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Nissan Titan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got the base xe for $18,800 but there were a few little extras.....etched windows (helped with the cost of my insurance), really nice floor mats which I didn't care if I had or not but they are nice, chrome wheels and factory tinted windows. The regular base model doesn't even have the tinted windows. I think I got a good deal!
  • rafarafa Posts: 35
    Picked up a radiant silver 2007 nissan titan crew cab se model with 150 miles on it with popular package option and utility package with sprayed in bed liner love it msrp was 34,900 got it for 26,900 because i got it when the 08s were coming out mine is the one I wanted its the crew cab just order the side steps what do you guys think did i get a good deal thanks
  • jpolojpolo Posts: 1
    I purchased a ne 2008 nissan titan last week , I got 17000, for my trade in , 2006 xterra S, I had a lot negative equity on it, just about 7000, I negotiated that price of the new titan crew cab SE with towing and traking package an other extras, sticker price was 32,300, thru nissanusacom, I manage to reduced that price to minus 4000, minus 3500 for tha rebate, I end up paying 24800, for the truck plus 6800 negative , plus taxes and fees , for a total of 32500, ..please teel me if I got a good deal...???
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    seeing that you owe $32.5K + interest on a truck valued at $24.8 can't be a good deal. I'm amazed at what a dealer can do as far as rolling negative equity. Once that Titan rolled off the lot you're looking at being at least $10K upside down and sorry to say that is not a good deal.
  • I'm about ready to purchace an 08' titan le crew cab long bed msrp is $36,220. can purchase it for $28,600. plus $600.00 dealer fee is this a good deal and is it a good truck. very interested in true mpg city and hwy, and are there any issues to be concerned about?
  • The deal is not bad make sure you get the warranty! MPG is about 13-17 depending on how heavy your foot it. I get 17mpg my husband gets 13mpg he has a lead foot. The space is wonderful! We love our truck! :shades:
  • thanks for the info. have you taken it for any long trips . i've read somewhere that the exhaust noise is pretty pronounced when cruising say 75mph.has this been your experience? i've only driven it on short test run but pretty impressed with engine responce and vast array of standard features on the le model.
  • I just purchased an '08 Titan Crew LE 4X2 with ALL the option packages, and a couple accessories. MSRP was 41,720, one dealer offered to ship the truck local (it was 380 miles away, but this dealership wouldn't tell me where it was) and gave me 38,220 as their first chop, but insisted that I pay the full shipping fee of 450. Through some research and phone calls I located the truck at it's current dealership, called them and they gave me 34,703 (about 1k below invoice), with 9700 for my trade in ('02 Chevy Ext. that I still owed 3700 on), plus I didn't have to pay the 450 shipping fee. My opinion on your deal is it's about the same difference between your MSRP and your negotiated price as my deal, so I would say it's a pretty decent deal. You might be able to do a little better, but that's up to you and the dealership. I'm sure the dealership I got mine at still made a good profit, but I was pretty happy with my deal. The advice I got here definately saved me some money on haggling the deal and trade in. As for the truck, I'm pretty dog gone happy with it. It's got the Navigation pkg, DVD Mobile Theater Pkg, Tow pkg, Moon roof, side airbags, Step Rails, plus it came with the underseat storage bin, floor mats, and the security lugs for the tires. The wife and I STILL haven't figured out all the neat gadgets built into this baby. :shades:
  • Redsnake,

    Congratulations! For $34703, does that include the rebate/cash back?
  • i've been hemming and hawing about the purchase of a new 08' titan for the past three weeks . now i'm glad I did. loved all the extras you get for your money with the titan. however after seven test drives at three different dealerships in seven different titan trucks every truck had to be jumped started with an eigth truck that couldn't even be jumped. no wonder for the $4,250.00 rebate. you look at the discount and you say an unbelievable deal. I almost bit. yes seven test drives. sounds crazy? maybe! I loved so much about it I was originally ready to over look the jittery ride, the well below average fuel milage, the noisy exhaust, but not the inability of a truck that wont start. yea I might be crazy but I'm not stupid. nissan titan no thanks.
  • The Titan certainly looked appealing to me and the rebate of $4250 was enticing as well. I just got the consumer reports New Car Buying Kit and checked the Titan. Very dissappointing to say the least. Brake problems from 04-06. "Reliability has been well below average." The used car verdicts has half black rating(fair).
  • I am leasing a 2008 Titan SE 4x4 Crew Cab with popular pkg. MSRP $34,230 invoice $30,936. This is for 39 months at 12k a yr and $1500 out of pocket for $450 a month. Is this good?

  • 08 Pro-4x CC, BT, PP/Bench, Utility Bed, Divider. MSRP $37,655 Invoice was $34034 (about the same as edmunds)

    Selling Price $33,662.33
    Fees $626.25
    Taxes $2461.43

    Rebate $4250

    I had a trade 96 Dakota 4x4, worth 2000 (best offer) (Bad Paint, 130K, Bald Tires) when I was selling it a few months PP Dealer gave me 2500 To get me out the door at

    30K OTD.

    It is an good deal, I am sure people will get better and worse deals than I got.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Really good deals. Is when you can place it in the paper as used and get the same price as what you bought it for.
  • not a good deal. I walked away from a titan le crew cab long bed with tow pck msrp$37220.00. selling price after rebate was $27,850.00. loved almost everything about the truck except for the way it drove. it really feels just too light in the front end. which for me felt way to jittery. and the mileage really does suck. I would have overlooked those facts if i could count on 15mpg city. but of 8 titan owners i"ve talked with all said around 12mpg with 1 who said 13mpg. however all seemed fairly happy overall with the truck. And on my highway test drive of around 30 miles at about 70mph only averaged 14.4mpg. and reset computer for 10 mile city drive averaged 9.8mpg. So I recommend you take a long test drive before you drive.
  • also failed to mention that deal was on an 08' msrp$37,220.00, selling price $27,850.00.
  • With Pop pkg w/RF audio, Tow Pkg/High Utility bed pkg, underseat utility bin.

    Out the door price $31871. MSRP listed at $39,450. This includes title and documentary fee. No tax in Montana.

    How is this price? I'm still debating between GMC Sierra vs. Nissan Titan.
  • you know every time (six total) i went to the nissan dealership i was in love with the titan. always thought i was going to drive one home. the way the truck was laid out with all the features seamed perfect. but then in my gut i needed that one last test drive, and everytime the light bulb went off the truck drives like crap. period end of story dont buy a titan. gmc or chevy is a good choice, and the dodge ram megacab cant be beat for rear seat comfort and space if thats what you're looking for.
  • Thank you fueledup. I'm trying to locate a good 2007 GMC Sierra to my liking. Its slim pickin. I might end up waiting til next year. I'm not in a rush and my Subaru WRX wagon is in great shape. I might as well enjoy the gas savings the rest of the year. And no car payment! By waiting til next summer, I might even be able to pay a new truck with cash. Thanks for everyones input.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Can you be a little more specific on what drives like crap means? I own an 05 KC and I think it drives just fine. Such an inexact statement leads me to believe you have larger issues about driving a Nissan truck, and saying it drives like crap is a smokescreen. :confuse:
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