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Nissan Titan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    I once seriously considered getting a Titan CC XE. There is a dealer nearby that is selling a 2005 Titan CC XE for $21,995 (two at this price). For those who buys a XE CC, you can buy SE wheel package from Ebay. I see people selling them for $600-800.

    Had I bought the XE CC, I would have put SE wheels, add billet grille, add door moldings, and tint the windows. Viola, XE becomes SE without the chrome door handles for thousands less! The only major difference between XE and SE are the seats. XEs are bench seats, while SEs are bucket seats.
  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Nissan Titan LE Crew Cab: My dealer experience today. Talked to a internet salesman today I went for a test drive & after taking me in the office and introducing me to his "closers" they tried to sell me this truck for $28920 telling me he was giving me a great deal and what else did I want. They told me their cost is $30420 - $1500 Nissan Incentive rebate. Thats how they arrive at $28920 for my cost. Interesting because $30420 is just the MSRP - 10%. I asked about holdback & thats when I took notice of some things. They said Dealer Holdback is $852. $852 is 3% of $28400 & if dealer holdback is 3% of their cost then their cost is $28400 not $30420 like I was told. I asked them to show me an invoice & they fumbled around & told me the truck had only been there 5 days & it was too new & they didn't have it.
    Msrp is $33800
    told by dealer his cost was $30420

    What I think.
    Msrp $33800
    Real Dealer cost $28400
    Holdback is $852 which is 3% of 28400
    Real Dealer cost - $852 = $27548
    $27548 - $1500 = 26048
    end of year dealer sales incentives ????
    these are kept top secret so even if it was only $500 the actual dealer cost is $25548

    I think they have a lot more profit built into each deal and what they will take for their product just depends simply on supply & demand
    I have offered the dealer $28100 & asking for 3.49% APR, this is $5700 off Msrp I am sure they will try to bump me up some more. My point is there is plenty of room for them to make their profit & I think they should make a good living but not by ripping people off.

  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    unfortunately you are not correct in your assumption that the invoice is $28,400. I looked up the truck on our Nissan site (i work at a dealership) and the invoice is what he told you it was. If you offered $28100 minus the rebate - they will just tell you to have a nice day (unless they are soooo desperate to sell a car they are willing to take a loser). If your offer is $28100 with the rebate, you may make the deal - but it's still not attractive enough to the dealer to JUMP on it per se. Again, the dealer would have to be desperate to move cars to sell you a truck with all the holdback taken out. I know there is a huge distrust for the entire car sales profession, and that you probably wont listen to what i say, or think i am trying to cover for this guy - but the truth is that he WAS telling you the truth. by you offering what you did, you are not giving a dealership plenty of room to make a profit. (like you say you want to do). if we have to sell our vehicles at below invoice and for almost all of hold back, what is the point of staying in business? yeah, the factory will sometimes provide bonuses to dealers to sell a specific vehicle for that month - but as far as i know (here at nissan) there arent too many of those additional bonuses. I get quite upset when people start asking for money from hold back as well - are we allowed to make any money to keep ourselves open? if you knew the markup you were paying for your 50" DLP projection tv, you'd choke. imagine if cars had a 100% markup like tvs do!

    sorry to vent, i dont mean to sound upset - i just find it frustrating that people "know" so much about the car sales profession, but they have never been in it. its just from their once every 3 years experience in buying a car that they come to these conclusions. again, no harsh feelings - i just wish there were better understanding on both sides!

    good luck with your purchase keith! I hope you get a fair deal :-)
  • thenebean,
    Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this "i just find it frustrating that people "know" so much about the car sales profession, but they have never been in it.".

    So do we have to be a car salesman to buy car? for that matter to be a computer programmers to use a computer? ....

    There are a whole lot of "sleazy" car salesman out there more than there are "nice" one. And they will take advantage of the buyers every single chance they can.

