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Nissan Titan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drives like crap means (and no i dont have any larger issues)its feels way to light for a truck. ya i'm sure its subjective but so is everyone elses opinion. its annoyingly noisy, you feel every bit of other vehicle wind that drives by, it feels like a marshmellow with the mileage of a brick. in the showroom i was impressed but once on the road i felt what a mess. no words could be truer than a tin can with wheels.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    OK, thanks. Based on my own subjective opinion, I couldn't disagree with you more, except, of course for the mileage of a brick comment. Agree on that -- but then, what truck gets significantly better mileage, and who buys a truck hoping for fuel efficiency anyway? I've never ridden in a pro4 (surely didn't have it when I bought) so maybe there's something about that model that's just different from my KC.
  • I'm pricing a new 08 le with sunroof , nav, mats, under storage bin, tow pkg, . step rails , MSRP 42,314 Can buy for invoice of 38,283 . Then get 5000 mfg rebate.
    I'm a little confused about the invoice price. I've been to several web sites that give msrp and invoice. I have found that there are differant prices being posted ? All the extras are correct, but the base price is differant. How can that be?
    Any thoughts.?
  • You're comparing apples to apples and on the same region for each different website, correct? Some sites may not be as updated, perhaps. It's a guide only in my opinion.
  • I'm new to the forum and find this forum to be very informative.

    Decided to go with the Titan over GM & Ford even though of the known issues. A buddy of mine owns an 06 Titan and loves it. I got the opportunity to drive his when we (and 2 other guys) made a fishing trip to Minnesota pulling a 21' Ranger. Pulled like a dream and was a comfortable ride. Anyway, I will be taking delivery this week.

    08 SE 2WD Crew Cab w/popular pkg, under seat storage, and floor mats. Not sure what actual MSRP & Dealer Invoice is but according to Edmunds: MSRP $30,770, Dealer invoice $27,849. With $5,000 mfg rebate, I paid $22,385 w/o taxes, title, license.

    I live near the Chicago area. Personally I think I got a great deal. What do you think?
  • Congrats with your new Titan. The Titan comes out on top when it comes to $. I think you've done well. Personally, my concern is still the reliability issue. I'm going to wait til mid year next year for my final decision. If I have to buy a truck at this moment, I'd give the GMC Sierra the edge, a slight edge. Please keep us posted on your new truck in a few months. Hope you enjoy it. Looks like Xmas came early for you!
  • Just purchased an 08.5 titan Crew LE with 7' bed, 4x4, nav ,sunroof, tow, divider, extender, under seat storage, floor mats. List 43550. purchased 38256 minus 3000 rebate,
    35226 plus tax. Also I got a very good price on my trade which made this the best deal i thought I could get!
  • Just purchased 08 Titan SE Crew Cab 4x4, with popular pkg, towing pkg, bed extender and rails, under seat storage, floor mats and step rails. MSRP 36,280, after 5000 rebate price came out to 28,749. After tax, title and other fees, minus trade in of 3800, ended up out the door at 26,237. Was deciding between this and Toyota Tundra. Toyota dealer would not move on price at all. Nissan dealer provided one of the better vehicle purchases I have ever experienced.
  • I'm from Gettysburg Pa, and i have been shopping for 3 months now for a 4x4 titan le. The best price i have found is from fitzgerald auto mall in chambersburg. They gave me a price of 32,761 plus tax and tags. They are kinda like a saturn dealer with there prices posted on all there windshields. It was kinda nice not having to negotiate it took a lot less time. After i left there the first time i went to 3 other dealerships spent on average 3 to 4 hours negotiating at each one and still not able to get a better price. They also showed me an actual invoice from nissan. Inv price was 36,371 minus the 5000 rebate left it at 31371. They only made three hundred dollars on me i hope that was good. It was the first new veh. I have bought on my own. They also have a great website that was very helpful not sure what the exact address is. I just typed Fitzgerald Auto into google. The site is really user friendly.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Boy, this Titan forum sure is dead! Helllooooo......

