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Audi A3



  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    Audi must bring the 4-door S3 to the USA. Audi NEEDS TO sell the 4-door S3 in America.

    I recommend they bring in their lowest priced S model ever, a new S3, with the TTS' powertrain (except use S4's 7-speed DSG, magnetically adjustable suspension, adaptable xenon headlights, Premium Nappa Leather) and do it all for $40,000 MSRP. They could do it.... they don't need to throw in a lot of bells and whistles with this car, and theyd' certainly have a customer with me.

    P.S. They should have light weight components to reduce wieght via the use of aluminum such as with the hood, suspension components, and forged 18" wheels standard with 245/40/R18 summer rubber.

    Bring it to North America, and they will come.
  • Considering a used 2007 A3 2.0T, and I noticed this list of repair costs (See below or the link). I believe them all, except, does it really cost this much for: Shocks and/or Struts ($4,600), Constant Velocity Joints ($4,325), and Automatic Transmission ($6,195)?

    Further, what are the odds of these things breaking in 100,000 miles, 150,000 miles?


    Consumer Guide Estimated Repair Costs
    This table lists costs of likely repairs for comparison with other vehicles. The dollar amount includes the cost of the part(s) and labor (based on $50 per hour) for the typical repair without extras or add-ons. Like the pricing information, replacement costs can vary widely depending on region. Expect charges at a new-car dealership to be slightly higher.

    Item Name Repair Cost
    A/C Compressor $1,190
    Alternator $675
    Automatic Transmission or Transaxle $6,195
    Brakes $945
    Clutch, Pressure Plate, Bearing $1,160
    Constant Velocity Joints $4,325
    Exhaust System $975
    Radiator $1,265
    Shocks and/or Struts $4,600
    Timing Chain or Belt $675
  • I would not own a car like this without a full coverage warrantee--why?
    -on my third a/c compressor. dealer kept lying to me--it's all in my imagination--had to return repeatedly. this has to be a problem with audi usa--dealers love getting paid for warrantee repairs. The service manager looked me staraight in the eye and told me that he drove my car for 3 days and the a/c worked fine. He did this more than once.
    the customer service is the worst that i've ever encounterred. one of the service writers told me that audi usa gives the dealer a very hard time on warrantee repairs--i don't whether it is the collection or audi usa. i tend to think that it is both because there are some negative postings about audi usa.

    the dealer must of changed my address and phone number because audi usa has never contacted me for follow-up info.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------
    The A3 is my favorite car--when everything is working. GREAT HANDLING COMPROMISES ON THE SUSPENSION FOR COMFORT VS HANDLING. I love this car in some many ways. It's like the sexy girl you dated, who you won't marry because the passion you love is connected to passionate anger when there are problems.

    very pratical sports car with storage and surprising room to haul things despite it's small size. yes. i have to rent a van a few times per year, but it is a small sporty carwith haulabilty for it's size.

    mileage--started with perrelli[spell]--33-34 mpg on the interstate. sport tire worn-out by 16,000. switched to michellin all-season sport tire purchased at costco, after the dealer quote lead to laughter---ended-up 1/3 less on a set of 4. Michellins give 31-32--more rolling resistance.

    -battery life is warranted for 12 months. $495 for replacement, including labor. i got jump started and went to sear. the sear diehards--i have had 2--last a little over one yaer. sears says over -engineered design. while the car is off, draws 1.4 amps. sear provides free replacement--no questions asked and no song and dance routine like at the collection. I asked the collection service manager to order a delco top of the line and i would pay $495 for it rather than their dumb battery witha 12 month warrantee.
    I am selling mine before the 4 year warrantee is up. with all of my problems, it is one the best cars that ik have owned based upn size, driver comfort, drivability


    I hope that audi moniters this blog and review sites. Get your customer service act together. why is it that i have never had any contact from audi usa in 3 years--i did have calls fro audi usa for about the first 6 months or so, when the problems with the dealer started, the calls from audi usa stopped. i have called and complained in a poilite way to audi usa and it seems obvious that they could care less.With Lexus and BMW i had communication after every customer service.

