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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I had the same dilema for about 10 minutes, but decided to go with it (although it's against my will) mainly due to the Run-Flat tire syndrome - any puncture and the tire needs to be REPLACED. The other factor was that my wife managed to run over something once before in her X3 that took out 2 tires and put a HOLE in the rim size of a fist! But like with anything it's simply INSURANCE once you have it, most likely you won't need it, however, to me (especially since my wife drives it) it's the peace-of-mind that I'm paying for ...which in fact was about $20/month extra on my loan. Good luck.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,101
    If you damage a tire and rim, you're going to pay either way. OK, so you get a flat and your runflat has to be replaced. Well, with 25,000 miles on the car say, the tire on the other side will have to either be replaced or the new tire will have to be shaven down.

    I declined the tire insurance. About 2500 miles before we turned in my wife's 2007 X3, she swerved to avoid something, hit a curb in the center of the road and blew out both tires on the left side and bent a rim. OK, so the tire insurance would have covered that, but the other 2 tires were dry rotting and needed to be replaced as well as a magical BMW 4 wheel drive alignment. So I paid either way. $1500 is too much money.

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  • zeaxzeax Posts: 2
    Was wondering if this was a good deal in the Houston area or should I shop around more...
    2011 X5 3.5SA + M package, technology, convenience, comfort access, hifi, heated front seats.
    MSRP $68925
    Invoice $63345
    Dealer was offering $1000 above invoice but said there was extra $600 for MACO/Training and will charge me $165 for the floor mats. Do they usually not include floor mats?

  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    edited September 2010
    Cannot speak to Houston area specific deal but mats and MACO are nearly always extra.

    You might tell them to stuff their Mats and get aftermarket or look at the BMW optional mats and get the style you prefer.
  • Hi i am looking to buy exactly the same you described. I am 5 hours from NJ area.
    Can you tell me the dealer details so that i can contact them.

  • I am looking to buy X5 35i premium with following options.

    Navgation package,
    Running Boards,
    park distance control.

    can any one tell whats the best price i should be paying before taxes.
    Do i need to pay destiantion charge of $875?

    thanks for your time.

  • I had a sililar offer from my dealer in NJ. $1000 over invoice plus $500 MACO/Training. He quickly reduced the latter by half to $250. Mats were included in the deal.
  • I have got an offer in Buffalo, NY,
    Thank you for your e mail on the 2011 BMW X-5 3.5d
    Base price is.................$51,300.00
    Freight ....................... 875.00
    Total ......................... $52,175.00
    Towne discount......... - 2,500.00
    BMW diesel credit - 4,500.00
    Your special price...... $45,175.00
    Plus you get $1,800 tax credit on your federal return.
    Just add options & Taxes.
    Do you think it deserve more dealer's discount? Thanks in advance.
  • I think it's a great deal. Could you e-mail me dealer's name ? my email : Thanks.
  • If you are interested, we can combine the buy for further discount. I will email you the information.
  • That sounds like a really good deal. I was out today to shop around and got real offensive offer! It was an x5 diesel 2011, mrsp 65K, offered me a lease for $1001.00 with 2000$ down / out of pocket. It was however with 18k miles/year for 36 month.
    I have an x3 today that cost me 585$ / month under same terms. Anyone out there who has had a good deal on an x5 diesel lease????
  • 2011 BMW X5 xDrive35d 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl Turbodiesel 6A)
    386 ROOF RAILS
    MSRP $60675
    SALE PRICE $52875. plus sales tax and DMV fees
    IT IS BASICALLY diesel discount $4500 and dealer discount $3300 off MRSP. IS THIS A GOOD DEAL?
  • This sounds a good deal. Based on what were previously posted here, perhaps you can still do slightly better, but it is a lot better than what I have got so far. Where is the dealer located?
  • I almost made a deal with Towne back to June. We finalized the price by phone and email. but when I got there to sign the deal, they said they can't make it. I would strongly not recommend buying from there.
  • Do you have any other dealer to recommend? Have you tried one in Rochester or Erie, PA?
  • Hello.
    I'm in the process of buying 2011 BMW X5 xDrive35d. Does anybody can tell me how Eco credit applied vs. sales tax ? I mean - let's say selling price is $60K minus $4,500 Eco. Sales tax calculated from $60K or from final $60K minus $4,500 price ???

    Thanks in advance. .
  • Are the roof rails noisy or not? Can I add them on easily later if I decide I really need them?
  • I don't know if you can add them later, but this option cost $100...why not to have it anyway ?
  • Never heard anyone on any BMW board complain of noise.

    I think its an extra $100 at time of order or $1000+ later...
  • One more quote:
    2011 BMW X5 xDrive35d 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl Turbodiesel 6A)
    386 ROOF RAILS
    iPod USB adaptor
    MSRP $61075
    Sale Price $52900, plus sales tax and DMV fees;
    I have purchased the SUV.
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