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Toyota Solara Convertible - 2004 and Newer



  • What kind of value deal did Toyota bought back your car? I have a 2008 Solara XLE convertible, bought brand new. After one year old I started experiencing a noise from the back every time I drove over a speed bump. After taking the car to the dealer for a test driving with a technician, I was told that they would have to replace the bushes (struts)... When I went to get my car after they were supposed to have fixed it, I was told by the service manager that warranty did NOT authorize the replacement because the part was not broken and instead of replacing the parts, they only lubbed and did not charge me for my oil change to make me feel better... The manager also told me that he went for a drive in 2 other Solaras and they all did the same noise and was kinda normal with these cars for a lack of extra weight for not having the heavier top. I now am dealing with a "Factoty Representative" who is from outta town and I feel they are ALL trying to BS me. Has anyone experienced this issue? Please feel free to contact me at My car now is only 12,000 and I am looking into having Toyota buying the car back from me. Any feed back is welcome. Tks a lot!!
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    Just took out my SLE convertible after not using it in awhile and went on a 150mile journey some side roads some highway and the trip out had the mileage average 40+ and back at 37+(pretty windy too). That's hybrid territory from the 3.3l engine!!! I got better gas mileage than in the summer. Cold crisp but dry conditions in upstate NY. (Maybe it would have been even better if I had put the top up!!!) LOL
    I am amazed.
  • rednebredneb Posts: 5
    I also own a 2004 early model convertible. There is a service bulletin out on this. Take it to the dealer, they will replace steering components. I had this done while it was still under warranty, but I suspect if you argue with the dealer, they will still do it for you no charge even if you are out of warranty.
  • rednebredneb Posts: 5
    Did you actually check mileage with a gas station refill or are you trusting the dash mounted MPG read in the mulit-function computer. I find that to be off by 2-4 MPG on my '04 (the mileage is overstated.)
  • rednebredneb Posts: 5
    Also 17" wheels and wider tires + upgraded stereo. Tilt and telescope steering wheel and multi-funcction trip computer.
  • I have the same and have reported it to toyota manf. But the tech says there is nothing wrong with it when they put it on the machine. When they drive my car they drive it slow and then it won't happen. Toyota says they have never had any complaints on the solora v6 2 door coupe it is not a convertible. I am going to see if I can trade it in I only have 11,000 miles on it.
  • I have a 2006 convertible toyota solara and it is the best car ever. The convertible top is great and still in excellent condition. No leaks or tears after 3 years. I drive 250 miles a day for work and I have 100,000 miles and car stills runs as good as the first day. I take good care of my car and my car takes good care of me. If I were to purchase another vehicle, it would most definitely be another new Convertible Toyota Solara. This is the perfect car for me. :blush:
  • hazelihazeli Posts: 1
    Just purchased a '06 Solara conv last Saturday and I love this car. Got for good price and opted for the Platinum Extra Care plan. Only one thing worries me about the conv. There seem to be a curring problem with corrosion of one of the battery cables. They cleaned it up but still concerned. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    I heard the top should not be wasked at a high pressure delivery system car wash. Damages the sewing and can cause leaks. What do you all think? :D
  • Wondering if anyone is experiencing issues with Solara cruise control. Mine is not maintaining desired speed going downhill
  • lobo9lobo9 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if there was a Toyota service bulletin regarding steering components on the 2004 Toyota Camry Solara SLE? We just bought one and are experiencing a "looseness" in the steering. Anyone else have problems or have had problems with it?
  • Hello,
    we came across your message on the Edmunds website about having problems with your Solara rear defrost. We own a 2008 convert Solara and have problem with the rear defrost that doesn't work. Toyota claimed that we broke the wiring by storing things in the rear panel...which we never did. We had a 2005 convertible Solara and had the same problem. Then Toyota suggested that we put the repair compound on the wires but we don't want that on a 47000$ car. We truly beleive that this is a problem of the rear window manufacturer. And we also think that it's an engineer's bad design that the window has to be replace along with the top.
    Now we try to have the whole thing replace by Toyota.
    Did you had any success dealing with Toyota solving the defrost problem ?
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