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Ford F-250 Owners



  • I am looking a buying a 94 f250. It is my understanding that the engine is a 5.8 litre 351. But the pics I have of the truck have the factory dual exhaust behind the right rear wheel. I thought only the 460 had the dual exhaust from the factory like this. Am I right or not. Thanks.
  • Stan

    Bingo!! Dealer checked it and they had released the truck to us without checking the tire pressure in all the tires.
    We found a local shop that will be installing the tow hitch and equalizer for a trailer.
    It is dubbed "The Hog" now...for the Arkansas Razorbacks!

    Thanks for your response.

  • dferndfern Posts: 1
    Hi All!

    Hopefully someone can help me regarding towing capacity. I am considering purchasing a used F250, and looking at the 1990 model year as a target. I intend to use it to tow a 21-foot boat (total weight of boat + trailer about 6000 pounds). I have been searching the web for some info regarding the towing capacity of the F250 as a function of model year, engine size, etc. Can someone give me the 50 cent tour of F250 towing capacity and if 1990 is a good year to purchase?

    Thank you!

  • Welll --

    I'm not sure I approve of the name - my wife & I are both Badgers (UW), and both my kids are Longhorns.

    Oh well.

    Drive it lots of miles in good health. Maybe we'll end up in the same campground somewhere down the road.

    You're welcome -

  • I'd look at the towing capacity for the currently sold F250's with the closest engine size to the one you're considering buying.

    If you're looking at a gas engine, 1990 engines were fuel injected just like today's are, so torque & horsepower should be fairly close, based on engine displacement. If you're looking at a Diesel, for sure you'll have enough power.

    Certainly a 3/4 ton truck (the F250) should be capable of hauling a 6000 Lb trailer, depending on engine size.

    It would probably be a good idea to have trailer brakes, though.

    Good luck!

  • Very good advice Stan. Either way you should have enough power to tow a trailer that is 6000lbs. The diesel is better suited, but the gas will be fine. Stan hit it on the head with trailer brakes. I prefer the Prodigy. Very reliable and easy to install. Good luck.

  • I just purchased a Ford F250 Super Duty and would like to do some mods to it. I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to working on cars and trucks so any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!
  • You don't say what engine you have. If you plan engine mods and it is a 6-liter diesel, be careful. This engine is known to blow head gaskets and adding a power chip might push it over the edge. Some after-market air filters can also cause problems. I have a 2004 F250 with the 6-liter. I added a Banks 4" cat-back exhaust with a straight through muffler and dropped the exhaust temps 200 degrees but I am reluctant to do anything else.
  • hey keroburner i have a 03 6.0 4x4 supercab i feel the same about not chiping it because i dont want too mess up this complicated motor plus its all the power i need already but i only get between 13 and 15 mpg .did the exhaust change help yours if so what was it and what is it now?
  • I am in the last stages of buying a '03 v10 super duty crew cab. The offer is too good to pass up, but that is why I am concerned. I know and trust the dealer, and dont think he would stear me wrong. My concern is that I have owned some lemons :lemon: (mostly chevy's, by insistance of my husband). I now have the chance to change his chevy lovin mind, but dont want another problem vehicle. I have researched the rig, but get a lot of mixed reviews. I dont care about MPG or really even towing compasity for what I tow maybe 10 times a year. I want to know that the engine is reliable (this ones got 62,000 on it) and that the tranny holds up (had to replace the suburban's once, and I thinks its about to go again) Any good advise out there? :confuse:
  • Love mine ...... I have a 2000 f250 sd 7.3 ex cab 4x4 i live in oklahoma and we just got all this ice and i have pulled approximatly 30 cars and suvs out of the ditch all the will having no trouble at oll getting around my self with the weight of the truck and the way it handels i woulldnt have any other truck
  • I would becareful with your mods. For one, you may void any warranties ford may have and the other, you may screw up your rig. Many of the chips increase turbo boost pressures which have been known to cause head gasket problems and turbo hoses blow off. I would leave the rig alone until I spoke with the dealer and found out what modifications they will honor if something goes wrong. Good luck

  • I have an '01 that's got 47K. No problems up to this point. I put a transmission temp gauge in it, and never let fluid get too hot (>200 degrees F) when towing.

