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Ford F-250 Owners



  • I have a 2000 F250 and only get about 8 mpg :cry: . Am looking into replacing catalytic converter or muffler. Any idea if this will help?
  • herk37herk37 Posts: 2
    Hello, I am planning to buy a 03-05 F-250PSD crew cab to pull a 32 ft / 7000 lbs travel trailer. I know that the F-250 is more than capable to do what I need it to do. While searching for a good used F-250, I ran across a 2004 F-350PSD. It is a nice truck, for a descent price.

    Are there any disadvantages in buying the F-350? Do they use more fuel? Rougher ride? I don’t really need the extra capability of the F-350, so if there are disadvantages, I’ll probably pass on this one and keep looking for an F-250.

    I’ve never owned a Super Duty diesel truck before, so any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • paintmanpaintman Posts: 23
    today my 2000 f250 while driving down the highway all of a sudden it was just like driving on rumble strips , I slowed down almost to a stop and drove again and it was fine for a while then it happened 2 more times on a 50 mile trip I inspected underneath and cant see anything it also was doing it when i put the truck in neutral so i dont think it was tranny, this also happened about a year ago and went away until today ?
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    For '03 & '04, the F250 had a smaller payload capacity than the F350, by about 1200 lbs or so. Both vehicle could still tow the same load, but you could put more weight on the hitch of the F350 and carry more junk in the cab or bed without worry about being legally overloaded.

    Starting in '05 suspensions on Superduties were upgraded and the F250 didn't have the payload shortcoming anymore.

    Be sorta wary of the '03 PSD. That was the first year that the 6.0L Diesel came out. There were a lot of birthing pains with it, and there were a fair number of them that just ran crummy. Ford bought some of them back as Lemons :lemon: and tried to make them right. They eventually resold them in auctions, etc., so those trucks are out there. I know some states require the trucks titles to show that they were declared "lemons" but not everywhere. So if you're looking at an '03, give a lot of test driving. :confuse:
  • GOD I LOVE FORD TRUCKS! Hey I want to put bigger tires on my '03 F250, does anyone know if 305-70-16 will work without lifting the truck? Some tire stores tell me I have to put a lift kit on it.
  • Well said, very good info. Listen to wpalkowski.
  • Go to any reputable tire store on line and type in your truck info. Once the site has your truck info, it will tell you which sizes your truck can safely drive with. I would only purchase tires that can handle the loads and trailering needs for the tires if I were you. Unless you do not trailer or have heavy payloads. An E rating for your load should be what you should have for that type of pick up. Tire stores will sell you anything, so becareful.

  • cartwdgcartwdg Posts: 3
    I have an 02 F-250 4X4 with 305-70-R16 BFG All Terrain KO. I love them. I did have a set of all terrain Mastercrafts which had a good tread wear, but were bouncier than the BFG's. However if your ride is not 4X4 I don't think they will fit.
  • cartwdgcartwdg Posts: 3
    I have an '02 F-250 Superduty 5.4L V-8 4X4 with 86000mi. I want to boost the performance, but most forums only talk about the desil performance upgrades. The truck runs great, but "more power is more better". I have only added a K&N Filter and revised my exhaust to be semi-dual (cat-back). I would like to make it true dual with headers, but I am not sure if this is even possible with how the cats and sensors are set-up. Any ideas?
  • Yes it is a 4x4, guess I forgot to mention that. I want to get a set of Mickey Thompson MTX Baja Radials (305-70-16) and put them on 16X8 wheels. Some people say the front tires will rub the bumper. But I have a hard time believing that, I could see it if you hit a bad bump real hard while turning. Guess I won't really know until I try it.
  • I did have the Mastercraft Tires rub a little but since the BFG's I had no rub. They are supposedly the same size, but I think the BFG are a little taller and narrower than the Mastercrafts. I don't see any issue with going to the MT's. However, you may still want to ask the sales rep when you get the tires.
  • Thanks a lot for your advice. I did not know about the payload issue or about the problems with the '03 models.

    I will definitely take what you've said into consideration when I choose my truck.

    Thanks again.
  • Glad to help. Payload issue isn't real big on the older Superduties. But a '350 isn't all that much more expensive than the '250, and gives a big boost in "legal" load capacity. The 250 will still carry the load without complaint, but there's always a chance of liabilty if you ever had an accident and they found that you were overloaded compared to what's printed on the door sticker.

    Most of the '03 6.0 PSDs have had the kinks worked out under warranty. But I'd still be wary. Even though the truck's used, it's still a lotta money to pay out and end up with something that runs weird. Later models by and large are less risky.
  • kesskess Posts: 1
    May be the cam sensor.
  • I also have an '05 6.0 Crew Cab. 4X2 shortbed, auto. Last
    week I drove 240 miles at 71 mph w/cruse. I got 20.4 mpg.
    The trip back with traffic and some 75 mph I got 19.1 mpg.
    I drive in bumper to bumper on half of my trip to work and
    that is around 14-15 mpg..this week I'm going back to Az. at
    69 mph w/cruse and we will see.. usually anything over 70
    will cut the mileage back. Mine runs great at 71 mph. Try
    that.. :shades:
  • rscott6rscott6 Posts: 20
    Back from Az. and couldn't keep it at 69, didn't want to get
    run over. Had to keep it at 71, in the power band w/cruise
    and that's the best I got on the MPG....20.4. Probably
    could do better at 69, I didn't want to be on the road that
    much longer. 4 hrs. was enough going 245 miles...Diesel in Parker, Az. was only $2.39 vs. the $2.79 in San Dimas.
  • Hi,

    I just bought a F-250 crew cab and need to modify 2 things:

    1- Is there a way I could replace the headlights to
    give it a different look ?

    2- Can I purchase the computer used to modify the
    truck's parameters as I need to reprogram the tire
    size from 20 inches to 17 for the winter season.

  • Hey, I just joined this forum and read your messages. I have an 06 F250 4x4 powerstroke. I too like to keep track of my mpg's. Right now it is stock, which modifications do you have on your truck. I understand 4x4's lose some on the mpg's.
  • rscott6rscott6 Posts: 20
    Everything on my truck is stock. The only thing I've done is put a 3X5 opening in front of my air intake that connects
    to the air filter. I understand that the plate there keeps the noise down, but with the opening for more air there isn't that much more noise. Also mine is plastic and I think yours is metal. That might leave a mark.
  • I have a 2006 F-250 crew cab 6.0 powerstroke. When I am climbing a steep grade pulling a trailer (6500#'s), I hear a whining noise, that I believe is the engines cooling fan when it is engaged. The problem I have, is that it goes in and out like the clutch is not staying locked. The whining I hear, sounds like the fan is locking up and then locking out. Almost like a siren would sound like with varing rpm's, Any ideas? The outside temp's are around 85 degrees.
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