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Nissan Titan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    So hvan3, you recommend waiting it out for better deals? Do you think that the dealers might offer lower financing rates also? It would be great if we could get both rebate and financing together. That would really sell some autos.

    I can probably wait until May when my lease is up.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    well the drive to a million sales event ends march 31, so why would nissan further lower incentives after that time? in reality, there is no way to determine what nissan is going to do with their incentives (i work at a nissan dealership, we find out the incentives when they are publicized to everyone) my bet, is nissan is going to push til march 31st, then rebates will stay the same unless gas SKYROCKETS in the summer (and even then they'll have to see how the market goes) or sales really plummet. chances are, if the incentives go up, it will be a month or two before the 06's are scheduled to come out.

    its all a shot in the dark however, the only people who know anything are nissan corporate people!

  • yogibm1yogibm1 Posts: 6
    The most competative area is Cincinnati where there are more car dealerships percapa then any other place in the United States. Just to let ya know!
  • yogibm1yogibm1 Posts: 6
    If you get a 2005 you can get the NAV without having to get the DVD, its the way that they set it up. It really Makes me mad that they don't offer the tow-toned Sand/gray color anymore.
  • yogibm1yogibm1 Posts: 6
    toyota won't do that big of a rebate no matter how much they need to do it. If and when they do "rebates" the call it customer cash and it is for a weekend or as long as a week.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Everything I see in the paper leads me to believe that big trucks will have a hard time moving out of the dealer lots because rising fuel cost. Get this, in Malibu, CA, (or was it Beverly Hills?), I heard premium unleaded went for $3.05 per gallon!

    Anyway, the Drive to 1,000,0000 sale won't end just in March. Nissan will extend the sale and call it something else. $1500 rebate by Nissan is nothing to write home about. I"m pretty sure that all manufacturers will increase their rebates to get buyers back into their showrooms for large SUVs and trucks. Keep in mind, SUVs and trucks are the most profitable segment of their business. They can "afford" to give bigger rebates. IMO.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Perhaps you are correct if you gauge by dealership per capita. However, Southern Cal is the land of BMWs, MBs, Lexus, and etc. More cars and trucks are purchase in SC than in any other region in the nation. That is why majority of the car companies have their design studio/corporate HQs in SC..... Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Madza, Kia, Hunydai, Audi, and etc

    It's cheaper to buy cars in SC due to stiff competition, however, it's expensive to drive the cars here with high insurance cost, emission cost, and higher fuel cost.
  • roobsterroobster Posts: 6
    Looks like I am getting ready to purchase a new 2005 Titan LE Galaxy Black with Steel Interior with The Big Tow Package and Floor Mats. MSRP is $36,430. The offer from the dealership is $1,218 under invoice. I will be purchasing tomorrow sometime. The way I dealt with the dealerships was to find like trucks on there lots and then ask them to start bidding for my business. The one who goes the lowest below invoice would be where I buy the truck. Out of seven dealerships I got response's from 4. I had to summit on color as I searched all over the New England states for Red Brawn but was unable to find one and settled on Black, which is beautiful but is a lot of work to keep clean.
    I hope this helps some of the people out there on this forum when dealing with dealers. Please feel free to comment or if you have any questions I will answer gladly. Good deals are still out there!!
  • glenski01glenski01 Posts: 40
    I am trying to purchase a 4x4 SE offroad crewcab here in Colorado. The MSRP was $36700. What is the invoice and net price on the one you are looking at? It is super competitive here on Chev, Dodge, Ford, however Nissan appears to be offering far less for discount compared to the big three, although it appears they have quite a few units on the lot.
    Thanks for your help and info.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    At Mossy Nissan in Poway, San Diego, they have two LE Crew Cabs with $5000 off. Code #21815 and 21915. The ad expired yesterday, but I'm sure they will sell you at this price.
  • I am in florida, what dealership did you buy from?
  • jdkx2jdkx2 Posts: 10
    It would be a bit of a drive for you. I am in Texas.
  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    My local dealer has helped me do a search for the Titan w/options that I am looking for. Even though I already did the same thru the Nissan website. He is being very helpful as he should to earn my business, right. He has mentioned some things, industry terms that I am wondering if you can confirm. The Titan I want at another dealer out of state is available according to the Nissanusa website. But when I asked for a quote from that out of state dealer, he said he didn't have this one in stock. So I copied the VIN# from the website and asked him to check again and, low and behold, he says he must have overlooked it and he has it.

    Now my local dealer says that it sounds like that vehicle might be "punched", meaning that it is either a dealer demo or that the dealership was trying to make a monthly quota. Any way the warranty begins the date that the vehilce becomes "punched". This is because he said he could not find that truck either thru the dealer computer.

    Also my local dealer said that the truck with all these features is a sometimes difficult to sell since it is loaded with many options.

    The latest offer from the local dealer is that he will order this truck w/ the options I want from the factory and sell it to me at invoice, before any rebates. He says he really wants to earn my business. Of course he needs a $500 deposit to do this.

    Meanwhile I plan to take a vacation this weekend near the out of state dealer and was going to check out that truck. I still have not heard back from this out of state dealer and even left him a voice-mail to follow-up. Is there anyway I can tell if the truck has been "punched"? Or is this all a big line of BS?