    Only a couple issues with Ford Modular engines. First is the thickness of the aluminum cylinder head. Spark plugs are only held on with 4-5 threads. There have been a low percentage of vehicles where the plug gets blown outta the block. Dealers repair it by replacing the top of the engine $$$. You can also fix it with heli-coil. Personally I think this problem may be the result of limited/poor maintenance. Plug may have loosened up, but no one ever checked it, it eventually loosens to the point where it get blown out of the block - damaging the head. Wouldn't hurt to pull the spark plugs every year or so, check them, put some anti-seize on the threads and then torque them to proper spec. It's just a pain (knuckle buster) to get to a couple of the plugs at the back of th engine.

    Other somewhat common problem with V10 is Idle Air Control Valve (IAC). They tend to go after 3-4 years. Symptom - truck stalls at traffic light or when idling. Only way to keep it going is to keep your foot on the gas. Eventually, it gets to point where you can't keep the truck running. It's like about a $150-$200 repair.

    Ball joints are also a little less robust than they could be on a "super duty" truck. Ford cheaped out a bit, and didn't put on ball joints with grease fittings. So the original ones tend to wear out a little faster than I'd like.

    Aside from that, a Ford Super Duty with a V10 is great truck. Absolutely no regrets, and I will be keeping mine until it literally falls apart. Plenty of power to carry a load or pull a trailer. The V10 make my truck a blast to drive when it's empty. I surprise a lot of folks with how fast my Crew Cab, Long Bed 4x4 can take off from a light. I just don't do it that often when gas goes above $3/gallon.
  • ninhamninham Posts: 1
    I just brought home a 2001 F250. I read the owners manual on how to engage the 4 X 4. I've tried turning the locking hubs dial on the front axle, but it will not budge just using my hands. Should I use a pair of pliers, is there a key for this that I need to get or am I overlooking something else? Appreciate assistance in advance.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    This engine is way to complicated. You will blow out your head gasket, your injector pump, your turbo, or any number of pieces.

    Ford does not cover under warranty any damage caused by a modification.

  • thanks for your reply pf_fler,
    I did by the truck drove it for the first distance trip (about 75 miles round trip) I love how it handles on the interstate, little harder keeping it between the lines in the city. I live in Montana and we usually get quite a bit of snow-this year has been different. Im glad to hear they handle well on the ice. My SUV seemed to slide around a good amount of the time. What IS the average MPG?
  • Thank you for all the great advise. I will definately keep the spark plug thing in mind. I will check them soon and regularly-sounds like an expensive fix if I dont.
    Is the IAC something easy to replace on ones own, or does it need to be done by the manufacturer- we dont really care for our ford dealer/technician.
    I found out how easily this thing can take off from a stop light. I previously owned a suburban that needed a good romp on the gas to get through some of the quick lights around here, I was unfortunately used to this and did the same with the truck this morning (this was the first time I REALY drove it) and spun the tires, throwing gravel up on the car behind me. :blush:
  • You can change out the IAC on your own. Hope you have some sort of work stand or ladder - it's hard to get to while standing on the ground (at least with my 4x4).
    Recommend buying the Helm shop manual: ry&yr=2003&md=F%2D250+Pickup&dt=Shop%2FService+Information&module=&from=result&S- tyle=&Sku=FCS1210703&itemtype=N&mscsid=SDDBHQW5PDDW8PU2JN7VP6GW1TB6EA67

    They're expensive but well worth it.
  • I have struggled to love this truck for several years, I have invested thousands of $$ to keep it on the road -
    $1400 for ac, $1700 for a rebuilt tranny, $2200 for a reconditioned engine and the exhaust is a yearly thing.The 2 small pipes going to the cat.convertor last less than a year-any suggestions on that ??

    Now both gas tanks are leaking- I got a quote of over $200.oo for each tank, plus labor and straps, ect- Also the oil pressure just dropped to the lowest bar of "Normal" and sits there. I changed the oil and filter today and nothing changed- next is the pressure sensor, after that ???

    OK- where can I buy gas tanks for this beast?
    what are the sizes or part numbers?

    1993 4x4 ac, pS, 5.8L automatic, 122,995 miles rear tank and saddle tank
    I get 8 MPG and that does not change if I have it in 4 wheel drive snow plowing, or driving down the summer highway, or with my 3/4 ton camper on it- the rear end seems geared real low...

    any answers and / or suggestions would help?

    :cry: :sick:
  • i have a 03 6.0 4x4 super duty supercab runs good but the mpg is 12 to 15 and you need a football field to turn it around other that that its a good truck
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