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Buick Century Maintenance and Repair



  • Anyone know how to take the rear seats out of my 2005 Century and then reinstall them? It's probably easy but I'd rather not damage the seats trying to do something incorrectly. I want to install seat covers. I traded in our 1998 LeSabre last February when we were down in Florida for the 2005 Century. I was looking for another LeSabre but I came across the Century which had only 4,800 miles on it and still smelled like new. So far I'm quite impressed with it.
  • I have a '92 Buick Century and am in need of a window controller. Since this car is more than 15 years old I can't find a supplier locally. If anyone has a source I might try, please e-mail me at Thanks, Bill
  • I have a 2000 Buick Century and the passenger side wiper just stopped working. The driver side works fine though. Is this gonna be a cheap repair? And what is the problem?
  • I also have this same problem, have you found any answers to the problem.
  • Hi, I have a 2002 Buick Century. The last few months, I noticed my mpg going down. I used to get about 400 miles to the tank either short or long distance drives. Now, I still get about 400/tank on long distance drives, but my short has dropped drastically down to 180-200 miles a tank. What would be a cause of this?
  • Hi,
    Are You in a cold winter climate?? . I have a 2000 century and in cold weather the mileage falls from 24-26 local driving to 18-21 Mpg. I have a scangauge installed and can monitor gas mileage on the fly plus lots of other things going on under the hood.
    I see the exact some thing here.
  • My reverse lights and license plate lights do not work. it isnt a fuse or the bulbs. I imagine it is a mercury (or similar type) switch on the trunk lid. Does anyone know it's location?
  • My old '99 Century had the EXACT problem, and lots more. I found my issue in the wiring going from the trunk lid to the car (int he right hand side trunk jamb). Open up the plastic covering and check all the wires. It looked like the trunk hinge caught my wires and cut them off, and they were all crossing each other. Hope this helps you!
  • It seems I need to remove a support beam or whatever it's called. The bolts are quite seized. Also after purusing the forums here I begin to doubt that the battery is the issue. The problems began after I allowed my battery to drain completely. It should have recharged completely however. Each morning it doesn't start. Eventually I get it started using my portable jumper but only after much finagling. I do wish to pop the new battery in however since I can't return it. Some simple pointers on doing so would be appreciated it's 14 degree's outside and I don't wish for it to take all day. thanks.
  • doggaldoggal Posts: 17
    I had a similar issue in the past and it was more the alternator that needed to be replaced for me. You might want to check that also.
  • Hi,
    I had the same exact problem, It was the alternator, tested bad. They replaced it
    problem seemed to go away, the following week the new part failed and they replaced it again. seems to be fine now. Yes that brace needs to be removed to replace the battery. I soaked the bolts with wd-40 then it come off without a hitch. For the record my 2000 buick century has 58000 miles.
  • yesterdey a button came on for a few minutes marked security and then went off
    this morning drove the car no problem but 7 hours later wouldn't start
    it finally did start with cable but whats wrong i dont have the book(its a 98 buick century)just bought the car 3 weeks ago to a garage...
  • jrp45jrp45 Posts: 2
    an electrical short in your system, get a meter that measures current and voltage and test your battery and the connections. I had to replace the battery cables and the battery then I had the alternator tested at autozone the person testing it said that it was still good but something was going bad inside it the way it sound it sound like metal grinding so I replace the alternator, since I replace both battery and alternator my back windows will not roll down so I checked the fuses they where blown this is a buick century 2000
  • jrp45jrp45 Posts: 2
    I would not buy a car with a crack windshield period in some states it is against the law to sell a car with a crack windshield it post a hazard to your life and others
  • 2003 Buick Century. The low speed blower does not work (the 2 lowest settings). I checked all of the fuses, all are ok. There are some lights out on the face plate for the blower/ac, and there are some lights out on the radio. Not all of them, just a few. Is the problem likely under there somewhere? And, what would I be looking for? And, how hard is it to remove and get in there, without screwing things up or making everything look bad when I put it all back together?
  • bay220bay220 Posts: 2
    Last year I replaced my wiper motor and all was great until today. On my way to work the wipers stopped working and after removing all the plastic molding I found that the screw that holds the wiper arm gears to the motor came lose.

    After replacing the screw and putting everything back together, now when the wipers are in timer mode, the wipers pause in the middle of the windshield. Other then that the wipers work ok.

    So I have two questions:

    1. How do i fix the pause location?
    2. Which side does the longer wiper are go in? I wasn't sure if I mixed them up. I have the larger arm on the passenger side. Is this correct?

    Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

    Cheers, David

    1997 Buick Century
  • molerjmolerj Posts: 9
    o1 buick century 145,000 miles.
    When you start out cold the vehicle shifts up to drive then just kinda nothing happens. Like it is out of gear. shift to lower gear & it goes until it hits drive & then nothing. Shift down again it starts going & then put it in drive & it finally goes thru gears & keeps going. Now you can stop & start & no problems. Stop, floor it, it shifts thru all gears & is fine. Let it cool down for a few hours & the same problem. Transmission fluid is full & no sign or smell of burnt fluid. In my past experience when the filter was dirty, a vehicle wouldn't shift out of gear so I don't think it would be the filter. Any one have any ideas of what's going on?
  • bay220bay220 Posts: 2
    I took everything apart again and still no change. Any advice?
  • Yeah, my driver side rear window works when it wants to. Mostly works in the winter time when its snowing and is likely to be the only one that works when the others are frozen shut. In the summer there is no chance of it working.
  • This is caused by the chip in your key. Sometimes that chip gets worn and will cause the security to go off. Also, make sure the key is dry, sometimes if my key gets moisture on it, it will throw off the security on my car. From time to time it will do this, and then wait for a couple minutes and it usually does.
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