmer driving-dynamics, quality & service (I also own a used 2006 330i that seems as new for 1/2 the price) you will have a very hard time in trying to justify going Japanese for a few $K less. BTW since before X3, we had a 2001A4 Avant (it was ok, but nothing great) so we test drove the Q5 which looks great, nice size, but handles like any other “Toyota” for way more $ …and Q7 just too big & "in your face". There are many fine vehicles out there to compare, but NONE have that specific BMW driving “feel” in my opinion – unfortunately it takes a little more than a “lame” test-drive to truly appreciate that.
    Even my wife is hooked on it, and feels everything else handles like a mini-bus.
    GOOD LUCK in your decision - either way you'll be driving above all in this class; after all I don't want to see everybody else driving Bimmers ...just kidding.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    I must concur. As a former Acura and Honda owner, I must say that Honda MoCo has the value and utility equation dead to balls. Sadly, they are BORING beyond imagination. At least Lexus can bore me with silence and quality but not Honda/Acura.

    I learned (never too late) that being saddled with a boring but handy vehicle that saved me a buck is not worth it. Unless you just start your car and simply drive to where you need to go with no other concern, get the Bimmer.
  • zoomazooma Posts: 19
    We went through similar analysis and have ended up ordering the X5 (also Alpine White/Cinnamon) -- can't wait to get it. I have loved my prior two MDXs but just couldn't bare the thought of getting yet another one (imho no other SUVs came close to these two in offering what we wanted at a price we were willing to pay. Also, the new MDXs just didn't have the same luxurious feel that the older models had; the BMW just seems more solid... and fun! I was ready for a change to the sportier ride. We're skipping the third row this time (both MDX and X5 have made them too small to help us out too much these days). Having said all that the MDX priced out about 12000 less and it is still a great car. Perhaps if I hadn't already owned those for the last 10 years.... Good luck.
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    CORRECTION: I forgot that we also ordered the 3 pkg's: Cold-Weather+Tech+Convenience ...I guess I thought there were part of the "Premium". I was also considering the "Keyless entry" but my wife didn't care for it - too magical for her its another Grand.
  • sunnyvalisunnyvali Posts: 32
    bimmervoy - Is the signature loan available through BMW or you had to go through a CU/Bank? Looks like a great alternative to leasing.

  • jhabrejhabre Posts: 16
    I got the following offer for an ordering 2011 X5 35d. Is this a good deal or can I do better? I am in the Philadelphia, PA area.

    Packages& Options:
    ZPP Premium Package
    ZTP Technology Package
    ZAP Sport Activity Package
    2LE Sport Activity Package 20" Wheel/Tire Upgrade
    ZCW Cold Weather Package
    ZRC Rear Climate Package
    6FL iPod and USB Adapter
    456 Multi-contour seats
    655 Sirius Satellite Radio w/1 Year Subscription
    328 Running Boards
    300 Space-Saver Spare Tire

    MSRP $65,525

    My offer: $61,725 plus taxes, tags as well as floor mats and wheel locks. Deducting the Eco-credit of $4500 brings the price down to $57,225.

  • 1818181818181818 Posts: 5
    I finalized a negotiated price of $52,800 without the $4500.00 Credit Option and got the message that is below. Was that right? Do I still have the right to dispute this though it via e-mail? No papers were signed only the price was negotiated via e-mail. I had this experience with two dealer in New Jersey.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

    Good Morning!

    It's me! Below is the quote that I sent you on the diesel:

    2011 BMW X5 xDrive35d
    Prem. Pkg. (req. for Technology Pkg.)
    Technology Pkg.
    Comfort Access
    Running Boards
    Heated Front Seats
    Side-view Camera
    ePRICE - $52800.00* tax and mtr. veh. doc. fees (Doc. Fee - $269.00)

    *Above quote reflects "Diesel Option Credit" in the amount of $4500.00 good through 6/30/10.

    Talk soon!

    Drive safely,
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    I am shopping around for X5 as well. Not sure if I want to order diesel or gasoline.

    Even though diesel is expensive, hopefully the extra miles it gives will compensate it but my main concern is the engine sound. How quiet is the diesel when compared to gasoline? I am sure it will be noisier but how bad is it? I have a smaller 2003 3 series and I love it. I am assuming I can expect the same amount of fun in a bigger and newer 2011 X5. Any comments?

    I seriously considered MDX with a "value" proposition but I think after driving my 325 for about 5 years, I don't want to try another make.

    Thanks in advance.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    I love my X5d.

    From the inside there is essentially no noise difference, particularly since you get 425ft.lbs of torque and do not need to rev the engine so there is less noise if briskly accelerating.

    From the outside there is more noise from the diesel. A gentle clatter but never objectionable. I do not drive from outside the vehicle in any case! :)
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    Hey 00boxsters,
    Thanks for the reply. Any comments on the mpg of diesel?
  • superdogsuperdog Posts: 32
    Did my deal last week. Forgot to ask if I got the new money factor. I hope this was a good deal and I didn't get ripped. I know it wasn't the lowest... suggestions?

    Blue/Oyster leather
    Premium Package
    Rear Climate Package
    Technology Package
    Comfort Access keyless entry
    Heated front seats
    Roof rails
    Running boards
    Smartphone Integration
    iPod and USB adapter

    61725 msrp
    buy price 53,711 826/month w/taxes rolled in. 1st month and dmv fees out the door.

    Was this a good deal?

    On a side note...Is anyone having problems with the trunk latch? I read in another board that the x5s were having trunk closing problems... but nothing on here.
  • sunnyvalisunnyvali Posts: 32
    Superdog - did your buy sale price include $4500 incentive by BMW for the x5D?
  • superdogsuperdog Posts: 32
    yes, thats including all discounts ( 4500 + dealer discount)
  • dinh_henrydinh_henry Posts: 14
    Sorry, it has been a while since my last visit to this forum. PM me ( if you still need the name of the CA I dealt with at Autobahn. I just picked up mine on Jul. 5th and absolutely love the performance of the X5D.
  • brentslubrentslu Posts: 5
    Just bought a 11 X5 Sport, White w/ Oyster Interior.

    Space Saver
    Running Boards
    Heated Front Seats

    MSRP 62,825
    Purchased in Houston,Texas for 3500 off MSRP (59,325 plus TT&L and doc fee)
    Paid half cash and used 1.9% BMWF for the balance.
    Not a great deal but I think it was fair for the limited inventory on the dealers lots.
  • advisor2advisor2 Posts: 6
    i am planning to Buy BMW X5 2011 in CT. Anyone got a good deal on this SUV. I am interested in following options.
    Cold Weather Package
    Technology Package
    Convenience Package
    3rd row seat
  • pt838pt838 Posts: 16
    My 2 friends just picked up two '11 X5's last week. They got great deals at PACE BMW in Mamaroneck, NY, which is down the road from CT
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