    I would love to buy another audi A3, but I am afraid to do so because of the poor service, not the car itself.
    ANYONE WANT AN A3 with about 25,000 miles. I drove most of my prior cars to about 100,000 miles--lexus, bmw
  • Has Audi released any info re. the new A3 due later this year?
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    Have you thought about trying a different Audi dealer? Maybe you've just come in contact with the worst Audi dealer in America? Yes, Audi of America is tough to deal with, but a GOOD Audi dealer should know how to handle them better.
  • billherrmannbillherrmann Posts: 109
    The 2011 should be arriving in the US soon. Any idea on what changes we can expect. Minor changes or major ? Also, is there a projected date for arrival?
    Bill H.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    I'm thinking 2012 will bring an all new A3.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,652
    The A3 sedan looks intriguing... reminiscent of the 97 A4.

    Of course all i've see are Concept photos...and those always look amazing.

    It'd be sad if ends up looking like a Jetta with 4 rings at the front.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    edited December 2011
    Just before Thanksgiving, I went to my mechanic, and had him check why my MIL (check engine) light went on.

    I figured it was emissions related due to my custom exhaust system again, but wanted to make sure. He gave me the semi-bad news that it was the Intake Manifold Runner Control Motor code. My first reaction was "AGAIN!"

    He said kinda jokingly "Well, at least you know what the weak part of the car is!"

    The thing is, I went to the disreputable mechanic who has since gone out of business (as predicted) to fix it the first time around. This was about 18 months and 18K ago, so the 1 year 12K repair warranty is exceeded anyway. However, I wouldn't put it past them to have not given me a new part, and simiply rebuilt/fixed the old one and/or used an old replacement used part to get it fixed. Of course they charged me like it was a new OEM part replacement, but who knows if they used an Audi OEM part until we get in there.

    So he tells me he's completely booked for last week, that perhaps we'll get to it next week (which is this week).

    So I got a letter from Audi of America over the holiday weekend. Warranty extension for Intake Manifold Runner Control Motor and Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve on my vehicle for 10 years or 120,000 miles!

    Great timing Audi! Only thing is, I'm scheduled for my 2nd replacement.

    So my question is, should I go ahead and get it fixed with my current mechanic (not sure if he ordered any parts yet; he should be calling me back soon). Or should I go to Audi to get it fixed this 2nd time, then claim reimbursement for the previous fix?

    I'm leaning towards letting this mechanic repair it again, then submitting the reimbursement claim form for BOTH receipts (gotta find that old receipt somewhere! )

    The reason I lean towards that is I've made some mods to the car since the first failure, which include software and exhaust upgrades, both of which are mentioned in their boilerplate as things they wouldn't be responsible for. Now, they can't just automatically blame the upgrades for the failures, they should have to show the damage or malfunctions were cause by my non-EPA and non-OEM parts and mods. But would Audi even try and do that to a good customer? Frankly, the first failure happened before I made any changes to the software or exhaust, which goes a long way towards showing the failures were not a result of things I did.

    Do you think Audi will only pay for ONE repair? And if so, they probably have a limit and will just give me that limit if it's less than paying for both repairs?

    The letter is dated November 2011; no date provided. I suppose if I get the 2nd repair done before 12/1/11, they can't argue I should have gone to the dealer.... they might if I wait more than a few days.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,652
    Since they are saying the part is faulty I think they would reimburse you for your previous repairs and take care of it this time.

    I'm assuming they will be replacing it with a redesigned you shouldn't have this issue again; but if you do and it's within the warranty window it should be covered again.

    I know when Lexus had their recalls I received a letter that stated they would also reimburse people who had incurred costs for the defect (and they also sent out a $500 credit card...for no 'bad feelings')
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    Audi is currently trying to weasel out of paying me reimbursement for those repairs covered thanks to their (warranty extension letter). They are trying to breach that contract stated in the letter to extend the warranty on these parts using the excuse that I should have had the repairs done at Audi since I had already received the letter.

