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Instrument Panel Problems



  • ter123ter123 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Cabrio - and the Airbag and brake light remain on - I have checked the brake fluid and the brake pads, but this light remains on when car is running. What could it be. Anyone out there can give me some suggestions.

    thanks in advance
  • yeti_herdyeti_herd Posts: 1
    I've got an '89 Volvo in which, about two weeks ago the speedometer started flickering around wildly and then up and quit within a few hours. The odometer and trip odometer also went out simultaneously. I have removed the instrument cluster from the dash to check the connections and they all seemed fine with no corrosion. Put the dash back in, still nothing (didn't really expect much).

    Other weird symptom/evidence: when it is raining out or the road surface is otherwise very wet, the speedometer and odometer will come on and work perfectly, until it dries out again. This suggests to me that there is an exposed connection somewhere that water will improve electrical connectivity on enough to make it work briefly. I don't really know anything about how the car is wired, though, and I have some wiring charts that I got from an online database but they are confusing and difficult to read.

    Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    The speedo sensor is on the back axle. Since you didn't post a model, I'll give you the various possibilities:

    Speedometer sensor, replacement
    Rigid back axle.

    * Cut and remove seal of lead.
    * Unplug connector.
    * Unscrew sensor.
    * Remove casing over fuel filler pipe on 4-door models, or the cover on the left hand side behind the wheel arch on 5-door models.
    * Break open the leaded box and unplug connector.
    * Remove the sensor lead, rubber sleeve, and clamps.
    * Clean the area around the sensor and unscrew it.
    * Replace sensor.
    * Fit new sensor.

    * Thread leaded wire through connector lid
    * Fit connector to sensor.

    * Pass the leaded wire through the lock on the connector and catch on the sensor.
    * Thread on a new lead weight and press together with pliers.
    * Fit the new leaded box and attach lid firmly.
    * Test.

    Speedometer sensor, replacement T2
    760/780 1988-, Multi-link back axle

    The sensors are placed differently for varying versions of differential.

    * Remove casing over fuel filler pipe or the cover on the left hand side behind the wheel arch.
    * Break open the leaded box and unplug connector. Remove lead to sensor, rubber sleeve, and clamps.
    * Clean the area around sensor and unscrew it.

    * Reassemble in reverse order. Oil new 0-ring before fitting.

    When fitting sensor, tighten to torque: 8 - 12 Nm (5.9 - 8.9 ft lb) .

    * Fit new leaded box and put on lid firmly
    * Test.


  • Dash lights go out, perhaps drive on rough road and come on again (about 4 times), dashboard lights work for few weeks and go out again. This time dash lights after about a week will not turn on. It's only the instrument cluster lights, radio and idiot lights work. On the Taurus/Sable thread read about 6 members that have the same exact problem. I would think there would a Technical Bulletin or recall on this for a 4-5 year old car. If this is one of those $5 part and $1,000 fix it issue, I'm dumping ford for ever. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :mad:
  • Maybe it's the fuse that causes the problem or the electrical wiring. I think it would help if you can see the diagram of the electrical wiring in your car
  • I just bought a saturn vue 2004, the background of the dasboard is lit but not the indicators needle what the he... could that be ???
  • Just bought a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and my gear indicator light doesn't work. Is there anything that could fix this other than an new instrument cluster? Thanks for the help guys.
  • vicgoovicgoo Posts: 11
    Hi,i have an electrical problem with the dash on my 91 Riviera.When it,s first started after sitting,the cluster does not light up except for the speedo reading 00 and odometer reading ERROR and the electrical problem light on,after running for a half hour,the dash comes on and the warning light goes out,everything on dash reads fine,gages accurate,also i noticed the miles on trip and regular odometer counts up when dash is out,so it seams like everything works except it doesn,t light up at times,any ideas ?
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Bad ground connection?
  • Hi, I have a 92 riviera with the same instrument panel issue. 00 for speedometer and error for odometer. mine also comes on and off randomly. have you found our a solution for this issue?
  • piinc21piinc21 Posts: 1
    I just seen your post about you 02 Tahoe dash lights. Mine does the same thing do you ever find out what was wrong with it? Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you
  • Instrument cluster (speedometer, Tachometer, Break & ABS light) is not working while driving.
    My video for my 2009 camry is here:

    Toyota service center asked $6000 to replace wire harness and PROBABLY electronic control unit.

    I found some posts, but the answers are not that clear to fix it. tml

    Any comments would be appreciated!
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