    If you "wish there are better understanding on both sides", then maybe the automobile profession has to revamp the whole selling process. Not to sock it to the buyers every chance they get. Until then, buyers will have to come in the showroom with a whole lot of skepticism and a whole lot of information on hand just to be on even level.

    I bought my Titan 04 SE crewcab back on 8/04 and I got it for $600 below invoice and 1.9% APR. Sounds like you are right at the ballpark. I would work it from that number.

    One note, make sure when you negotiate, give them the DRIVE OUT PRICE, not the final price of the car. Been to too many deals where they agreed with the final car price and socked me with document fee this, extra charge that.

    So good luck and update us on what you got.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    thenebean, you certainly seem like a reasonable person, but surely you must understand why people get so agitated at this process. It wasn't the consumer who set the rules of the car buying game, yet we are forced to learn the rules and try to bend the rules to our advantage, just like you use the rules to your advantage. It's only natural. And I thing buyers get especially worked up over it precisely because they do not apply the rules but once every three, four, or five years. Now, that said, what works for me is to not approach this as adversarial to the point where words and fists fly, but instead I try to arm myself with facts that I can use in the buying process. That way I have a much better understanding of the dynamic and what's "fair". Thanks for listening.
  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Thenebean, thank you very much for your response. I appreciate your opinion & your right I just try to become a good negotiator when I have to about every 3-4 years when I buy a car for the wife or myself. Yes there is a lot of skepticism out there about the car sales Business. I do believe the guys at the Nissan store I went to here in Oklahoma city are good guys & they realize an informed buyer when they see one. Thenebean if you don't mind please address my numbers I put down, for example is holdback 3% because thats the numbers I saw in their computer.

    Oh by the way I received an E-mail today from the same guys.

    MSRP is $33800
    purchase price $28893 NO FEES
    this is $4907 off of MSRP

    Thenebean, you are welcome to vent anytime & there is no animosity here towards you or your profession.

    Good luck & thanks in advance for your response.

  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    i'm not saying that you need to be a salesperson to know how to buy cars, or a programmer to use computers. thats not the point i was making. but people seem to think all these things about the car business that just arent true. i really wish there was tons of money behind even holdback that we got - but there is not. sometimes, the factory will have a special little bonus if its trying to hit a target on a particular model...but thats not too often. generalizing that there are more "sketchy" dealerships than nice ones is not true either. have you been to all of them to see for yourself? the only thing you can comment on is the experiences you HAVE had, and let people do the same. putting generalizations on something you have not had the opportunity to be on the other side of is unfair.

    let me ask you a question, have you ever bought a tv? a big nice tv? i was shocked to find out that a tv has a 100% markup to it - and that most people pay that markup! i am just curious as to how you see that as not being ripped off. car dealerships have a 10% markup at most (not including holdback which makes it maybe at most a total $13%) what would you think is a fair percentage of profit?

    i cannot speak for, or condemn previous practices of the automotive sales industry - but if you are educated (see my post in Purchasing strategies) you will be fine. trying to come in and take every penny of holdback, invoice, and then some isnt going to make the process any smoother for you or the dealership. sorry this is so long - its tough to make the consumers understand when they have been nervous and scared for so long - and rightfully so. please understand i am just trying to share this side of the story so people know how it works.


    as far as your titan, i think i had said invoice on that truck was about 28400. based on what we are selling them for, if it is a truck that is readily available, you should be able to get them to invoice - especially if it is in stock. if its a tougher vehicle to find, a couple of hundred over, or even a hundred over invoice would be a fair deal. could you grind them for more? almost always - but then the process becomes unpleasant for both sides. you'd be surprised at the kind of service you get from a dealer down the road if you make the purchasing experience pleasant and fair! we've had people who we worked a really fair and non-confrontational deal with come in down the road with an issue or request, and we jump all over it for them and have it done yesterday.

    it depends on what you want to do. again, you can probably get a couple hundred more off - and have a great truck for a great price!

    oh, btw, have them list out all their fees before you agree to anything. and have them do it in writing (email) and not on the phone - that way you are covered!

    hope that helped!