    Nevermind that my mechanic had already done a code reading and diagnosis of the problem free of charge, and ordered the part from the local audi dealer. They say I should have cancelled my appointment with him and gone to Audi since I had received the letter already in the interim (nevermind a potential restocking fee issue for the already ordered part, and nevermind delaying a repair while using the car as a daily driver by rescheduling a repair with the Audi dealer).

    I think Audi's argument and excuses to weasel out of paying for the warranty extension reimbursement are WEAK SAUCE! It reeks of GM and Chrysleresque customer service horribleness. These points greatly outweigh any point they might have:

    1) the problem to the part and car occurred prior to receiving the letter.
    2) the problem was diagnosed prior to receiving their letter.
    3) the part was already ordered prior to receiving their letter.
    4) the repair date was already scheduled prior to receiving the letter.
    5) the repair was done within a week of getting the letter
    6) Audi has taken over 7 months to inform me of the negative decision and denial to my reimbursement request originally sent to them in December 2011 (supposedly a letter I never got was sent out in May 2012 advising me of the adverse decision (or request for more information).

    The fact they are trying to weasel out of paying for defective parts with lame excuses is deplorable and lamentable. The key thing to remember here is that the part is obviously defective, I've had to get it fixed twice already, and they stepped up to cover it for 10 years or 120K miles, whichever comes first. For them to try and create excuses and technicalities to not cover repairs on a known "defective" part is just plain dishonest and bad faith.

    Now this story is on hold because I told the customer relations rep (female) that I wanted to appeal her decision to a manager or supervisor, and she said she'd get back to me in 2 business days. Hopefully, they get their act together and come to the RIGHT and HONEST decision and simply reimburse me for the money I've already spent. I'm not asking for a dollar more than this defective part has cost me already.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,652
    You're right it does sound "weasly".

    FYI - When I had a recall item on my IS the letter indicated if repairs were already completed for this part the individual would be reimbursed. Plus they provided a $500 card for the disruption. I thought, "classy".

    Chrysler: A co-worker had a Jeep (2011) that was experiencing multiple problems. After a bit of a battle (never easy) they agreed to replace the entire vehicle with a new 2012 version (the new model included a newly released engine). I thought "stepping up" (after the battle).

    Audi...10 years or so ago...when I had an A4 I had to have the thermostat replaced. I did and it died again in 16 months (or so). The warranty on used parts was only 12 months so they wouldn't cover the repair. (I thought weasly...)
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    edited July 2012
    Audi...10 years or so ago...when I had an A4 I had to have the thermostat replaced. I did and it died again in 16 months (or so). The warranty on used parts was only 12 months so they wouldn't cover the repair. (I thought weasly...)

    That's a bit harsh.... depending. I'd have only thought "weasly" if the 2nd time you needed the repair you were still under the original 4 year 50K mile warranty.

    I know that 12 months and 12K miles is about as good as your gonna do on a repaired part; unless, and that's a BIG UNLESS, the first failure occurred in time to have a 2nd failure occur during the original warranty period.

    The funny thing is that if Audi would have never sent the warranty extension letter in the first place, I'd have a much higher opinion of them. Because of the letter I feel entitled to the repair costs. The letter made me think "stepping up, and good company!." The denial of claim has made me think "dishonest, absurd, and weasly." This denial on the reimbursement is souring a huge Audi enthusiast and happy satisfied owner. I am an Audi club member and I just went from "very likely to buy an Audi as my next vehicle" to "unlikely to buy an Audi as my next vehicle" due to this issue.

    All the goodwill and even after warranty repairs they covered (at 53K miles), is overshadowed and outweighed by this badwill and bad faith effort by Audi of America's decision on this case.

    The one and only thing they have on their side is as you state, the letter saying:

    the letter indicated if repairs were already completed for this part the individual would be reimbursed.

    They are saying the repairs were not completed and therefore I should have gone to an Audi dealer upon receiving the letter.

