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Saab European Delivery

dafohosmendafohosmen Posts: 21
edited March 11 in Saab
Has anyone experienced or known someone who recently experienced the european delivery program with Saab. I am looking at purchasing a 2004 93 Aero manual and picking it up at the main factory in Trolhattan. We have family in Sweden, so it would be a nice trip for us, and it would essentially cost nothing. Picking up and dropping of in Gothenburg Sweden is free, they supposedly give you $1000 in travel expenses, and you get to break in your car in the wonderful scenery of Sweden. The only other expense is insurance while you are there, which is about $200. I believe I would save about $3-4000 on the car. The literature on it says you take 8% off of MSRP. Does anyone know if you can negotiate then take off 8%, or is it just 8%? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is this worth it or not?


  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    It just depends.... If you were planning to go to Sweden, it is worth it. They pay for 2 plane tickets, first night stay, dinner and breakfast. You take delivery at a site near the factory and have the opportunity to take it out on their track. After that, you either have the choice of leaving it or driving it around the country (have to buy insurance) for a few weeks. If you do chose to go, don't forget the SAAB museum.

    At 8% of MSRP, that should get you about $700 under invoice + $1000 (implied value for tickets, hotel and food)... Last time I checked, there was a $3000 to $4000 incentive (and sometimes more if you choose SmartBuy) to purchase here. So, it works out to be about the same price either here or there. Question is, do you want to go to Sweden? If you do, this is a great package and there is an opportunity to see Sweden!

    Oh, almost forgot. When taking delivery, you have a chance to get extra options (some of which are not available in the US).
  • Thanks for the input. We were not necessarily planning to go to Sweden, but it had been part of a long-term pkan for some point during our lives.

    When you say they pay for 2 plane tickets, 1st night stay and two meals, is that what they call $1000 in travel expenditures. I was under the impression that the first nights stay and two meals were included, then they just cut you a check for $1000 to spend wherever you would like. The salesman at the dealership didnt really know much about the program, he just gave me the pamphlet. That is in the info I gathered from reading the pamphlet numerous times. I think I would rather have them just pay for my flight. Tickets from Indianapolis are about $6-700 each right now.

    Also, what options would be available that are not available in the U.S.? Is there anywhere I can go more in depth about this and speak to someone who really knows this program? Configuring my car exactly to my needs is a big plus for me. Also, breaking in a car on the track at the factory as well as the winding countryside of Sweden is intriguing as well.

    Finally, is there a reason you are going away from Saab for your next car? I noticed you have a 2001 Saab 93 but are looking at a new TL. Thanks again for your thoughts.
  • gjl3gjl3 Posts: 9
    I have not done this recently; but did it on my 1995 900. It was wonderful, we picked the car up at the factory and toured Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland before dropping it off in Frankfurt. Aside from the very high end hotel near the factory, there was a program to get a good discount at other Relais & Chateaux type hotels.
    There was no negotiation on the price.
    I wanted to do it on my 2003 9-3SS but the program was not yet available on the new model when I bought it.
  • I just got off the phone with a Saab customer service representative who attempted to explain to me how the cutomization of my future vehicle would work if I utilized the european delivery program.

    She said that even though I am picking up the car in Sweden, the car is still built to U.S. specs and thus only options that are available to U.S. buyers would be available to me.

    I think she was mistaken, but input from other would be appreciated. For instance, there are two other options for sport seats on the 93 Aero in other countries, as well as a turbo diesel engine. I want to know if I can purchase things like that. I dont necessarily want those things, just to know if I have access to them.

    Also, has anyone heard if they are bringing back 0% financing?
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    Hey there.... What I meant by extra options were aftermarket stuff... On the model I have, there were extra cupholder slots in the doors. You couldn't get the attachments here in the US but could in Sweden.

    As for the diesels, they are Euro spec'd...not for the US market. Equip the vehicle as you would a US car and if you want the extras such as hood protector, etc... get it in Sweden. You get the stuff a little cheaper and there is no tax (if I remember correctly).

    On to my car decision, have you driven the previous SAAB 9-3? It had flaws, wasn't as sporty but it was RELIABLE and had CLASSY materials. I have driven a couple of the new 9-3's and am just not impressed. Not to mention, one of the cars I had stalled on a busy street. Scared the living daylights out of me.

    My SmartBuy terminates next March so I am still shopping. I like the 2004 TL, 2004 Accord and the 9-5.
  • What do you mean by a previous 9-3? 2003, or like 1999? I have only driven the 2003 Arc manual and a 2004 Aero Manual. All of the stalling problems I have heard of relate to the automatic transmission. I have also seen very good reports about the cars safety and dependability. I am a pretty big fan of the car right now, and being able to take advantage of the delivery at the factory is just icing on the cake. It should be great fun and maybe I will start to get all of my future cars that way.
  • lcp1lcp1 Posts: 14
    The main negatives regarding Saab
    that most prospective buyers are not aware of:
     First and foremost-you can not use any of the
    dealer subsidized programs-purchase pricing
    subsidies,leasing or financing programs(such as
    0% financing.Secondly,after returning to the U.S.
    your car will not be at your providing dealer for
    anywhere from 6-8 weeks(shipping time from Sweden)
     Finally and often the killer---payment in full
    has to be made in full 30 days before delivery ruling out any type of conventional auto financing
    or leasing options.This makes the car in most cases either a cash or equity line of credit purchase.This is because a lien cannot be entered
    until time of vehicle registration which will not
    occur until after that 6-8 week shipping period
  • Lcp1, nice post. How though do the other car manufacturers do it? Surely, the overseas delivery program must get around this somehow. Leasing?
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    By previous generation, I mean the 1999-2002 9-3's. As for Euro pickup, yes 100% finance is expected on the day you pick up the car UNLESS you finance thru SAAB Financial Services. If you chose SFSC, there is a "delayed" payment of sorts that SAAB has figured out. For greater detail you would have to contact them.

