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Ford F-250 Owners



  • Thats about 2 mpg off of mine but you did get the 4x4, which sounds reasonable. Congrats to you and hope it is as trouble free as mine.
  • I recently totaled my 2005 F250 PSD...just settled with insurance company, and now need new truck. I am considering going to gas...i am waffling between the 5.4L and the V10...I dont want to underpower the truck, but I also dont want to burn fuel unnecessarily....does anyone have any ballpark MPGs for both, and good, bad, or ugly experiences with either. I do love the diesel, but the settlement will not make it possible.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    From reports I've read, the V10 may do better. The reason being, your right foot won't be as inclined to shove the go-pedal in the carpet to get the truck moving when you know you have the power to do so with light throttle. Ford actually proved this to themsleves many years ago. When they were testing the original Escort, they wanted to offer a 1.3L engine standard and the 1.6 optional. In their testing, they found the 1.6 actually got better fuel mileage because the 1.3 was underpowered for the car.

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  • newdernewder Posts: 3
    I have been having a problem that is driving me nuts. When ever I make a sharp turn, left or right, I get a noise that sounds like when you are turning sharp with your 4 wheel drive on, but its not on. I have taken it in and the mechanic says everything is fine, but its not. Any ideas?
  • scooter06scooter06 Posts: 13
    i get a loud thump right after i start it sound like its under the passenger seat i have a 03 6.0 supercab superduty and it only does it once
  • I have a 2001 with the 5.4L and 2wd. Ballpark figures between 14 city, 17 highway and 9-10 towing. Had excellent luck with the engine and the truck as a whole, never in shop. Ive had it three years. It now has 105000 miles on it. Dont know much about the V10, though as far as reliability or mileage.
  • Sounds to me like a front end alignment is in order, but that is just my opinion. My advice would be to have another mechanic look at it, particularly one that specializes in front end work.
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    "i get a loud thump right after i start it sound like its under the passenger seat"

    The neighbors cat leaving in a hurry maybe?? :sick:
  • newdernewder Posts: 3
    I get that same sound on my 01' F250. I am interested to see what people have to say on that one?
  • scooter06scooter06 Posts: 13
    it only happens when its cold i think it has somthing to do with the glow plugs but iam guessing
  • I also get the same noise, it is not a constant and I can not tie it down to a certain temp or anything. The first time it happened I thought someone hit my truck, but no one was around. Sometimes when I get this noise the truck also jumps forward a bit (automatic). I am interested to see what others may think it is. I also get the same noise that someone else was talking about, a clunking when making a turn like it is in 4X4 but it is not. Any suggestions?
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Is it a crew cab? If so, check the cab mounting bolts. Mine needed to be retorqued. Longer wheel base frame flexes more than the shorter trucks, and cab creaks - especially slow, sharp turns on a hill. Sometimes a real pronounced banging. Bolts are a chore to get to as interior trim and carpet/padding have to come up in order to access a couple of them.
  • I have a 02 F250 PS and I also head the loud thump just after start up when cold. My salesman told me that it is just the heater door slamming shut as over time the system looses vacuum and the door opens, when the truck starts and the vacuum build back up the door slams shut. It is pretty loud and makes you say " what was that?!!!!" :confuse:
  • Has anyone installed aftermarket gauges for turbo boost,pyro,trans temp or rear end temp? looking at installing a pod set up, I am mechanically inclined but I dont really want to be drilling holes in housings and the like. sure would like to "see" what things are doing under the hood and the factory gauges are junk.
  • I added pyro and boost gauges to my 2004 F-250. You have to drill and tap a hole in the aluminum housing right on top of the engine in front. I loosened the clamps and swung it about 90 degrees, stuffed it full of rags to keep any shavings out. For the pyro, you drill a hole in the exhaust just back of the turbo and it installs with a stainless steel clamp and a ceramic washer, again pretty simple. Biggest challenge was locating wires for lights and one that is hot when ignition is on. I bought the package from Cabella. Gauges work great and tell you when to back off if you need to. I have a stick shift so didn't need tranny gauge.
  • scooter06scooter06 Posts: 13
    that makes sense i thought it was in the warm up mode doomeflodgee ------thanks
  • yrbenderyrbender Posts: 25
    Stopped at truck stop to fill up on diesel the sign said for dual tanks can you fill a single tank f250 there. I did and filled up in about 1 minute which was cool can it damage my tank?
  • As you probably know, the truck stops have very quick fill ups due to the fact they typically fill very large semi-truck tanks. I am not aware of any problems this could have on your f250. The only thing is maybe the fuel becomes more frothy due to the agitation, maybe more air in the tank. But this is just reaching. Seems harmless. I have filled up at these places and have not had any problems. Hope this helps

  • I dont know if I want to do that, I would rather pay someone than screw it up myself. Dont like the drilling part, shavings and stuff. Thanks for the info.
  • fordtuf1fordtuf1 Posts: 5
    I have owned 2 F250's, both with V10. The mileage has been as good as my 92 F150 with the 5.8L and as good as anybody I've heard of with the 5.4L in a SD.
    I get:
    11-13 city
    15-16 highway
    9-10 pulling about 3K (boat or atv's)
    7-8 pulling 10K camper (70 to 75 mph AC on)

    Get the V10 are you'll be let down, especially after owning a diesel.
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