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Buick Century Maintenance and Repair



  • doggaldoggal Posts: 17
    Same car, same year.Had the same problem last year (first slow blinking, then no blinking), but only one side. Took it to Pep boys and all they did was replace the bulb and it worked fine after that. Hope this helps.
    Good luck.
  • Ok so I have a 96 Buick Century. None of the light are working! Well the blinkers are but thats IT! No head lights, tail lights, brake lights, interior lights? Nope not those either! I've got NOTHING! I have tried resetting the computer, replacing the head light switch, andchecked all wires. Nothing has fixed it. Has anybody else had this problem? What would fix it? PLEASE HELP!

    THANK YOU!!! :confuse: :sick:
  • ripsrips Posts: 3
    The heater/air conditioning fan squeals like crazy so she can't even use it. The dealership claims they would have to tear the dash apart to fix it and it will cost hundreds of dollars which she does not have. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to repair this?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,412
    Sounds like a bad or "dry" bearing in the "cage fan" that forces air around. If you can somehow at least reveal the cage, you might be able to lubricate the shaft that the fan spins around; otherwise you'll have to excavate like the dealer says. You or someone needs to crawl under there with a flashlight, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to be able to wiggle a can of lubricant with a long "straw" attached, and soak that shaft.

    Even if you do manage to lubricate it, it might need to be done periodically. Sometimes you can remove or unsnap various panels to get a better shot at that heater cage.


  • I had a similar problem with wipers frozen to the windshield...

    Did you figure out your problem?

    I thought the guts of the wiper/turn signal lever shorted but that was not the problem. Now I am wondering if it is the switch in the steering column or the wiper motor or somewhere in between...

    Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
  • joejbjoejb Posts: 4
    I have This Exact problem on my 2000 Century. All dash lights are OK except the odometer/gear select indicator
    is invisible. I tried to follow the discussion thread
    and see no help. Please, has anyone had this problem and
    knows the fix?
  • ginahillginahill Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Century that does the same thing. Were you able to have the problem corrected? Thanks.
  • kneeachekneeache Posts: 5
    I had exactly the same issue. To access the fan on the Century, remove the underdash panel on the passenger side of the dash. You can then see the fan motor, and it is held in by 3 bolts (10mm, I think). Then the whole thing drops down into the passenger compartment floor. I lubed the fan bearings, and cleaned everything up, and it helped, but then replaced the whole thing with a motor/fan
    assembly from Ebay for 20 bucks. Been working fine ever since. I kept the old one in case the new one dies.
  • rangerironrangeriron Posts: 1
    My passenger side front signal keeps working then not working. It will work one day for a while then stop working. Then another day it will not be working then all of the sudden it will work again. I checked the fuse and its not that. Anyone know where i can check the connection or have any other ideas.
  • johnnyspotjohnnyspot Posts: 3
    Replace the bulb... It may be going bad. Hopefully that's all it is.
  • johnnyspotjohnnyspot Posts: 3
    HELP! Started my daughter's 95 Century last February only to discover that she had left the wipers on and that they had frozen to the windshield.

    There was a tiny puff of smoke that came from the turn signal lever (multi-function switch). I have replaced the lever and everything works except the wipers. Checked the fuse in the fuse box and it is good.
    Then I removed the wiper motor to make sure that the linkage wasn't stuck and tested for power to the motor. It doesn't seem to be getting any power. Had to remove the motot to get at the harness plug on the bottom. Does the motor need to be mounted to test for power? Is there another fuse in this circuit?
    Can someone give me a suggestion on where to look next? Could the problem be in the switch inside the steering column? I am ready to throw the towel in and take it to a pro!
    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
  • gsharp1gsharp1 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Century that has a strange problem. When I turn the ignition to start the car, the drivers' window will automatically go down! This happens every time, and when I try to close it, it just inches up a little at a time. I'm gettin' wet here!
  • I had the same problem couple of weeks ago. I found, called them and they gave me a great advise. I got the lubricant from them and it works great. You should try them. Try them for your auto parts
  • dhanndhann Posts: 1
    Did any one every find out what the problem was with century's digital odometer when everything works but the gear shift and odometer light?? dhann
  • gmabcdgmabcd Posts: 2
    I have a 98 buick century and the power windows are no longer operational. I checked the fuse, but it is still intact. Any ideas what could be keeping them from working and what steps I can take to repair?
  • gmabcdgmabcd Posts: 2
    My bad. I meant power MIRRORS! Please help!?!?
  • edbeardedbeard Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Buick Century, 100,000 miles, 3.1 liter engine. The service engine lite is on. I took it to Advanced Auto Parts to get the codes read. They said that the EGR Valve has insufficient flow. I replaced the EGR Valve and per their advice tried to clean out the pipe from the EGR Valve to the exhaust manifold with brake cleaner. But the service engine lite is still on, and their code reader still hits for the EGR Valve having insufficient flow. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The code on their print out is P0401 EGR Flow Insufficient.

  • edbeardedbeard Posts: 2
    2000 Buick Century, 100,000 miles, 3.1 liter engine. Took the car to Advanced Auto Parts to get the codes read because the service engine lite is on. It hit for Torque Converter CKT Performance or Stuck Off, code P0741. On their suggestion I changed the automatic transmission fluid and filter. I had the battery disconnect while changing the fluid and filter. The service engine lite is still on, and their code reader still reads the same. Any help would be appreciated.

  • It's a fair price and if you are in a city where highway driving is a must then it's a good buy. The KBB seems high though because I bought my custom 00Century in 2005 for $4,500 and KBB was about the same. This was under good condition...did you put excellent? Yours has more features and the miles for a 6 1/2 year old car is relatively low.
    It's a great car but have him install a new windshield....NEW...not wrecking yard for the same price.
    00Centuries have trannie possible problems and there are 3 or 4 recalls, seat belts and more small things but one is rear drum/bolts...can't remember but go to gov't recalls on cars online. You can always have the recalls done when and if you buy the car. How many owners have there been?
    Let me know what you decided.
  • Yes. I have this problem been fixed. I changed the highlamp switch which is the one to control the light from min. to max. and is located on the driver side and beside the odometer. In my case, the digital odometer background light and the shift lights were not working.
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