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Buick Century Maintenance and Repair



  • I too am having a difficulty with my 96 Buick Century (Custom.)
    One day, a few months ago, there was a puff of smoke coming from the steering column. Immediately, my left turn signal was gone. For a time, I managed to tweak the exposed wire, and the signal would work. (This only happened after the car had warmed up.) Now this does not work, and few people know what a hand signal looks like! As I truly believe in signalling, I have got to get this fixed. Inspection is next month, Is this a minor electrial problem? My other signal works fine.
    Thank you in advance for any helpful advice! I just pray this is not a major fix, as our car has cost us plenty, especially since she was paid off.
  • does it blink at all? or does it just stay solid? sounds like maybe you need a new signal arm or maybe just need a little rewiring??
  • Thank you noodlesknowles!
    When it worked, it blinked. It now now longer works.
    It seems to not be making contact. I hope it is the rewiring.
  • My 1993 Century 3.3L with 47000 miles also ticks after warm-up and does not stop. When I listened close to the motor it sounds like its coming from the intake somewhere. Have you heard from anybody on what this is.
  • I googled them and found my diagram for my 94 v6, I can't seem to find the website so you might have to look a bit but you can get it for free, if you can't find it msg me and i'll scan mine for ya, its a 94 but it should be the same :P
  • went to a dealership they think its either bad piston slap or a rod... they said it could last 5 days or 5 years, but so far it really hasnt gotten worse and its been about 2,000 miles since the post.
  • Hi, I have the same problem...the vibration..please,,,if you have a solution...please send me an e-mail with your opinion...thank you sir...
  • yea man thats just gm
  • yea i gotta 02' century and it does the same thing. i've had it re'aligned, new shocks, balanced and rotated tired and pretty much all i can come up with is the cv joint. cause it only does it when you accelerate or when your turning left. and if someones in the passenger seat then its alot more noticable. this may not be the same problem as yours but it sounded similar so i thought i'd put it out there. does it sound familiar?
  • Hi,
    I'm having a problem with the heat in my 2000 Buick Century. Although I can't find evidence, I suspect I have a leak as I'm filling my antifreeze every two weeks or so. I've checked the floor mats to see if the issue is the heater core leaking, but like I said, no evidence to support this. The "low coolant" light goes on and off, seemingly at random and when coolant is low the heat cycles from hot to cold.
    Any suggestions??

  • Ok, I have some problems with my Buick Century, first, I live in Corona, which is important, because I took it to a local garage out in the Home Gardens area to get the cooling system repaired, and ever since I've gotten it back, I've noticed several things, my low coolant light comes on and then shuts off from time to time, and this is probably what has me worried, but I've noticed smoke coming from under the hood through my vents (I have to drive with my two windows that still work down so that I air the cabin out) and I also noticed that something is leaking inside the car, I don't know what it is, all I know is that is a greenish-teal color with dark particles/brownish stain to it, and it's really got me worried, and I don't know what's wrong? I thought the mechanics told me they fixed it?!!!?!? :mad:
  • hi y'all, i have a 1990 pontiac safari wagon w/a 3.1 6cyl engine - same as the buick century...135kmi...recently it began to hesitate and buck when backing off the accelerator...i had "woody" tuned up and the gas filter changed, but the problem persists and has gotten more dramatic...he has begun to idle roughly...would a 1990 have a engine diagnosis hookup...? if so would it be best to have a dealer track the problem... ?
    thanks for any advice,

    steve clark
  • You may have a head gasket leak. The way to verify it is to check to see if your oil level is high. This means your coolant is passing thru the gasket into the motor oil.
    If so, you need to get it fixed asap, as the engine bearings and other lubricated parts will burn up, and you will lose the engine. We had this happen to us with our Century about three years ago. I hope that is not what it is! Good luck!
  • I checked the oil - you were correct, the level was very high. :cry: I'm having it looked at tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
  • My 94 Century 3.1 has developed a cold! In cold weather the starter solenoid won't work, just a clicking sound and the car has a brand new battery. If I jump the solenoid posts the car will start easily. Once warmed up the car starts with no problems, until I let the car sit and it gets cold.
    Do I have to remove the starter to remove the solenoid?
  • I'm sure you found the reset button by now, but this may help others. The reset button for a Buick Century 2000> is located in the fuse box inside the car. It must be held for 3 sec.
  • Had the same problem. i switched my front tires to the back and it fixed the problem!
  • Just had a ice storm and now my wipers are stuck in the upright postion. I change the fuse but the wipers are still
    stuck. What should I do?
  • shebailshebail Posts: 1
    According to the book my vehicle has a computer system
    that lets you know when to change the oil. Concern is
    I now have put 4,735 miles on my Buick 2003 that I bought
    about 6 months ago. Do I go ahead and do it or wait for this
    CHANGE OIL LIGHT to appear?
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