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Selecting and Buying My First Car



  • carpedrewumcarpedrewum Posts: 17
    edited September 2011
    Its all good and advisable to ask on a forum like this but a bit of your own research is good. Go online, use car sites that allow you to type in certain search queries like "model" "year" "price" "auto/manual" and so on. An added bonus is that you can come up with a good list from which to choose, you may find cars that you didn't think of, you know exactly where and how to find your seller should things go wrong, and even though you might not find exactly what you want you will get a good deal out of it.
    I used a site in South Africa, I looked for and it went pretty darn smooth, relative to what I expected. The only thing is I wish their search was slightly more intuitive but I made that suggestion and hopefully they listen.
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