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Audi A3



  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,398
    Looks like a manual only transmission to begin.

    You may have misread that article:
    Americans will only be able to get the A3 TDI with the S tronic (DSG) transmission and front-wheel drive.

    That means no manual (aka foot clutch) and no Quattro. :sick:
  • JLaw012JLaw012 Posts: 11
    37k? who spends that much on an A3? i got a brand new 2.0T 2008 prem pack 6 speed manual,charcoal for $25,000 and that includes it being delivered over 1000 miles. i almost got he Volvo C30 but the space was an issue and the price was well over the A3,
  • maz4maz4 Posts: 1
    I own and audi A3 tdi and over here in england they are not bottom of the range but and incredibly high priced mid range car due to the fact our fuel is overpriced. I have read complaints about fuel on this web site let me tell you lot over there you have no idea i travel about 50k a day and an average weeks fuel costs me about 15
    dollars how does that compare with you
  • Just bought a 2008 A3 a few weeks ago. I am really missing the features of the convenience package, such as auto lights and the auto dimming rear view mirror with compass. Does anyone know if it is possible to have this installed now that I own the car (in essence, after the fact)?

  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,284
    Anyone have any information on how the weight is affected between the 2.0T and 2.0TDI and the 3.0TDI vs. the 3.2 V6?

    Does the TDI add significant weight?
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,284
    COME BACK!!!!
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Posts: 278
    Word. It makes it awefully difficult to buy a car when no one is talking about it.

    Most likely this is a combination of dealer availability and the economy.

    Those who would buy one, can't find one, those who would want one (or any new car in general) cannot afford an A3.

  • reggie6reggie6 Posts: 26
    I have an 08 A3 2.0T 6sp manual. White, S Line , Sky Roof . I love the car at 11,900 miles, a little over 10 months old. I regularly find people looking at it when I return to the parking lot from errands. When I valet it, I get tons of compliments. It is not a popular car here. The dealers seem to push the A4.

    I had considered a Mini Cooper S, BMW 3XI Wagon and I even looked at the VW GTI. The Mini was just too small for my needs and the ride a little unforgiving on the local roads where I live ( Long Island NY). I liked the BMW but my perception was that the gas mileage would not be as good as the A3 and a manual transmission was hard to come by. Plus it was a good $10K more. This was going to be a second car for me and I had it in my mind I wanted the sporty feel of the manual transmission. The VW was not as "luxiourious" as the A3, the warranty in 08 was not as good ( I think they may have changed it for 09) and the flavor of the A3 was a little more mature and elegant while just as sporty.

    The car is a great fun yet extremely comfortable for highway cruising. Very solid at high speed, car feels heavy but very agile. Plenty of power, great reving engine and handling. Since I am enjoying the car so much my gas mileage is not what it could be. I can't hold myself back from accelerating into turns and whipping around curves, especially when I am driving alone. It is capable of getting over 32mpg on the highway, I just counteract all the highway economy with pure joy of tooling around. It is almost as easy to park as a mini cooper but I can fit 3 passengers comfortably and I have plenty of trunk space.

    Complaints? Yes but I can live with them. My tires are Conti's , they are suspossed to be quieter than the Pirellis. I feel they are fine on good pavement but when you drive on older concrete they can be noisy. I addressed it with the dealer and they told me it was normal for this car. The tires are wearing well. I wish the trunk/hatch were just a DROP larger or that the rear seats folded perfectly flat so I could put my dog crate in the rear. I would have 15K on the car if I could use it as much as I would like. Lastly, in a perfect world I would have awd instead of front wheel only so that on those snowy snowy days I could drive this car instead of my SUV. The handling in the snow is adequate but I live on a steep hill and the low profile tires ( even if they are all season) don't just cut it.

    My overall experience has been wonderful and I highly recommend this car for enthusiasts who want performance without paying BMW prices. Happy Driving!
  • mtown75mtown75 Posts: 1
    I am considering the A3 and I have an 85 lb labrador. Has anyone carried a dog this size around and is there sufficient room?
  • reggie6reggie6 Posts: 26
    I have a male golden and the Audi A3. If you plan to let him ride in the back seat there is more than enough room for a large dog. If you were planning on using a crate it will be a tight fit. I tried to put my crate in the hatch with the rear seats down and it was a very tight fit. Its a great car though!
  • I own an 2008 2.0T A3 S-Line in bright black and noticed the small retangular cover plate on the lower right side of the bumper is missing. I was told this is an access port to the electical system when the car is towed.
    Does anybody know where I can get this replacement part?
    I have searched the web several times w/o success.
  • I have a 2008 A3 2.0T Tip-Tronic S-Line. I have found that when I want to accelerate and the front wheels are not pointing straight in-line with the rear wheels, the ESP/ASR causes a sickening hesitation. Of course this happens normally when I want to really get up and go!
    I find myself switching of this function when in stop and go traffic and only use it on the freeway or on long open stretches because it is so annoying! I know it is a safety function and is based on the ABS module. I think these concepts are good.
    I manually shift the DSG because I like the way it moves when the revs get up. But that ESP/ASR sucks.
    Anyone else had a similar experience?
  • reggie6reggie6 Posts: 26
    I would suggest you first go to your local dealer, if they can't get ask them who does their body work .....a body shop that works on Audi's will have a source to order it.
  • corey5corey5 Posts: 1
    Hi, im corey.I am an audi fan. Audi doesnt make one ugly car other then the all road which i think is based to be more like the volvo crosscountry, please reply if you agree
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,398
    IIRC the Allroad predates the Volvo XC, in any case I like them as I do most Audi wagons.
  • astubbsastubbs Posts: 3
    Just purchased a Certified Preowned Audi A3, 2006 2.0T with 37K on the odometer, and it died in the rain. I just picked the car up on Friday from Biener Audi in Great Neck NY. Was absolutely loving it, and then it went kaput on me. The engine light came on, and there were a couple chugs from the engine, and it completely stopped, and wouldn't start up again. There had been no warning lights, no change in power or the engine, it just absolutely stopped and wouldnt go any further.

    Roadside assistance was very helpful, and the towtruck came within the hour. i'm just nervous now that this is the beginning of a long and painful road of issues. Any thoughts? :cry:

  • dyendyen Posts: 9
    Yikes. Sorry to hear that. No suggestions for you about the cause, just encouragement. I also have a 2006 A3 2.0T and also 37,000 miles and have had a great experience with reliability. One sensor malfunction but that was it. Good luck. Keep us posted on the cause.
  • astubbsastubbs Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. Just got off the phone with the dealer, they've replaced the Ignition Coils and they said there was a bad starter cable, all this was covered under the warranty. fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong, glad to hear yours is going strong and has been a very reliable auto.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,398
    Oh yeah there were a lot of bad coils in the early A3s and other 2.0T cars. Forgot about those, your car should be fine now. Way back in 1964 my folks bought a Catalina Hardtop at Biener (then Biener Pontiac). ;) .
  • astubbsastubbs Posts: 3
    good to know about the coils, the people at Biener have been very helpful so far,
    Coils have been replaced and now i'm back on the road, will keep you all posted on anything else, thanks for the tips!
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