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Buick Century Maintenance and Repair



  • tonythedoctonythedoc Posts: 1
    I own a 1998 century with the same exact recurring problem. Last year I cleaned the injectors, replaced the #6 injector (misfire), fuel filter, plugs & wires. Now I have the same "check engine soon", with a #5 misfire. You can imagine my frustration. The only thing I can think of is changing the ignition module. The car still runs, it just gets this code when the car hiccups. Let me know how you make out, and I'll do the same. Good Luck, my friend.
  • stevohawkstevohawk Posts: 1
    Hello all

    Stupid question: Where is the thermostat housing located? I can't find it!
  • jmorales1jmorales1 Posts: 2
    I recently replaced the front struts on my 93 Buick Century and now there is a slight rattle when I cross over a rough spot in the road or slight little bumps in the road. It does not happen during compression of the struts but more when they are fully extended and barely under compression. I have taken the wheel off, checked the springs, brakes and just about everything in the wheel well. My Century has 60,000 miles on it and has been well maintained and this small rattle is driving me nuts as there was no rattle before the struts were changed. I would appreciate and suggestions.


  • jmorales1jmorales1 Posts: 2
    Plastic covers will discolor with age. Nothing you can do but replace them.
  • jcombsjcombs Posts: 1
    I have an 95 Buick Roadmaster. The entire motor ingintion has been replaced. Still has low R.P.M miss. What could i do or try to solve the problem?
  • pville14pville14 Posts: 1
    After having my car hooked up at AutoZone I know that I have a bad rear O2 sensor. Does anyone know where to locate it? I know it's on the exhaust system somewhere, but where exactly I dont know. Any advice is appreciated.
  • I would have bought some clear labels and on the computer typed in CENTURY as close to the font as possible, printed it and stuck it in its original place.
  • espozitoespozito Posts: 1
    I currently have a 1997 Buick Century Custom, which I love and hate all at the same time. I love the ride and the interior, but the car definetely has it's little quirks!!! I originally had problems with my ABS and Emergency brake lights comming on and staying on, but if I turned the car off and then turned it back on they went off. I had the battery replaced and I didn't have the problem any more and thought I lucked out, but I was very wrong. Months later I turned the car on and the interior dash lights went out and stayed out. A little while after that happened The rear windows and the passenger side window switches stopped working so only the driver's side window is the only one that controls them (And yes I checked the window lock button!) However when I hold the rear passenger side window button up on the Driver's side door the Dash lights come on and when I release the button the dash light go back out. Does anybody have any ideas what could be causing this?? I'm hoping to get away with a new driver's side door panel and not have to replace the whole electrical system.. Please help????
  • bobob5511bobob5511 Posts: 1
    i ahve a probelm with my power window system. all four power windows quit workong one day. i am sure all four did not burn up simultaniosly. i have replaced the drivers door switch cluster but that did not dure the problem. i am wondering where the power window realy isd located and how hard that would be to replace.
  • sladyslady Posts: 1
    my light came on and iwas told that dust gets in there and what i did was blow into n it stars right up with the light goimg out. i hope that helps.
  • redbird48redbird48 Posts: 17
  • I had the same problem on a lasabre /the dealer could not find the problem .I finally found that the rubber strut mount was broken.Sounded like a machine gun on a road that had pot holes and the shocks were fully extended.This was on rear struts but sounds like same problem
  • The locks activate but do not have enough power to lock or unlock on both rear doors. took door panel off but cannot tell how to remove electro magnets have any ideas?
  • chollaychollay Posts: 1
    My dad has a 2000 Buick Century and he has an sporadic problem for the past year or so. Sometimes when he is driving, the car starts whining and shifting into other gears. If he pulls over and rests the car it is fine. This can happen twice a day and then not again for months. It happens in all different driving conditions. The transmission shop wants to charge him 800 to overhaul it but that is alot for a senior. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks
  • beaglerbeagler Posts: 1
    Did you have any luck with the glovebox on your 99 Buick Century? We have to replace ours too. Thought I could benefit from your experience. Thanks for any feedback.
  • brexbrex Posts: 1
    what size star socket does it take to take the front calipers off to replace the brake pads on a 96 buick century?
  • jfreeburgjfreeburg Posts: 1
    After plugging in the fan motor that I just replaced, I tried starting my car to see if the fan would come on (it had been overheating significantly recently and a mechanic told me the fan motor wasn't working). However, the car wouldn't start. It didn't turn over, didn't make a sound. I can turn the key but nothing happens. I've been having electrical problems with the car recently (fuses blowing, etc) and now this. Any thoughts? I'm guessing I need to check the battery, but with tomorrow being the fourth of july, it's going to be hard to do this. Thanks for any suggestions.
  • crash313crash313 Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Buick Century that has a A/C problem. This is what happens when I turn the A/C on:

    1. The compressor kicks on, however, only hot air comes out. Almost like it's pulling air from the outside (like it was on Vent).
    2. I put the A/C on MAX but still only hot air.

    I have done some troubleshooting and this is what I've done:

    1. Made sure the compress is working and it is.
    2. Tried to see if it was low on freon - it wasn't.
    3. Check the fuses, they were fine.

    What else should I look for? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Marietta, GA
  • redbird48redbird48 Posts: 17
    Did you check to see if you have both of the temp selector knobs pulled down to the blue area for cold and not in the red area for hot? Just the opposite happened to me last winter when i had the selector in the blue one cold morning and liked to froze to death. Made me feel kinda silly later.
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