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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 2011 X5 35d + premium package + 3rd row seats + PDC + roof rail, MSRP 58675, dealer's best price is 52795 including eco credit. I am in Seattle, seems not a good place to get best deal. Thanks
  • scpowscpow Posts: 9
    Met with a BMW dealer in SW Connecticut (near NYC). They said the best price that they could offer is 52,755. This is for the premium package without any other options/upgrades. Additional costs were DMV fee $175; Doc fee $275; and 6% state tax. Does anyone think that this is a good price?

  • Ran your config thru the Zag buying tool offered by USAA, AAA and Amex among others (basically a no haggle, car buying service for members). According to them, the best price they have is $53,445 (incl. Eco Credit), so I think you're doing well with the quote you have. It seems Seattle is a tough place to get a deal, same config in PA comes up at $51,645...sorry...
  • goluckigolucki Posts: 4
    I am looking to buy X5 35i (2011) with
    premium pkg
    technology pkg
    convenience pkg
    smart phone integration
    running boards
    premium sound
    heated front seats and ventilated front seats
    3rd row seats
    Sand Beige leather. I haven't bought BMW before. Please advice me on what price would be a good deal while bargaining. I am in Texas.
  • ttopper1ttopper1 Posts: 18
    I suggested it earlier to others try 1 click auto brokers in denver....look them up....they can handle these things and test your pricing....they seem fair and reasonable from my dealings with them and I am not an agent or associated with anyone..
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    In southeast florida slim pickings on X5 35i including base, premium and sport. More 35d available, but also hard to find. Any units available thiere is basically no discount except eco credit for diesel. I see alot of retired folks driving them, why they do not get into the cadillac or toyota small SUV I cannot understand. Good luck with finding a X5, I may go with ML mercedes benz.
  • carolenccarolenc Posts: 1
    I am trying to figure out a good price point for the BMW 535 Gran Turismo. I don't mind ordering this from a dealer located outside of Texas as long as I get a better deal. Let me know. Thanks all!
  • cembarcembar Posts: 1
    I'm planning to order the 2011 X5 diesel with Premium package only. I heard that 2012 will not be out till later in the year. I've received several quotes and the best one I have so far is $ 53,000 (including the eco-credit and all other charges & sales taxes). MSRP for that car is $56,075 (inc. destination).

    Do you think it's a good deal? Or do you think I should wait till October to order 2012 X5 Diesel instead?

    Thank you!
  • kackikacki Posts: 18
    Sales taxes vary, so am talking round(ed) numbers here. Assuming taxes and fees add 9% to the overall price, that means you have a net of about $48,000. Taking away eco credit (is it still 3500?) from 56000, you have 52500, which means a discount of 4500, which is about 8% of msrp, which IMO is really good.

    Double check your numbers and mine and if they jibe, then go for it.

    The D for 2012 will be out around Sep/Oct and will probably have mostly cosmetic/electronic changes, LED coronas and BMW Apps being the most significant of these. No drivetrain changes AFAIK.
  • ckgizmockgizmo Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I am reviewing overnight on this 2011 X5 35d custom order for June allocation. Could you please let me know if it's a good deal or not??

    Alpine White, Black Interior and Dark Bamboo trim

    ZPP Premium Package
    ZAP Sport Activity Package (19-inch wheels)
    ZPS Premium Sound Package
    ZRC Rear Climate Package
    ZTP Technology Package
    322 Comfort Access
    328 Running Boards
    494 Heated Front Seats
    6NR BMW Apps

    MSRP: $65,825
    Sales price after Eco credit: $59,500 including floor mats and trunk liner.

    Lease options:

    48 month, 10K miles/year, 48% residual and $725 Bank fees
    MF=.00121 after OLP and max MSD
    Monthly= 692.42 plus 8.75% tax = 753.01

    42 month, 10K miles/year, 52% residual and $725 Bank fees
    MF=.00121 after OLP and max MSD
    Monthly= $715.10 plus 8.75% tax = 777.67

    Thanks in advance for your help!!
  • scpowscpow Posts: 9
    Please let me know how I did.

    Conven Pkg
    running boards
    multi contour seats
    carpet floor mats
    cargo shade
    wheel lock lug nuts

    total was $56,289 plus tax/tag/title
  • greg157greg157 Posts: 4

    Hi. I've priced the X5 premium pkg at close to 4 dealerships in nj and $52,755 is a low price, even w/o additional upgrades. The premium pkg also includes many options so you don't need to add much more. If you don't mind, can you give me the name of the dealership in SW Ct?

  • greg157greg157 Posts: 4

    I read my dates wrong. I didn't see your 5/29 posting. With all the upgrades you got, that's a great all-in cost. Please let me know what dealership you went with. Thx.

  • ttopper1ttopper1 Posts: 18
    If you are paying for all the options at invoice not retail pricing that's good. Plus, if you are paying $500 to $1000 over invoice that's about as good as you can expect.

    Another option is use a broker like
    A-1 click in Denver....they have options for dealers all over the U.S.

    Hope this helps a little....
  • greg157greg157 Posts: 4

    Thanks for responding to me a week or so back. Take a quick look at this if you can. This is the deal I have in place. Let me know if you what you think, good bad or indifferent. Thanks.

    Car: BMW X5 xDrive35i
    Exterior: Space Grey Metallic
    Interior: Black Nevada Leather
    Trim: Dark Burl Walnut
    Options: Convenience pkg, comfort access (included/no charge), Nav System,
    3rd row seat
    Term: 36 months, 10,000 miles per year
    MSRP: $59,175
    Residual Value %: 60%
    Invoice: 55,000
    Money Factor: .00185
    Bottom line Lease Payment: $708.96
    Money Down at signing: $3,997.39

    Money Down includes the following:
    $708.96 (first months payment)
    $1,786.68 (upfront sales tax)
    $725.00 (Acquisition fee)
    $227.00 (DMV fees)
    $275.00 (Doc fee)
    $224.00 (NJ Luxury tax)
    $50.75 (Tax on fees)
  • ttopper1ttopper1 Posts: 18
    Looks good and the numbers work. Do it!
  • gfish49gfish49 Posts: 24
    Hello - we priced a 2011 BMW X5 35D with the following options:

    Combox Controller
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Ipod & Usb Adaptor
    Roof Rails
    Self-Leveling Suspension
    Heated Rear Seats
    Satellite Radio
    Technology Package
    Rear Climate Package
    Dark Bamboo Wood Trim

    MSRP: $62,1257
    Selling Price: $54,500

    Is this a good deal or should we be doing better? We are comparing to the Mercedes ML350 Bluetec and Lexus RX450h. Thanks for the help.
  • kenkidkenkid Posts: 1
    I have negotiated a deal on '11 X5d for $500 over dealer invoice (including the $3,500 eco credit) which normally I'd be very pleased with. However, I know from several sources that the dealer will also earn a $1,600 +/- dealer holdback credit bringing their net profit up to $2,000+, well above what they should earn on any car. But several buying web sites suggest that dealers will not share in this credit and that it's off the table. Is this true or should I push harder?
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,856
    BMW doesn't have dealer holdback...

    They do have customer service bonuses, etc.., but, it's doubtful you can deal on any of that money.. $500 over invoice, minus the $3500 Eco-credit is a pretty good price, IMO....

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • gfish49gfish49 Posts: 24
    edited June 2011
    Hello - I was curious of what you thought of my deal two posts up? (1911)

    In your most recent post are you saying a good deal would be close to invoice, and the $3500 Eco credit, which would make it much less than invoice?
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