    My instinct says this local dealer is being honest but I'd like to hear your opinion.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    IF your sales guy does not return your call, then why don't you ask for the sales manager at the out of state dealer? He should know more about the vehicle than the average joe salesman.

    If the out of state dealer has the vehicle you want with all loaded features, check out the build date of the Titan. If the date is OLD, then you can assume that the vehicle has been sitting on the dealers lot for some time. Thus, you should have the leverage of hardballing this dealer. For a loaded LE, you should easily negotiate at least $5.5K off the MSRP. No question ask. The key thing is finding out the build date of teh vehicle.

    IMO, I think your local dealer is BSing you that the truck was 'punched'. He doesn't want you to go to out of state dealer. IT's all a game.

    Good luck!
  • roobsterroobster Posts: 6
    I have been unable to get on at nite due to site maintence, that is the reason for the late response. Your price of $36,700 is not far off from mine which was $36,430. Most of my information came from this site. I got only two options, Big Tow and Floor Mats.

    Big Tow------400-----------------------347
    Floor Mats--110-------------------------82
    Dest Chg----670------------------------670
    Your Cost--34930--------------------31462

    These are the prices right off this site. The other two dealers I dealt with would only go $600 to $650 under invoice. This one dealer in NH which is a hour from me in Mass went $1218 below invoice and I still got the rebate.
    The big three are giving more back in incentives but again it all depends what you want. I am a old chevy guy at heart and just sold a 2000 silverado that had over 100 TSB. If you can get 5K to 6K off here and 8k to 10K there you need to see if those other vehicles will work for you. Good Luck!
  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Just to let you guys know what I'm finding out there. I have been shopping a few dealers here in Oklahoma city and I have this offer that came in today.

    Galaxy Black 2005 LE
    Leather captains chairs
    floor mats
    under seat storage bin
    Big tow package

    MSRP $33520.00 offer from dealer $27700.00

    so far this is not with the .02% apr but I am still working on them. When I told them I was going to test drive the F-150 today. I also pointed out that the fords have better rebates and that really got the price down from 30000 real quick.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    i work at a dealership, and swaps can be a tricky thing. you are at the mercy of the other dealer. they dont HAVE to swap with you, and if you dont have a good relationship with them, they may just give you some reason (like the car is "punched") so they dont have to swap the car. chances are they burned the car (reported it to Nissan as sold) to make their numbers for last month - so if they swap it, they can get in big doo-doo. even if you do go on your vacation time (why would you want to spend more time at a dealer, and start the process all over again anyways?) reward the guy who's been helpful and kind. unfortunately, we cant always get the cars people are looking for on dealer swap. I've lost many a customer because the car just wasnt available to me via swap. Hopefully that helps! good luck with your Titan!

  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    Well the internet manager did finally contact me. Here is the build date/Production Month: 12/2004. so its only 4 months or so old. Is that OK?

    After some haggling he agreed to sell at invoice on a 2005 Titan LE CC, with sunroof, NAV, side air bags, big tow, floor mats, under storage bin and leather bench seats. MSRP was like $37000 so that is about what you said.

    Here is the purchase agreement for the 2005 Titan LE CC:
    33,518.00 (Purchase price)
    + 6.50 (Tire and Battery waste fee)
    + 17.00 (Electronic titling fee)
    + 399.00 (Predelivery fee)
    33,940.50 (Amount Taxable)
    +1,697.00 (Sales Tax)
    +2.00 (Lemon Law Protection)
    35,639.53 (Sub Total)
    -200.00 (Non-Refundable Deposit)
    35,439.53 (Unpaid Balance)

    I am very skeptical of the $399 pre-delivery fee and some of these other ticky tac fees and will challenge it or NO DEAL.

    thene-I agree, why spend my vaction time dealing with this. But its a function of whats available. I would have to travel further at a later time, which I am willing to. Just trying to do it together if it all works out. Thanks-let me know your thoughts on this deal.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    The $399 is the dealer conveyance fee. We'll all tell you its for overhead costs etc (which it is). Every dealer charges some sort of dealer conveyance fee, its arbitrary and up to each individual dealer to decide. I do know some states limit what dealers can charge. our conveyance fee is $249, and some other local area dealerships are between $199 and $399. You can try to argue it, every dealership tells you for legal reasons they cant remove it - but you may find some that are willing to just discount the car for the amount of the fee. so he's selling you the truck at invoice then? i think if you play your cards right, you may be able to get him to eat the $399 - always worth a shot!

    with regards to the other fees, i am in CT, and have not seen any fees regarding lemon law protection, electronic titling fee, tire and battery waste fee. not saying they arent legit - it may vary from state to state - i have no way of knowing from my stand point. ask them who gets the fees - is it the state or do they keep them? if they keep them, then they are nothing more than add ons to the conveyance fee, which should cover all that in the first place!

    hope that helped!

  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Now the price has gone back up after I specifically asked him can I buy this truck (vin#) for 27700. He said he made a typo and the truck is 29700.

    I just wanted everyone to know so they don't feel like they got a bad deal if they paid more.
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