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Ford F-250 Owners



  • midawmidaw Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    I was towing a 16 ft marlin with stern drive not to heavy all was good till i hit a hill engine coughed and lost power and blew black smoke and thru the check engine light on what caused that?
  • my truck was doing the same thing, turns out it was missfiring while under load. i changed all the coils, $700 later lol. but it solved the problem.
  • I just replaced the EGR cooler two weeks ago. I went camping up around 6,000 feet. Engine light came back on. Now I'm told it's a turbo issue. In the last four years everytime I go in the Sierras (once a year) they have had to replace the EGR valve. Now extended warranty is over. So two weeks ago cost 1500.00 now they want 2,000 for turbo and sensors. Has anyone else had these issues?
  • midawmidaw Posts: 2
    ford dude1 i don't know much about deisels. whatcoils are you talking about? thanks midaw
  • maxy2maxy2 Posts: 10
    I love this truck, this is the truck that got me hooked on davidsfarm. :lemon:
  • g935g935 Posts: 3
    Hi to everyone. I have an 05 F250 diesel with auto transmission, 80,000 miles. When I tow up a long grade the trans. will go into a high rev noise. It will also continue to do it on the down hill side until I give it enough throttle to get the trans. to load up again. I'm only towing about 6500 lbs. The tranny temp gauge reads normal. I took it into the dealership and they said that there was "coking" on the turbo and it was throwing the tranny into a slip mode. They cleaned the turbo but it still does the same thing. I took it back again and now they think it is the fan clutch engaging and that it could rob up to 100 horsepower during the engagement. The truck does not lose mph during this situation but I can step on the pedal and the motor revs up as though it is slipping. It could be the fan making all of this noise but has anybody encountered the same situation. One more thing, there are no warning lights coming on during the towing at any time.

  • my truck is stuck on i took my key out and it the air kept running put a new switch in and still the same thing what could be wrong thanks
  • w1dtodcw1dtodc Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    04 F250 SD 6.0 has 64000 mi. having engine problems, accelerating on easy take offs it does fine. accelerating with pedal to the floor does fine. accelerating about half way and the rpms start leveling out at 2000 it just starts sutting down ,bluish white smoke starts rolling out the tailpipe. if you let off it clears up then hit it again it takes off. Any advise?
  • I have A 2005 f 250 lariat the latest thing to fail on my truck is the driverseat seatbelt latch. and I now realize that it is connected to what I guess is the airbags. my question is how hard is it to replace the latch part of the seat belt. naturally it could not be as easy as just unbolting and replacing. I hate to pay ford to replace it unless I have to especially since they refuse to do anything about my truck rusting at 5yrs and 3 months with less than 60,00 miles. so if anyone has any recommendations how to replace it on my own.
  • I have a 2006 F250 6.0L and when the temp is in the 40's, the truck runs extremely rough for several miles with shaking and sputtering like it is misfiring. After a while it will settle down. I have had several different mechanics look at it. There is nothing that shows on any diagnostic tool. Any suggestions?
  • dbs250dbs250 Posts: 1
    Hi my 06 F250 diesel has 68,000 miles. Its the same story when i tow my 7000 lb trailer it act like the tranny is slipping .no warning lights ,all gauges are normal. has any one found any answers?
  • g935g935 Posts: 3
    What was the outside temperature during your tow? The last time I towed, it was 75 degrees outside and the truck ran fine. I won't tow again when it gets hot until this summer. It seems the outside temp. makes a difference. My trans. slips if the outside air is in the 90 plus when pulling over a grade of 4,000 feet or better.
  • Does anyone know what brand or model of aftermarket navigation is good to put in the 2011 super duty?
  • siebertjdsiebertjd Posts: 1
    go to the maint. link at the top of the screen, select your year and make. should help you.
  • akcamaiakcamai Posts: 9
    I just bought a 2005 F250 Diesel SuperDuty crewcab and love it. It pulls my 28 foot Jayflight with ease. However, when driving it on a regular basis, the exhaust is really strong. I've never owned a diesel before and am wondering if this is normal. Does anyone else have a F250 Diesel and also have a very strong exhaust?
  • I have a ford F250 super duty 2006 6l diesel engine, I had a small oil leak but the other day after I did an oil change the oil started to gush out, it appears to come from around or above the transmission. Any idea what coud have happened??
  • Same problem here on my 2005 F250 diesel, Very strong diesel exhaust fumes, enough to make you feel nauseated.
    Though I also have a 2003 Chevy silverado duramax diesel and the exhaust is completely different, it smells clean like chlorinated water.
  • Today my husband received a letter from Ford Motor Co, regarding his 2006 F250 Superduty 4x4 truck. I believe it is an official notice to assure us that they are aware of the "shimmy problem". We bought this truck three years ago. I have personally experienced the "shimmy", which feels more like an earthquake. The first time I was traveling 55 mph, hit a small bump and it was fortunate that noone was in the left lane because the truck bounced to the left and it took about 300 ft or more to slow the vehicle down (I knew better than to hit the brakes). Ford's notice suggests we check the tire pressure which may be the cause of the shimmy. My husband has checked the tire pressure (which he always maintains at recommended pressure), the tie rod ends, u joints, and steering parts. He checked the tires to make sure they were correct for the truck and they are 245R75/ 17E which shows up as one of our purchase options on the different tire company websites. The National Highway Traffic Safety Admn is studying the problem with Ford. They suggest you check to make sure you have the correct tires and that they are inflated to the proper specs. If "shimmy" occurs you should gradually slow down by taking your foot off the pedal or lightly apply the brakes, and if you are concerned that these actions do not resolve your problem, you can contact your dealership for further assistance. Nothing is mentioned as to who is responsible for paying for the resolution. This problem is in addition to the spark plugs made of ceramics that stick and crack and require a very expensive tune up if you cannot change them yourself. We had to buy a tool to extract the broken ceramic plugs. Also, and I am not really sure if this is another malfunction in design, but we have a slow fill problem which is due to the charcoal canister probably being full of mud. We bought the truck and the previous life was as a fleet vehicle in a mining operation in Colorado.

    So now that I have ranted about these issues, my question is Does anyone know of any agency we can contact to get these problems resolved? I think maybe Ford should fix the problems without charging us.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    This is similar to Dodge Ram "Death Wobble". In addition to the tire pressure, you all need to check shocks and most important, ball joints in the front end.

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  • birddawgbirddawg Posts: 7
    edited December 2011
    Try using your engine block heater. If you don't have the cable or plug I would suggest buying one from Ford and installing it. All the Diesels have the engine block heaters installed, but not all have the plugs. I use mine when it gets down into the low 30's and below. I have the same problem too. I also have a remote start on my 06 diesel. I always start it remotely and let it idle for about 10 minutes before I get in and drive away. It runs great when it is warm. I also use it in the summer. Works great for cooling the cab on hot days.
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