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Ford F-250 Owners



  • kvirtkvirt Posts: 1
    F250- the worst vehicle I have ever owned.

    Mechanical issues:

    1. Lockouts changed at 70K

    2. Motor to shift to 4w changed at 75k

    3. Blown spark plug out of cyl. head at 85K

    4. Constant issues w/electrical

        a. Fuel gauge shows empty when full sometimes

        b. Passenger door powerlock doesn't always work

        c. Overhead console display shows empty tank when full;

        d. Shows 200+ miles left when tank low

    Overall, I've spent more money on this truck than all the Toyotas I've had combined. That includes 1 that went 225k, 1 215k, 1 98k (current), 1 150k
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    I've never owned an F-Series or Toyota truck... were you doing the same work with the Ford as you were with the Toyotas?


    PF Flyer


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  • ford58ford58 Posts: 1
    In July 2004 we purchased a new F250 with the 6.0 powerstoke diesel. I vehicle begin to have problems 2 weeks after we purchased the truck. It has been in the repair shop 7 times. The dealer says they cannot duplicate the concern.


    We called Ford manufacture also. They are not going to do any thing. We are checking other options to see what we can do about this situation.


    Does your truck have over 24,000 miles on it?


    Your not alone...
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    Maybe someone here with F-250 knowledge can help me out. My friend recently bought a used F-250 from a local used car dealer.I think it's a 1997. The wierd thing is, it has the rounded body style like the F-150. I've yet to see another one that looks that way. I even looked at all the F-250's on E-bay and they all have the more squared off shape. Did someone switch the tags on this thing or did Ford actually make some this way?
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Yep, what your friend has is the F-250 LD(Light Duty). I don't remember the years, I'm thinking '97 and '98, Ford built these. Basically they are a "heavy 1/2 ton" like what GM built years ago. Back a couple of years ago you could still get the same truck, only it was badged as an "F-150 7,200". The "7200" referred to its towing capacity.


    The F-250's that you're seeing on Ebay are the larger F-250's that shared the bodystyle with the F-350's and the '92 thru '96(or was it '95?) F-150's. The 250's and 350's changed their bodystyles with an early '99 model, which was really in '98.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    Thanks for the reply. I think I was making him nervous; we've both been trying unsuccessfully to spot another one. Anyway, he's happy with the truck, it has a nicer ride than any other 3/4 ton I've ridden in.
  • I have 04 250 6.0l diesel with the heavy springs and I tow a 26' 5th wheel and a boat and I also drive it in town alot to get to work. I would get the heaver springs and stabilizer bar because ounce you buy a truck over a half ton its going to drive like a lumber wagon anyway. I have had my truck 8 months and I love it and it drives great . I had a 03 250 5.4 gas and it drove just about the same as my diesel.
  • r. wr. w Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 05 250sd with the diesel. Picked up at dealer 01/08 drove home about 20 miles. Took off this morning after about 15 minutes I started losing power going about 65.

    I coasted off the road and when I came to a stop with my foot on the brake the engine died. I waited a minute and started it up and took off again about 3 miles later the same thing happened. Took off again stopped at a couple of stores with my brother following me. We switched trucks and he said he lost power but it did not cut off. Also I started feeling dizzy and sick after driving and noticed a fume smell coming in through the dash vents with the climate control on. Will take back to the dealer tomorrow. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I know they had a lot of problems and claims with the engine but thought they were all resolved now.
  • kyboykyboy Posts: 4
  • yhcyhc Posts: 6
    Good evening. I have '04 F-250 w/ diesel engine. I have noted that while I warm up the engine, the RPM would start out at around 600 but about a minute into it, it would rev up to 1,000 RPM and stays up there even after 10 minutes. RPM only climbs down when I tap on the gas pedal. I recently was at a dealership for service for the problem as well as for engine dying on me once while driving @15 mph. The service department replaced some sort of fuel valve stating that it was "sticking" and "should resolve the problem". However the RPM persists to increase during idling(thankfully the engine has not died on me again) and when I did go back to the dealer recently for the second time, I was then told that "Oh, it is suppose to do that". This is my first diesel engine vehicle so I am not too familiar with what the "normal" behavior of a diesel engine is. Has anyone experienced such problem? Thank you in advance for your time and opinion.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Your increased idle speed while the engine is cold and/or during cold weather is normal. Diesel engines can "wet stack". This is a condition where the combustion chamber temps. aren't high enough to completely burn all the fuel. Over time you start to get a build-up in the cylinder and it can cause problems. The computer automatically puts the engine into a higher idle to increase the cylinder temps. to help prevent this problem. As a nice bonus, it helps your heater to work sooner. As you found out, tapping the accelerator pedal will bring the idle back down. Tapping the brake or clutch pedal will do the same, as well as releasing the parking brake.
  • jf067jf067 Posts: 17
    My 04 SD diesel had a 2-300 fluctuation in RPM also. It seems to have cleared up somehow, but it happened often with less than 6k miles on the truck, and usually while I was idling at a light or stop sign. I too had it at the dealer 3 times. They found nothing of course, but a friend bought an 04 350 with the same powertrain. While he was up in VT his started doing the same thing, then it started losing power.