    On my side I have my half dozen points I make in my post above, plust the fact that I could argue the repairs were "underway" upon my receipt of the letter. Sure, the mechanic wasn't physically toiling away in his garage under my car's hood, but the part was ordered, the repair scheduled, and the problem already diagnosed and coded. A little leeway is appropriate here.

    It is absurd that they'd of reimbursed me for shipping and restocking fees for cancelling the work with the independent!

    They called me today. The same person said upon speaking to a supervisor the decision has remained the same, they will pay me for the first repair, and deny the 2nd due to my having admitted I received the letter before repairs were completed.

    This doesn't sit well with me, and I have to rely on her word over the phone she spoke with a manager or supervisor????? I never spoke with anyone else! Perhaps she gets a bonus for denying claims? I think a letter is in order to Audi of America's management regarding this case before I give up on them.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,652
    That's a bit harsh.... depending. I'd have only thought "weasly" if the 2nd time you needed the repair you were still under the original 4 year 50K mile warranty.

    Probably true...never had the same part fail again; the expectation was there, but you're right...12 months is usually it (it was over 50k).

    Good luck with your situation; either way they hurt a valued customer.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    When I mentioned I wanted to "re-appeal" the decision yesterday over the phone, and perhaps go up the ladder another rung, and write a lettter to someone, they said they'd discuss it with another supervisor, or the same one, one more time, and get back to me right away.

    I was called today and Audi came to the right decision, they will pay for both of my repairs and reimburse me since the part has the extended warranty and the repair had been started prior to my receipt of the letter (at least by my definition of "started repair.")

    They said they'd re-appeal it to that supervisor or another one, and get back to me right away. They called today, they are covering both repairs. Congratulations to Audi for doing the right thing. I did point out I was a good Audi customer, enthusiast, Audi Club member, and that this absurd denial of claim was a ridiculous reason for Audi to potentially lose a customer. THAT got their attention. Perhaps it was a mistake, but perhaps they were just saving face when they said they apologized for the problems I was having, but that they had misunderstood and been miscommunicated with in how to handle these reimbursement claims regarding my issue (the repairs being completed after the letter was sent out but started before received issue I suppose and assume).

    However, they did mention on this latest call that they have a formula for paying for "independent" reimbursements at a rate less than 100% of the costs, and that they'd be making those calculations and I'd be notified shortly. I hope it's not anything ridiculous, because my mechanic's labor rate was already much lower than the dealership's would have been. The letter stated nothing of reimbursements being "shortchanged."

    At this point I'll be happy with .75 cents on the dollar they've put up such a fight! But I'm glad to see that manager's still have some common sense and decency at good companies. I was sure that going up the ladder would eventually result in the right and honest decision at Audi.

    Kudos to Audi. :)
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    And it was about 7/9's of the amount I spent. I'm satisfied with that.

    After all the non-sensical fighting, I got over .75 on the dollar and that's satisfactory. They really should of just paid the whole thing, as that would have made for a really happy (rather than just satisfied) customer. Oh well, it's better than being a disgruntled angry customer that didn't get anything, or even less than half the amount owed which was at one time proposed by them.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,828
    edited August 2012
    hi Andres3 - glad that situation worked out (75%) for you & A3. it does seem like a satisfactory resolution. happy motoring...
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    At 91,200 miles, I was strongly advised to get new motor mounts. I could see the engine move/tilt when the gas was touched (with the brakes on in the garage).

    Since this is one of the few issues hitting my Audi A3 prior to 100K, I'm perfectly fine with it.

    About 3.5 hours labor and $400 for the parts (better than OEM replacements).
  • it's clear with it's coming A2 EV and plug-in hybrid that Audi is taking aim at the BMW i3. Audi officials told us it is a megacity vehicle, the same term BMW uses. but Audi i3 will beat BMW

    find more learn violin'
  • Audi A3 is also mine favorite car. I love the interior of the car. The exterior and the body structure of the car is too good. I am try to save money for buying that car. hope I will have enough money at the mid of next year to buy a New Audi A3.
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