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Buick Century Maintenance and Repair



  • I also have a 2002 Century that was bought new in 2002. It sounds like you still have air trapped in the cooling system. Also you must still have rust and maybe even some motor oil in your cooling system. even a small amount of air in these Buicks will cause cooling problems and the heater to not work right. I hope you did not use cheap discount store gaskets to do your repair. Fel-Pro are some of the best and are recommended by many expert mechanics. You can use liquid Cascade automatic dishwasher soap to clean your cooling system before putting new fresh green anti-freeze back in the system. I do not recommend the Dexcool stuff that came in it. There were problems with it that were causing gasket problems. The green stuff works just fine and is cheaper. After you put the dish washing soap in your radiator drive it for a few days if it is not freezing where you live yet. after a few days drain it out then refill with plane water and drive a few more days to wash the soap out. Then fill with green anti-freeze and burp and bleed all the air out of the system with the 2 bleed screws. It is best to have the back wheels lower than the engine to get all the air out. This will cause the air to travel to the front of the engine where the bleeders are located. You may have to try several times to get all the air out , but it works this way. I wish you luck with your Buick.
  • No, I definitely used FelPro gaskets. And I need to replace one of the bleeder screws, the one on top of the water pump, I broke the head tightening it back down. And I will try the cascade thing to clean it out. Thanks for the info
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