    A dealer up there found a bad EGR valve he said. Since replacement it has been fine. Mine does it so infrequently now that it doesn't even bother me, I never noticed any dramatic power loss on the road though.
  • jf067jf067 Posts: 17
    My engine doesn't seem to have all the power people rave about until after the turbo winds up. Before that it feels like I'm accelerating with a v-6 ? Once up to highway speed (@2000 RPM) it feels fine and will hold it's speed with ease.

    I've heard people describe these engines as rubber burning power-houses? (I must have got the sister engine).

    Anyone using a chip? I'm trying to find something to give it a little more grunt on take-off.
  • r. wr. w Posts: 2
    Two injectors were bad new from the factory, truck has been in shop for a week waiting for parts. I hope that clears up the fumes coming into the cab problem.
  • yhcyhc Posts: 6
    Thank you for your replies, mullins87 & jf067. The valve that was replaced in my truck was indeed EGR valve as well. Have a great weekend.
  • What year truck do you have? Is this the 7.3 or 6.0 engine. My 7.3 lacks the power it should have, and I also am considering chipping it. I've been through a ton of diagnostics (both from Ford and a private shop). No good answers yet, but I can tell you the list of things they look at.

    I can state from experience that Ford is not very responsive on power problems. They refer to them as 'driveability' issues. They fight tooth and nail to keep from paying for engine repairs - at least that is my experience. Partly as a result of this deal, I got a new Dodge Cummins 2 months ago. Good luck.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    A diesel relies heavily on the boost created by the turbo for much of its "kick in the pants" power. At lower engine speeds the turbo just can't get up to speed to produce enough boost. Mine also starts to really get it over 2k rpms. You can put it an aftermarket intake and exhaust system to help flow more air. That can help the turbo come up to speed at lower rpms. When I want to surprise a rice burner at a stop light, I just make sure that I don't shift until about 2,600 rpms.
  • jf067jf067 Posts: 17
    Thanks Jim and Coloradod,


    Coloradod, Mine is an 04 w/6.0L automatic. Jim, I see what you are saying about the RPMs. It does come to life at that point; I was just investigating something less expensive than the intake/exhaust solutions you mentioned. What I wondered is whether or not a chip could get the turbo up any sooner? I thought I saw something about how the pitch of the turbo vanes was adjusted by the computer? Or are we solely depending upon the exhaust flow here?
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Adjustable compressor vanes?? That sounds NEAT!!! Mine is a 7.3 and they aren't adjustable, your's may be. A chip will help its performance a great deal. I have a 75hp/150ftlbs chip from Western Diesel on mine and I LOVE IT. Made all the difference in the world to mine.
  • jf067jf067 Posts: 17
    Thanks Jim, I'm going to look into that. Here's a little about the variable vanes which I believe started on the 03 6.0 -

    The electronic variable response turbocharger (EVRT) on the Power Stroke uses a set of pivoting vanes that surround the turbine to optimize and control an almost infinitely adjustable airflow to the turbo compressor. When traveling at high speeds, climbing steep grades or at altitude the vanes close together to route more airflow through the turbine. At low speeds the vanes open to provide better engine response.

    There is a great cross-section photo of it at if you're interested.
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