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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can you give me the name of your broker/dealer? I'm looking for a similar setup in Texas and not getting the same kind of deal.
    Thank you.
  • dae928dae928 Posts: 19
    2011 X35i Premium Black Sapphire/ Tobacco:
    -Convenience Package
    -Technology Package
    -Cold Weather Package
    -Floor Mats
    -Tank of Gas
    - $50 towards parts
    -MSRP $59,525
    Price including the the $2500 Holiday credit: $53,600.
    Ordered and in production.
  • Anyone know a good dealer in SoCal area?
    looking for a good deal on X5 35i Premium with following options:

    -Convenience Package
    -Technology Package
    -3rd row seat
    -Comfort Access

    You can also email me: akrca4 at gmail
    Any help appreciated! Thanks.
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    edited November 2010
    I ordered an x5 diesel today at orange county BMW in NY and took advantage of 6k credits. They were nice to deal with. Too bad that you are not from the area. I had 3 dealers offer prices under invoice and one little over invoice price.
    Out of 6k credits.. 3.5k(eco credit) gets taken out of invoice price. and 2.5k (holiday credit) gets deducted from loan amount if you use BMW finance. Few other people on this forum posted similar deals so I think you should get that too. I would negotiate using invoice price as reference and then request to apply credits on top of it.
  • What were the specifics of your deal if you don't mind me asking? MSRP, invoice, MF
    lease terms, MSD's, and money down. Thanks for the info, unfortunately I will probably have to go out of state, I had saw above where someone mentioned the Albany BMW in GA, and specifically named a "Karen". Might try that route, but will probably email the Dallas area vendors first.
  • radhay,

    I am in your area and looking to order a 35d too. Can you please share which dealers are willing to deal at invoice or under. Thanks.
  • Hi desiboysf, could you email me the dealer you got your car from. My email is Thanks
  • hi, bayman48. can u email me the dealer u got your car from? My email is crazyworkshop at
  • hi nkole, can u email me the dealer u got your x5 from? My email is crazyworkshop at

  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    edited November 2010
    companyman21, mine is a purchase. I have Premium, tech, 3rd row and rear climate with MSRP 61,575 , invoice 57,130 (includes 300 MACO + 200 training fee) - 6 k + TTL.
    Try as it gives you dealers quotes relative to invoice and use edmunds for calculating invoice.
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    edited November 2010
    Hi leetheway, I have observed that if the dealer already has a slot available they are usually more willing to negotiate otherwise most of the dealers are 500 above invoice. I got competitive quotes from orange county, WWC (they wasted lot of time evaluating trade-in and didn't come up with favorable terms) and new Country .
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    Drove both yesterday preferred i over d. I am not sure a good deal is available due to limited supply. If you build one only incentives would be used to lower cost. I believe the dealer may make a better deal if one takes a vehicle that is already on the lot. I did see alot of X5 with sold signs on the dashboard but unsure which models they were,
  • Wonder which you will prefer each time to pay to fill the fuel tank...
  • We got quote from some dealers, other wouldn't even talk to us unless we went to go visit them (Circle BMW in freehold). Others were horrible (Bloomfield BMW). That experience I have to share.

    We went in and the sales person said, no pressure how much do you want to pay? I said between 500-1000 over invoice is fair. This price they quote INCLUDED the financing credit of 2500, but it was still probably 2k OVER invoice. He failed to mention the 3500 ECO credit. I was going to give him a chance and said, can you tell me what the trade in value of our car is? They left came back and asked if our trade in was an 04, I said the registration says 2008.

    Then came the shocker. He said, it was worth 5-6k less than what KBB said a fair trade in value would be and I know we probably wouldn't get that but 5-6k LESS? The manager on duty that priced the trade in said, well we can meet you half way. He also stated that we had the hood repainted insinuating that we had an accident and was covering it up. We have a CLEAR car fax and we NEVER repainted the hood!

    The next day we went to Prestige in Ramsey NJ. We had gone there last week to test drive the X5d and loved it. After texting/emailing/calling the sales person, we got to one of the lowest prices in our area AND they gave us more for our trade in. less than what we would have liked but still reasonable (4k more compared to Bloomfield which was an INSULT). So we are getting the X5d for 10k less than MSPR - including the 2500 financing and 3500 eco credit. This does not including tax, title and doc fee of 239.00.

    That price does not include out trade in value which this deal came in a lot closer to what we expected to get. We *might* be able to get better elsewhere, but I'm not sure if I want to deal with the hassle anymore.

    I forgot to mention that at Bloomfield BMW they had something added to the final cost -- a luxury tax fee of $250. Is that legit or did he make that up? I didn't see it on the sales sheet from Prestige.

    Overall the experience at Prestige was great (so far) we put down a deposit and will hopefully take delivery soon. They are a big dealer and said that they already have allocations.

    My worry is having it built in time to get the 1800 diesel tax credit . We HAVE to take delivery before 12/31... b/c you have to claim it on your 2010 taxes. After that date I think you completely lose out.

    Anyway I hope this helped. If you would like the name of the sales person we dealt with I will be more than happy to share. I would like to re-post once we take delivery to MAKE SURE everything does work out well.

    PS they have a wonderful service area (to wait) and give out loaners for even an oil change -- I was told.

    Thanks for reading.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    It is easier for me find premium fuel than diesel fuel as I usually fill up at Bjs wholesale fuel. I have found most dealers add additional fees to the cap cost to make extra money. When I come up with a final number I tell the sales team this will include what ever fees you must put down on the car purchasing agreement. I have not decided if I am going to get the X5, but the deal breaker is usually the cap cost.
  • Could you share your sales person with me, I have had horrible experiences here in central NJ. Thanks.
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    I have the same concern regarding IRS tax credit. My dealer told me that my vehicle is scheduled for production in week 48 so I am cutting it very close to the 12/31 deadline.
  • pupppupp Posts: 2
    Today I ordered 2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i Premium with
    Convenience Package,
    Cold Weather Package,
    Technology Package,
    Running boards,
    Heated rear seats
    & Rear seat entertainment - MSRP 61,875.00
    $57,500 - $2,500 (holiday credit) = 55,000
  • We plan to order an 2011 X5 35d with
    Cold Weather
    Rear Climate
    MSRP of $61025, invoice $57185, not including any incentives yet. I have a quote for $54,000 (they are applying the 3500 eco credit). But here is the catch, they are asking for $4122 due at signing, that is all the fees plus the taxes and that is with the $2500 holiday credit. I am having a real hard time understanding these dealers, can anyone help. They gave me a $643 lease, 36 mos., 10k miles.
  • Radhay,

    What dealer in NY gave you $500 under invoice?
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