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Ford F-250 Owners



  • I have a F250 4X4 auto trans, 191k miles, yesterday the light began flashing on my shift lever and transmission began to shift hard from 2nd through 4th gears with a noticable thud and jerk. What is the cause and likely cost?
  • I have a Ford F250 Lariat. It does not have the heated seats option. How hard is it to get this option installed? Isn't the wiring already there? How much would it cost and can it be done? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • i have a 2003 lifted ford f250 superduty turbodiesel. its real nice but i want better gas mileage and more horses. any recommendations on what chip would be best. i heard a triple bully dog would be good.
  • Negative!!!!!!!!!!! That chip is crap. Get hypertech. Hypertech is a programer and is a very safe and effective way to up your MPG and horses. You can go to and watch the videos comparing the different chips etc. Hypertech blows them out of the water. Just keep an eye on your turbo boost pressures. Also, remember that any change to the stock motor can void the warranty. You should look into that. Lastly, I have heard of blown head gaskets with your model truck, but nothing directly linked to the hypertech programmer. Good luck

  • Ford has had a lot of trouble with the 6-liter diesel, and the 2003 was the first. This engine is apparently running right at the top of its design specs. Any modification at all and you are asking for serious and expensive trouble. Problems include blowing turbo hoses off under load, turbo failure, injector failure, and blown head gaskets. To keep from blowing hoses, keep the boost under 25 lbs. To keep the turbo going, don't let it idle very long when engine is cold. This puts unburned fuel into the variable pitch of the turbo and eventually it won't work. Ford calls this "wet stacking". Any increase in compression and you are asking for blown head gaskets.
  • Keroburner,

    Very good info. The only thing I would disagree with is the motor running at the top of it's specs. That simply isn't true. I have had Ford tell me that the 6L can be tweaked for way more horsepower, but isn't because of the reasons you indicated. I haven't had any issues with hypertech. I have it on stage 1 and I pull a 32ft trailer too. My boost pressures are the same with or without the hypertech product. Ford has tried to hang their issues with head gaskets etc on chips etc and hypertech has never been linked to these problems. Thanks for the info.
  • thanks guys for your posts. i need the chip for the gas mileage and im going to check out the hypertech chip. is this a lot more expensive though?
  • I get 14.2 mpg. Not bad. Towing, I drop to 12 mpg, which is good. My mileage improves as the engine breaks in. I tell people all of the time. We bought trucks not hybrids. We have to live with the mpg for another few years. The diesel truck which gets 40mpg is around the bend. Good luck
  • I just bought a 2008 F250 Lariat that did not have heated seats and the dealer was able to install them for $500.00
  • hi, i recently bought a 1998 ford f250 lariot and the four wheel drive isn't working. i turn the knob on the dash to 4hi and the 4x4 light comes on but still nothing. but when i shift into 4low in neutral i hear the hubs engage but still the whells don't turn yet the 4x4 low light comes on. any ideas what this is? pplease help me i live in northern canada and this truck is absolutley useless in the snow without the 4x4 working. thanks!

    frustrated ford guy
  • I just recently bought a 03 ford f250 and im new to all of it also. i just took it mudding though and it's bad A. There are notches on the hubcaps of the two front wheels that you have to turn to lock. Then you switch it into 4 wheel drive. make sure if the wheels are locked you have it on 4 wheel drive, it can mess up ur trans if not. when u go back to 2 wheel drive switch the wheels back out of lock. good luck
  • thats exactly what someone else told me, but i don't see any notches or dials my hub cap is plastic. i take the hub cap off and still no notches or dials to turn!
  • I'm having the same problem with my truck please if you have fixed yours let me know what you did. thanks
  • Have a 1990 F250 7.3 Liter. Pushing 400K miles after an engine rebuild at 175K. Having some dashboard related electrical trouble. Does anyone have experience with removing the instrument cluster, replacing the headlight switch, and the wiper/washer switch? My Haynes manual in useless.
  • I am getting a bully dig chip for my truck, but i dont know if the triple bully dog and the triple bully dog power pup are different or the same. does anybody know?
  • the truck came factory lifted with the off road package . the rims are 16inch. how much bigger could i get the rims and would i have to do anything special to make room for a 18 inch or 20 inch rim. or can i get a bigger tire and use the same rim. what do you think is better..
  • if i just buy the chrome header and exhaust that a company says will fit my 03 ford f250, what else do i need to buy. is there a kit i need that has brackets of some sort. is this an expensive job to have a mechanic do>
  • i put bigger tires on the same rims! i got 3 inches of lift but you have to watch out for the wheel wells. also your tach and odometer wil be off a bit but its definatly a cheaper option happy muddin!
  • thanks for the advice. what tire brand did u go with there are so many?
  • I have a 2006 crew cab 6.0 litre 4x2 short box. when it was new I was useing 7.8 litres per 100 klms. I installed a complete K & N filter system ( installed by Ford dealership so warranty was covered ) I now average 5.1 litres to 100 klms ( 30.4 Mpg Canadian )
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