  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    If you are asking $26,048 after $1500 rebate on a $33,800, that price is a stretch. Aim for $5.5K off MSRP including $1500 rebate, or OTD $28,300. Since your final offer is $28,100, that price is doable.....(for sure).

    On the other hand, I know a dealer that is selling two 2004 Titan LE CC for $25,888 (brand new). I"m not sure what options the truck has.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
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  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Thene, I appreciate your response & I understand you say a tv has a 100% markup but I am trying to purchase a truck & unfortunately trucks are negotiable instead of a set price. We all want to avoid that feeling of I got ripped because they only discounted my vehicle by $2000 & my neighbor bought the same truck for $5500 off. You should be able to see how these feeling get created.

    I have offered to buy the truck for
    $28100 NO FEES
    their response $28893 NO FEES
    this is $4907 off of MSRP - MSRP is $33800

    hvan says 28300 is reasonable even the dealer should see I'm in the ballpark. I'm not trying to be unreasonable just do the best I can. My personal target was $5000 off Msrp and hvan I think says shoot for $5500 off msrp.

    I completely appreciate all of you guys responses & when I close the deal in the next couple of days I'll write all about it.

    thanks, Keith
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    This forum has a great host. Hope you all appreciate her!
  • jeffbondjeffbond Posts: 16
    Well i think i am going to follow the census here and place an offer/order for my Titan 2005 KC-LE Galaxy Black/Steel Int. with running boards & Rubber Floor mats for $28,550 with a MSRP of $33,508 and see what happens.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    If the MSRP on the KC-LE is $33,508, why not just get a CC? Resale value on a CC is far better than the KC.
  • jeffbondjeffbond Posts: 16
    I need the 6-1/2 foot box for work. I haul a lot of 10 foot+++ long stuff and the extra shorty box is a potential DOT problem. I.E. oversize load.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    tvs are negotiable too! when i bought my 50" LCD Flat screen projection, i was able to get them to give me a $200 gift card and the special interest rate (that didnt apply to my tv) plus discount the Monster power adapted they wanted me to buy. its there if you try ;-)

    anyways, i look forward to hearing how you fair on your truck deal - good luck!

  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Thene, you grind on the tv guy & give me lectures on why I should't grind on you car salesmen.

    Thene, I'm just joking a little with you & I do appreciate your input in this forum.

    I have not made the Titan purchase yet I'm gettng very cold feet but I don't know why I think they are getting right with me on the price.
    MSRP 33800
    dealer offer 28893 no fees
    Your buddy, Keith
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Sounds to me like they basically accepted your 28100 offer but not the "no fees" part. The 28893 adds the fees, then they say "no fees" to indicate this is your price. If you want the truck you should just offer to split the difference, but if I was spending 30K (ish) on a rig I'd probably have cold feet too. Hopefully it has a good heater in it. ;-D
  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    I would start at invoice before the $1500 rebate. You should be able to negotiate that because of the many Titans with fewer options out there, but watch out because they might try to make up for it by giving less for your trade in.

    I negotiated a deal here in the New Orleans area for just over invoice without the rebate since I would opt for the 2% finance. But it was a LE almost fully loaded.

    Good Luck and lets us here how it gooes in Shreveport/Dallas.
  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    What options did you get on your truck? And why no sales tax? Was it an out of state deal, because then now you will owe that tax in your state. And what did you pay?

    I've been on the lookout for a LE CC with the NAV, Big Tow, Bench seats, Side Air Bags and they are hard to find without the DVD option already added.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    hey! considering i get people grinding me daily on the price, i have a right to go grind others for price! Heck, im gonna go to the grocery store today and see if i can bring them down on the price of milk! "you buy this milk fo $1 a gallon! i wanna pay $.75 - are there any rebates?"

    just kidding ;-) i hope all works out well for you! see if you can split the difference with them. tell them you want to do $28400. see what they say to that!

    keep us posted!

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