    Anyway, I've had experience with Fitz in Maryland -- bought a Toyo from them. Just a great experience all the way around. I highly recommend them. You can use their prices to shop around, but in the end, you will just be playing games with the other dealers. Unless you go for the jugular (but is that what a car buying experience is supposed to be about??)

    I was looking at (drooling over??) a new LE CC with the long bed. I noticed the PA location had one in the color I wanted (red alert) and for about 10k off sticker. A good deal to say the least. But I couldn't get positioned in time, and now I notice it's been sold. I really like these nissans. I'm driving an 05 KC LE now and I can't imagine what Toyo brings to the table that would make me want to jump out of my Titan.
  • bjssbjss Posts: 51
    Recently in the market for a full-size pickup, and the Titan seems to offer the most bang for the buck these days. Was recently offered (via internet) dealer invoice price less 5K cash back for a 2008.5 SE with floor mats and popular package. Came to ~24.5K + TTL..seemed like a good deal to me, loved driving the truck (when I tested), just trying to get over the MPG - but that's just trucks. Still noodling....
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Well I don't think you can do a heck of a lot better than that! You probably could get a few hundred more at another dealership, but would the extra hassle be worth it?

    If you like the truck, go for it!

    I would love that new LE CC LWB but my wife would shoot me if I drove that baby home!!! :sick:
  • bjssbjss Posts: 51
    Thanks - agree, it's a pretty good deal. Current car will be paid off in 1 year, just not sure I can 'stomach' $400+ monthly payments for the next 5 years....decisions, decisions....
  • I just wanted to tell everyone that A LOT of dealers are offering a flat 40% of MSRP on new Frontiers, Armadas, Quests, Xterras and Titans.

    No, I am not making this up. There are ads all over the place, from New Jersey to Kentucky to California.

  • hogan46hogan46 Posts: 7
    I saw an ad today in the Chicago suburban newspaper NW Herald for Liberty Nissan in Lake County, 920 S. Milwaukee Avenue:

    $15,864 Titan 4x4 - Model #31418, Stk. #28930/28931
    $15,626 Quest - Model #10218, Stk.#28932/28933
    $15,690 Xterra 4X4 - Model #04818, Stk.#28699/28698
    $19,294 Pathfinder 4x4 - Model 09618, Stk.#28756/28757
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A reporter with a large newswire would like to speak with consumers who purchased a truck or SUV in the past couple of months and received a good deal as demand was low because of gas prices. If you just purchased a truck or SUV recently, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than Monday, August 25th.

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • dejawizdejawiz Posts: 2
    Hello all,
    New here to the forums, but not to Edmunds. With a lot of internet auto searching and information gathered, I was able to find and just picked up a used Titan from Bommarito Nissan in St Louis, MO. Great dealer experience there... a LOT better than the local eastern Nebraska area dealers.

    Model: Titan CC SE 4x4 FFV
    Year: 2007
    Miles: 16,200
    Nissan Certified Used w/ 7yr/100K WRAP Warranty
    ---Tow Pkg
    ---HU Bed Pkg
    ---Popular Pkg with Bucket Seats (non RF)
    ---Floor Mats
    ---Under Seat Storage Bin
    ---Sliding Bed Extender
    ---Heated Leather Seats (conversion)

    Traded in an '05 Altima 2.5S with Conv+ Pkg. Price was $17,900 for the Titan. Rolled over a little from the Altima, plus the cost of the warranty, sales tax, personal property tax, title, licensing, plates, and lien fee.

    Financed through NMAC with a decent APR (had to fight with them a little).

    A little under $25K out the door for everything.
  • Is the 5000.00 bonus money to dealers over with? Is it just the regular rebate on '08 and '09 Titans?
  • not a bad price good I mujst say so my selfe. no that 7 year worantee Nissan gave you was that included in the price of the truck or did you have to pay extria for it Just wondering if That is the way it is with all Nissans pleas if you can send a message back in this foram would like to no thanks for reading have a verry good day Marco.
  • Just bought a 08.5 CC XE with bedliner,mud gaurds,carpet and of course PW,PL and single CD for 15.9K... This seems like a good deal to me. I am in Southern California.
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