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Ford F-250 Owners



  • YES ! I am going through that now. Been to the dealer many times and had several sensors replaced because nothing registered as being wrong on their computer. Mine quits while driving 30 or 70 mph or when it sits and idles. And then began to not start until cooled off then not at all. Crank shaft position sensor and glow plug sensor replaced and still does it. Beginning to think is a fuel pump being erratic. Would like to know what your problem turns out to be. They can't find mine yet.

    Jennifer :( :confuse: :sick:
  • I have a friend who's PSD 6.0 just started doing that. Sounds like he's in for a bad time. Please let me know if you learn anymore. :surprise:
  • Well lastest news is had the rear fuel pump replaced - thought all was going to be ok. But, got up to 75 on the hwy. and it started losing power and stalled on me again. Let it cool off a few minutes and it started back up again. Didn't go over 55 the rest of the trip and all was ok. Strange.
  • Hello,
    I have this 2002 F250 7.3L Power Stroke and can't seem to get anyone to tackle changing out the glow plugs for me.
    Anyone know how to get to them, if so, I'll have to try and do it myself.
    Can't even find a decent manual.

    I have a "hard start" when cold, going dead until engine is good and warm. Everyone seems to think one or more of the glow plugs are bad and sending a false message to the controls and turning off the glow plugs too early.

    How do I attack this thing myself.

  • my friend had the same problem with his cumimins.i,m not sure if our pwerstrokes are set up the same but .he had everything replaced and finally it ended up being his fuel transfer pump.the problem was gone as soon as they changed it you moght want to ask the dealer if they have thought about that yet. hope it helps good luck
  • i have a 2001 f-250 superduty.when i first start it up and it has been sitting overnight i sometimes have a problem with my steering sticking .i have to let the truck roll a little before i can steer freely and sometimes it still seems stiff.if anyone has any suggestions i would appreciate the help.
  • try replacing thje fuel filter
  • Jennifer,
    started having the same problem on a 2002 f250 just this week. Any luck with finding a solution??? replaced the fuel filter no change???
    If you did please let me know thanks

  • Same problem! Picked up a new 2006 and reading the manual it talks about a horizontal fuel separator by the transmission along the frame that you have to drain if you get a "Water" message on the dash. I've looked and see nothing yet except lines! Did anybody ever get back to you?
  • The very same thing happened to my '99 F-250 SD PS 4X4. at about 80,000 miles (It now has 110,000) miles. An electrial harness rubber boot had deteriorated. This allowed engine oil to saturate the electrical connector, thus causing a short. I dont remember exactly what wire harness was replaced, but I think it was a harness that goes into the engine somewhere. I hope this helps you.
  • I just bought the truck used from Battlefield Ford about a month ago. It is an automatic w/ the V10. In the mornings, it will sometimes stall while warming up. Also, while driving, it will lose power, truck will still be on, but when I give it gas, it just won't go, then it will stall. Also, sometimes when I come to a stop, i.e. traffic light, it will cut out, and it seems like it doesn't want to start back up. The dealer, who, gave me the run around about fixing it since I just bought it, said it threw a loss of power code and numerous tranny codes. Any ideas from anyone would be great. Just to give me an idea of what I am up against here! :sick:
  • See following article & comments at Autoblog: oblems/2#comments

    I own a 2001 4dr 7.3L, (as well as a '92 Metro convertible), so I'm not having injector problems. Squirrels camping out in the engine compartment & using the wiring harness for jaw exercise, on the other hand....!


  • Just bought a 2006 XLT Supercab. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an after market seat for the rear seat. The OEM seat only has shoulder belts for the two outside seating positions. I'd prefer to have shoulder belts for all three seating positions.

    I believe the new F-150 super cabs have a shoulder belt for all three rear seating positions.

    As an alternative, does anyone know of an after market shoulder belt for th middle position?
  • I have an 03 Super Duty and have the same problem, Have you heard any suggestions?

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Adding, modifying, or changing seat belt configurations is a very touchy proposition. Because these are safety items that are government regulated, vehicle manufacturers will wash their hands of any injuries sustained by the use of a non-factory belt, and it will be tough to find an aftermarket shop who will do it for the same liability reasons.

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  • tjmodztjmodz Posts: 1
    I have had a similar problem w/ my '05 F250 V10/auto/4x4 w/ manual shifter on floor since I had the "plow truck" trans. recall done in 6/05 @ 3000 miles.
    I get a "rattle" noise coming from the transfer case area that starts around 45mph and varies w/ speed, but if you hold the shifter the noise continues.
    I drove w/ mech. in Sept. who said he thought it was a wind noise, but would put it on a lift. 20 min. later he asked if I could leave it, they replaced clutch packs.
    At first the noise was very intermittent, but became more consistent by Dec. I left the truck for 2 wks. and never heard from the dealer, when I called they said they couldn't hear a noise. When I picked it up, the second I got over 45 the noise was there. I turned around and took the same mech. w/ me who was still trying to tell me it was wind noise.
    I hope I can either convince Ford to replace the driveshaft as was done in your case, give me a new trans. or get a new truck under the lemon law. After all the truck has 4600 miles on it.
  • nev1nev1 Posts: 1
    Hey Jennifer, not sure if you've figured out your Ford problem, but I have a 2000 F-250 7.3 Diesel and recently experienced the same problem. I have replaced the "cam shaft position sensor" not the "crank shaft position sensor" (not even sure if there is two separate sensors for the cam and crank)anyway truck seems to be working so far. Here is a link for the repair; quite simple to change.
    Nev Position_Sensor_on_a_73_Power_Stroke_Diesel.html
  • knapp1knapp1 Posts: 2
  • Just curious, I heard that the glow plugs are more like glow screens that go in between the intake and the heads. so the intake maniold and everything on top of it has to be removed. Do you know if this is true?
  • tillertiller Posts: 1
    You may have this porblem corrected by now but I just joine dthe site so this is the first time I've seen your post. I had the same problem with my 2000 7.3 and found the problem was the cam postion sensor. This was a common problem with the 2000 and 2001 models but a friend has a 2002 model wich had the same problem. A good indication that the problem is the cam postion sensor is if the truck starts again after it cools down for 5-10 minutes. :confuse:
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