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Nissan Titan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think I'm getting a great deal on my TITAN, this is what I'm getting:

    TITAN crew cab SE 2WD
    Utility bed package
    Popular pack 6 CD with bench
    Bed extender
    Tint windows
    Floor mats

    for a price of $ 24,600
    if you include tax and all the bull fees the total is $26,307 out the door.

    I can wait... Do you guys think I'm getting a deal here. I live in TX so there are tons of truck around.
  • foureyes3foureyes3 Posts: 165
    I think you can do better for the money. Did you check more than one Nissan Dealership? It is always good to get two or more dealers involved before you make a purchase. Make sure you let the dealer know you are looking at another dealership. Have you check the truck with these options for yourself through Kelley BlueBook or Edmunds price with options? I think it is a decent deal.
  • i too may be getting a titan tomorrow. What do you guys think about this deal. 2004 titan 4x4 se crew cab with captain chairs, big tow package, bedliner bedextender for $28769.43 out the door. The msrp is over 33,000.00. This dealer has advertised two at this price for the last 2 weeks, i went to look and couldn't believe it. They have about 6 more on the lot. I guess they are trying to move them before the 05's hit the lot. do you guys think i should buy tomorrow, or wait to see if there are more rebates in November. I'm getting financing for at least 3.99% for 60months, but they are going to see if they can get me to 3.4%. Just wondering what you guys think about this. I appreciate your input. Thanks
  • foureyes3foureyes3 Posts: 165
    Is it fully equipped? That is a pretty good interest rate. The interest rate with the price would tempt me to buy the vehicle. Did you squeeze an extended warranty out of them? I think you are right about being more rebates in November.November is just right around the corner. What do you think of your chances the vehicle will still be there or one similar to it?
  • I got the Crew Cab XE 4x2 with about 2300 in options. Base MSRP was 27,900. After three weeks of internet negiotiation the local dealer came through tonight with a winning bid of 22,780. The TMV on it here was 26,004. I bought it. They thought I'd finance it, and make money on the back door, so they came in real low, but I wrote the check and the salesman looked shocked. Kinda funny. Truck is red brawn and has alot of equipment that i got for nothing. I decided not to buy another F 150. My brother in law decided to buy my 97 XLT so I stepped up to buy the Titan.
  • newbnewb Posts: 1
    I just got a new titan, paid 28300. with the rebate. It's an LE with everything but navigation. The dealer had drove and put a cover on the bed, which I don't really like, tinted the windows and put a wind shield on the hood and moonroof. It also has some pin stripping. I thought we got a really good deal. They also gave a me about $700 less on my trade than what I paid for it, 2004 Honda Accord EX. I feel like I came out it smelling like a rose!
  • that is a great deal.
  • rcanturcantu Posts: 11
    did you buy a demo? it's loaded so it would be around $35-36K sticker. sounds like a great deal though.
  • I am looking to buy a 2004 SE Crew Cab 4X4 in Houston, TX. The current model that I am looking at is pretty basic, with really only the Big Tow package as an add-on. MSRP is $31,130. The dealer is quoting me $26,400, which includes the $2000 incentive from Nissan. Does this sound like a good deal?

    Thanks for your input!
  • Were you able to purchase at Invoice - $500 - rebate?

    I am ready to buy an 04' SE King 4wd, bench seat, floor mats & splash guards and was only expecting to get;
    invoice $24,859 + options $1 (bench seat credit just about cancels out the other two options) - rebate $2,000 + destination $650 (and not have to pay processing)= $23,510

    your deal indicates something better is possible

    I do know hold back is 2% of invoice which is approximately $510 in my case. Getting to $500 below invoice would mean the dealer makes just a couple of dollars. Somebody please show me the light!

    Many Thanks
  • you should have more than one dealer competiting for your business. this will allow greater flexibility in negotiating for a better deal. If the dealer thinks you are dealing only with him then he won't negotiate that well with you.
  • Many thanks for the feedback. I have emailed requests to 40+ dealers in my region. The response has been good; '04 inventory is high and '05's are out. Dealing with the internet sales representative is much easier than typical sales people (no slight intended).

    Is anybody aware of pricing below invoice minus the current $2k rebate? Pricing below invoice would cut into the dealer's holdback. I understand the holdback is 2% of invoice. I have been receiving quotes at invoice minus $2k rebate plus processing/taxes/tags. Some dealers are pricing at $5k off MSRP.
  • tvo1tvo1 Posts: 9
    i just got SE Crew Cab 4X2 today with options
    a)Popular with captain chair.
    b)Floor mats.
    c)SE utility bed package
    d)big tow package
    e) bed extender
    f)splash guard

    All above option for $25,500 after $2k rebate.

    I got it from a dealer in southern california - Orange County
  • rcanturcantu Posts: 11
    sounds like $200-300 under invoice. which dealer was it?
  • Great price - that was $434 under invoice with rebate

    Did you pay a dealer processing fee over and about the State licensing fees? Taxes were in addition to that price? (i'm in VA and am not familiar with CA rules/taxes/etc)
  • Went to the dealership today and received a quote for a 4X4 SE Titan. Includes:

    1. Popular / Bench package
    2. Big Tow package
    3. Utility Bed package
    4. Splashguards
    5. Utility-track sliding floor tray /Bed extender
    6. Floor mats

    MSRP and destination = $33,740

    He quoted me a price of $28,400 which also includes $2000 rebate. O.T.D is about $31,000....damn CA taxes and all the other B.S. fees. Just wondering what you guys think of the offer and do you think I can do better. Went for a test drive.....awesome truck!

  • well i got my Titan 5 days ago......XE with 2300 in options that had an MSRP of 29K I got it for 22,700. So I got more off than the 2K the car had a days inventory of 83 days so that may have something to do with it.......anyone know a good website for aftermarket chrome rims for this truck????
  • rcanturcantu Posts: 11
    my math may not be too good but that looks like invoice price. match in TMV of edmunds to be sure. You can probably work $400 under by calling 1 dealer after another. In 1 day I got quotes from $700 over to $200 under.

    My best quote which they actually lied to me is $800 under invoice. But I got 2 others to match it! This is in so cal area. Try to get emailed quotes so you have proof.
  • I just got my TITAN today, this is what I got for the money:

    TITAN CrewCab SE 4x2
    Pupular package
    Utility bed package
    Running boards
    $24,650 + Title & taxes in Texas.

    out the door was $26,200

    I think I got a good deal considering the fact that I talked to 5 dealers and they all didn't want to go below this price
  • Hi miketiger:

    I'm moving back to H Town as well and would like the specs on your Titan and the dealer you purchased it from if that's OK. I really like the lines on the Titan and the price is right too.
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