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Ford F-250 Owners



  • I'm in the process of buying a '01 F-250 PSD Crew Cab with manual transmission. This will be my first pickup and first diesel. It's replacing an '03 Durango that can't keep up with my towing needs (towing a jeep on a trailer into the mountains).
    What do I need to know about diesels? Are there any resources that you folks can recommend? Books? Web sites? Also looking for an Owner's Manual, the truck I'm buying doesn't have one. Thanks for your help!
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493

    Here's a link to Helms. They are source for both owners manuals and factory shop manual: ry=2&Keyword=&Module=&mscsid=KHTMHL5NCTSE8JNREAV6WN90GAUHEPA1

    You can E-mail at for additional info.

  • kevrookevroo Posts: 2
    I've got a 02 SD 7.3L. crewcab Does anyone know if there is a cab air filter in this truck. Parts store said I do and Ford said that I didn't. Thanks
  • kevrookevroo Posts: 2
    Also on this 02 ford 7.3 crew cab 4*4 transmission there is 83,000 miles on it and never flushed transmission but have changed filter and fluid. Is changing the filter and fluid the same as flushing or should I get it flushed?
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    Please don't put your email addresses in your messages. The forums are all searchable on Google and other search engines, which means spam bots can find your addresses as well. Your profile is NOT searchable, so that is the safest place for your email address - adjust it for "public" view if necessary.

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  • i have a 04 super duty 4 door 4x4 and the best mileage i can get is 15.5 anything i can do to make it better? oh it has 3.73 limited slip rear end.
  • pickupwbbpickupwbb Posts: 10
    I have an 05 F250 Crew Cab long bed 6.0 PS Diesel and I am averaging about 15.5 to 18 on the highway. I have heard that you can chip these things out to get much better mileage. Does anyone have any experience with better economy with a chip. I do limited towing so the added HP is not the main driver but my commute is about 80 miles RT each day and thae added economy would be helpfull given the $ of fuel these days.

  • tutstuts Posts: 1
    I my search for new diesel truck, I came across an article about cavitation in diesel engines caused by use of "non diesel" coolants. Special coolants must be used to prevent the problem, or use of special additive.

    Can't remember the site - do a Google on diesel cavitation and you should find something.

    I've been told, that time between oil changes may actually be longer than gas engines because diesel generally run at lower RPMs. But I think this would be influenced by other factors - re: how hard you drive, towing, etc.
  • scottw1scottw1 Posts: 1
    I am ordering an '05 F-250 King Ranch (Copper). The exterior is mostly tan (trim, etc.). Does anyone know where I can order a matching tan bed cover? I think the black cover will be too much contrast. I looked at Extang, but their tan isn't the same color. Is there an exact match somewhere? Thanks
  • yrbenderyrbender Posts: 25
    Just bought a new 2005 F250 Lariat crew short bed. Gets more looks than any other car I have owned. Many improvements over my '03 which had PSD - primarily with handling. Normally get gas at a local mini-store with very few diesel customers (like the owner) had trouble with bad smell of diesel - any truth to the fact that its better to get it at a truck stop or more frequent diesel use location? Only one dislike lack of interior storage under rear seat or anywhere else ( I have 4 kids)
  • I was riding down the rd. the other day and my truck died and would not restart. Had about 4k mi. on the oil change. Plenty of fuel. No prob. before....ever. Towed to dealer. They said that oil pressure (not sure high or low) was a prob. They have corrected oil pressure prob. (bad sensor, I think) but still have a "No Start" code. Still going thru diagnostics on the fifth day. Any ideas?
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    Definitely get fuel from a high-turnover station. Diesel sitting in the storage tank can not only gain water from condensation, but algae will contaminate it over time as well. After a couple of questionable tanks of fuel, I stick with the same three stations, and have done so for the last 7-8 years for my 96 Dodge Ram Cummins and now my 05 Ram Cummins. Truckers can't take a chance of buying 250 gallons of bad fuel; that's big money in downtime if some bad diesel puts them on the shoulder of the highway.

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  • usmc03usmc03 Posts: 8
    Sorry this isn't a mechanical related question. I ordered a 2005 F-250 PSD before I went back to Iraq. The color I saw was Dark Stone and it looked like a dark gray which I liked alot. I saw it on an overcast day. When I returned from Iraq and picked up my truck it looked brown on the first sunny day we had. Anyone else know if it is supposed to look like that? It seems to change color depending on how cloudy the day is. Everything about this truck I absolutely love, but I just can't get over the fact that it looks like I bought a brown truck. Anyone have any opinions about this color Dark Stone? I just can't figure it out. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn't. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time on this question, but I'd appreciate any help.
  • Does anyone out there own an F-250 with a 5.4Liter engine. If so do you or have you checked your fuel mileage? Is this engine strong enough in this truck for a daily driver.I would only tow about 3500 lbs once in a while.Want a large truck for the comfort.Don't like the smell of diesel.
  • tkennedytkennedy Posts: 1
    I was told by a guy close to the testing facilities that the new 06 will be twin turboed, dont know if true..also rumored that ford has aquired cummins contract?..dont know it that is true either.................

    Can anyone tell me what this item is on ebay or how to build it for my turbo? I would like a little more out of my turbo without buying a chip. Item number 7965447191. My 2000 has 243000+ with very little problems.

    Also has anyone got an idea on how to bypass the egr on the 2004 6.0? My fathers truck has been in the shop every 7500 miles and all they do is fix the result of the problem not the cause. thanks :mad: :cry: :sick:
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I don't have one, but some fellows I know do. It should have enough power to do what you want to do with it. In fact, one guy I know has an F-350 w/the 5.4 that he uses to pull a 10k lb trailer. It seems to do it just fine. As for mileage, expect 12 - 14 mpg.
  • yrbenderyrbender Posts: 25
    Thanks for the information. I knew something wasn't right. Truck stop it is!
  • rkj123rkj123 Posts: 1
    I'm looking for opinions. I'm thinking of buying an 02 F250 Crew Cab, long bed, w/gasoline engine and 77k on it. It appears to have been well maintained. I need it as an extra vehicle to be used for hauling a 2 horse trailer for recreational use only. I figure about 12k a year for my purposes. It's kind of weird looking in that it has flames on the grille and on the windows, strange special light effects and black lit pedals. But the price is right. I don't really care how it looks and neither will the horses. My concern is for reliability and safety. I'll have kids and horses with me and I don't want problems.
    Would appreciate any input.
  • Thanks for the info on the 5.4. How about the fuel mileage on the you know anything?
  • A brown truck isn't a bad thing. It'll probably hide the dirt well. I'm not familiar with that color but a guy at work was describing it to me & he liked it enough to order a truck of a simular color. He called it dark orange.It seems to change color in different light. Ford has done this before with Mystique(sp) on one of the Mustang years. It turned green,orange, purple,blue (& maybe even some other colors) depending on the light & angle you were looking at it. They also did it with Wedge wood Blue in 2000. It would lool greenish or purple in certain light.........along with Blue.
    So, now that you've had the truck a few days how does it look? Do you like it & what color did you determine it is?
    Semper Fi
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