    Pickup in Sweden or purchase in the USA, either way you are getting a good deal. Here in the US, you get cash incentives.... In Sweden, you get around invoice + travel expenses....
  • lcp1lcp1 Posts: 14
    Unfortunately GBrianK you are incorrect regarding
    financing options for Euro delivery thru S.F.S.C.
    None are available(I called them).The crux of the
    problem has to do with the lien registering the
    car as collateral for the note which has to be
    done at the time of vehicle registration in your
    state of residence As we already discussed,
    payment and stateside delivery/vehicle registration may be as much as 3 months apart.
    there is no way for the lending institution to
    secure their note during this period.
  • cubby5cubby5 Posts: 1
    I asked that this discussion be reopened, as we are considering buying a 2004 9-5 Linear Sport Wagon through this program.

    Has anyone purchased a car through this program lately? I have the same question as Dafohosman: can you negotiate the price - the deal now is 9% off of the MSRP, but can I negotiate the MSRP?

    Second, and I plan to call Saab about this since I've requested information from them on the program twice and have twice gotten their general brochure on the 2004 models, can the travel allowance be used for any travel-related expense? I am planning to use frequent flyer miles to get to Europe, but obviously lodging, meals, travel w/in Europe will cost something, so I would prefer to not use the travel allowance for the airfare.

    By the way, I got an email from Saab saying that the travel allowance is now $2000.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Am interested in doing the Euro Delivery on a Saab convertible. Was curious as to whether I could get more of a discount than the quoted discount on the website.
    Also...any chance the car could be leased?

  • lmjmlmjm Posts: 3
    I have been trying to puchase a 2006 9-3 Aero through the European delivery program, and it has been an absolute nuisance. Several dealers knew nothing about and just made up stuff. Than one Saab place that is part of a large group sent me on to their Volvo guy doing European deliveries. He too has excelled in providing incorrect information and secrecy. For example, he said 5-6 weeks for delivery in Sweden, and 6-7 for delivery everywhere else. When I asked him to confirm with Saab that they could guarantee having it there in 7 weeks, he came back with a date that was 11 (!) weeks later. When I asked about the travel stipend, he sometimes said it was a voucher for future trips and other times said that it is (and this is what he know still insists) a check in the mail. And there are many other examples just like that. I just have no way of knowing what is true and what is made up...

    Similarly, he keeps saying "Just come in and we'll determine your individualized financing rate after you pay the $1,000 deposit." My credit score is in the excellent range so he should be able to tell me what that would qualify for if the credit check does indeed confirm an excellent score, but he refuses to tell me until we do a credit application _after_ I give the $1,000. Always more "Don't worry, just come in and sign the paperwork, it's easy." Given that for European delivery there seem to be no financing options other than through GM itself, I find this truly unacceptable.

    Anybody any insights/suggestions, especially re the financing....?

    Thank you in advance.
  • steve322steve322 Posts: 3
    I have found the same thing in the Chicagoland area. None of the dealers know much about the Euro Delivery Programme. Went to Perillo in the city with the printout from Saab USA customer service on the financing bit and the salesman at the dealer told me that they do not finance the cars.
  • lmjmlmjm Posts: 3
    At one point, a dealer said they could only provide financing to diplomats and people in the military. Then later he changed his mind and said he didn't know that it is for everyone.'re actually lucky that you did not get financing. As mentioned before, one dealer refused to give me financing info unless I would first pay a $1,000 deposit. Today I found out from another dealer why: even with an excellent credit score the GMAC financing for the Saab European Delivery is fixed at 9.2%. Yup, after less than 2 years of payments, Saab would have recoverd not only what you saved on ED but also a lot more and the car would actually cost a couple thousand MORE than buying from dealer stock. True, nice vacation and all of that plus opportunity to drive your car in Europe but also a very very very long wait (order to pick up as well as drop off to arrival in U.S.) for a more expensive car....
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 3,475
    Wow, the financing part is tough, cause nobody else would accept to pony up money for an untitled vehicle. So, they can get you when you think you're done. 9.2 percent is a nice rate, indeed :surprise: :mad:

    2012 BMW 328i wagon, manual and sports package. No. sold in the US: 1. Probably.

  • georgekgeorgek Posts: 50
    You may want to find a new bank. Both my bank and my credit union were willing to finance delivery in Trollhattan as long as I could give them a VIN number.

    The $1000 deposit is required by SAAB USA to confirm the order.

    I ended-up buying the car here because the military/diplomatic price is about the same, net, as taking delivery in Sweden.
  • fwulfersfwulfers Posts: 2
    My dealer in southern California is great, the process has been very easy so far. I financed through Capital One and there were no problems. Well, I know for sure when I pick up my car in Trollhattan next monday :). I would suggest finding an honest dealer that isn't pushy. I have a blog about my experience with the IDS program, check it out when you want more details.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    I have never encountered a finance organization of any type,bank or credit union,that would do a conventional car loan on a European delivery.The car is the collateral on the note and as such the title must be encumbered .The lien can not be executed until the title is issued which will not happen until the car is registered in the owners state of residence.Payment in full is required by Saab 30 days before delivery and the car does not arrive at the for app.another 6-8 weeks after delivery,so you have a period of anywhere from app 90-120 days where the finance co. has no collaterall.I think you better get a clarification on this.S.F.S.C briefly (less than a year)offered Euro-delivery financing but with the advent of G.M.A.C. no provision exists at this time.
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