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Purchasing Used Vehicles

I thought that those of you who visit the Smart Shoppers Message Board might find it interesting that used vehicle prices seem to be on the rise. According to the following new article that was published by Automotive News yesterday, Average wholesale prices increase again, the country's biggest auto auction corporations claim that the average price of used vehicles that were wholesaled in October 2003 increased 0.5% from the prior month's number. Has anyone out there notices a similar trend when shopping for a used vehicle? How about those of you who work in the industry? Have you noticed a general increase in used vehicle prices over the past several months? Inquiring minds want to know? Please feel free to use this discussion to provide your thoughts on this article or on your own observations of used vehicle pricing. Thanks.

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  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ..... **How about those of you who work in the industry? ..**

            The last month ..? hmm, I didn't know they had 100 day months .. I better be asking for a more accurate calender for the year of 2004 ..... :)

            Depending on the area (and the vehicle) most dealers are up about 10/15% over last year.

  • I am interested in trading my 97 Ford Expedition XLT with 88450 miles. I checked the trade-in value on three sites here and have the figures it should trade for from 8400-9500 with all that is on it, but they low-balled me with an offer of $6900.00. The SUV I am interested in also used, a 2003 Buick rendezvous AWD that has been on this buick lot for over a month and they have knocked the price down $2k already.

    My question is why would they make such a ridiculous offer even though they knew I had done my homework-which I had with me?

    I know that used cars are tough right now, but does that also go for these type of vehicles?

    I priced them used, and similar Ford Exp. are going for $10.5-$13.0 asking price.

    Help! The used-manager wants to speak with me again, but I am stalling as I was so mad with his sorry first offer.

    Advice? Was thinking of making an offer outright, low, the day before thanksgiving to see what they say prior to trade talks, and have thought of trying to sell myself but is their no market out there for the Big rig?

    Thanks for any in advance for any input!
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    "My question is why would they make such a ridiculous offer even though they knew I had done my homework-which I had with me?"

    First and foremost, it's not a ridiculous offer, and books and websites don't buy cars, people do.

    Your rig has almost 90,000 miles on it - that makes it ineligible for any extended warranties or financing - no one will touch it, the dealer would have to get a cash buyer.

    Also, regardless of how well something is maintained or how good it looks, the dealer is taking a chance by retailing the vehicle.

    It has to be wholesaled, in most cases.

    $1500 under trade-in? Not bad at all for a 90,000 mile, 8 model year old rig.

    Double check with CARMAX, if you have one in your area. I say it looks good, but it's your money.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ...... Depends on a lot of things here .. is it a 2wd .. 4wd ...?

            Options ....... ? condition ..?

           is it a 4.6 or a 5.4 V8, leather, slider .. ? do we have any repaints, any invasions from the K-Mart crowd, can you see the air in the tires ... ?

              These are all the things that the books can't answer ...

  • It has 5.4L V-8, 4WD, it has been completely maintained with no accidents, scratches, etc. Condition is outstanding inside and out, new tires, and really the bottom-line is that I can drive this easily another 70+ miles as this engine has had no problems whatsoever.

    Hey driftracer, you expect me to believe that $1500 below fair-market value is a good thing. I am in the wholesale business myself, and know a very bad deal when I see it as business overall is too tough for them to walk a customer right out of the box with a 'joke-of-an-offer' like they made. My real question to you is what is the purpose of KellyBlueBook or edmunds or the black book as a source for pricing used car trade-ins, if you tell me that $1500.00 is a good thing for an SUV in my area which happens to be SE Pennsylvania. The bottom line is that they tried an old-school trick which may work on the Geritol crowd, but not on this young one-get real please!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    Why not just sell it yourself if you think it's worth more?

    I don't doubt it's in nice shape but it's a Ford with nearly 90,000 miles on it!

    People are afraid of it and for good reason.

    You think you can drive it another 70,000 miles without major expense?

    You really have no way of knowing this.

    "I priced them used and similar Exp are going for 10.5 - 13.0 asking price"

    Going for...and Asking Price may be totally different from one another.

    These are a good example of a car that runs "back of book".

    I would run an ad in the local paper. Who knows?
  • I really have three options: sell it, keep it or dicker on the deal which is what I am pursuing right now! And, with this coming up on the end of the month with a bad car holiday with christmas shopping on most people's mind-who knows what can happen-right?
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .... Ok, so we have a 97 EB 4x4 Expedition .. and you say it's it has been completely maintained with no accidents, scratches, etc. Condition is outstanding inside and out, new tires and 90k .. right .? - and you live in SE PA ...

            IF, and the word being here is "if" it's as clean as you say it is, deep rubber, service is 110%, looks, drives and feels like an 00 with 30k, no click clicks in the 4x4 and no science experiments in the interior .. then I would agree with you, it's probably not worth $6,9 ... "sounds" more like a $7,5ish vehicle come trade side .. "could", "maybe" "might" be worth $8,0 on a Huge giant push, but it better be "jam-up" glow in the dark and need -0- ...

            Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, black book gives you a "ballpark" figure, a zipcode to work in .. in your area, the Black book will be the most accurate and if you are looking at one right now, it says (on the far right) ~ RGH = $8,000 ... the 90k will flat kill ya .. anyone can ask anything they like for a vehicle, it's their vehicle .. but if your gonna sell em', ya gotta know what they "sell for", not what folks are asking ...

            Down Retail Rd, $10,9 "asking" and the first Cashola of $9,5/$10,5 sends it packing ...

                   I hope this helps ...

  • landru2landru2 Posts: 638
    I can't say for the other sources, but the wholesale figures published by the black book do not account for any reconditioning that will be needed for a dealer to resell the vehicle. On an Expedition like that I would expect a shop bill of $1500-$2000 easy.

    But as isell said, if it is such a nice unit why waste time stalling and complaining about what a dealer wants to pay when you could sell it privately for a lot more?
  • landru2landru2 Posts: 638
    He said it was an XLT, not an EB.

    Plugging in your vehicle into the Kelly Blue Book site using a condition of 'good' and an Arizona zip code I get a trade-in figure of $7295. Using a Chicago zip code it shows a figure of $6370. Plus, it clearly states "that the dealer must then absorb the cost of making the vehicle ready for sale, advertising, sales commissions, arranging financing and insurance and standing behind the vehicle for any mechanical or safety problems."

    That $6900 bid certainly doesn't sound low in light of what that site says.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .... The figures are based on a XLT, the EB print is a misnomer .. also dealers in his area don't use KBB in a "real deal" appraisal ...

  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    Do we EVER get a car around here that is NOT OUTSTANDING or EXCELLENT ....

    I walk around a LOT of used car dealers and see very few OUTSTANDING or EXCELLENTS ...

    Maybe it's grade inflation?????
  • It's part of the great pride in owning one...

    According to KBB...
    "Excellent" condition means that the vehicle looks great, is in excellent mechanical condition and needs no reconditioning. It should pass a smog inspection. The engine compartment should be clean, with no fluid leaks. The paint is glossy and the body and interior are free of any wear or visible defects. There is no rust. The tires are the proper size and match and are new or nearly new. A clean title history is assumed. This is an exceptional vehicle.

    Funny how people forget about the "salt and pepper" rock chipped hood and bumpers... the couple of doordings, the couple of coffee accidents, etc... on their "excellent condition car" when they trade, but when they "trade up" to another, they complain about the same things on the new as an excuse to offer a lower price... hehe.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ........ I hear it all the time .. I have this 99 BMW 323ic, 01 Caddy Eldo, 00 Dodge Dakota, 02 Maxima and they all tell me the same thing .. It's in EXCELLENT shape, until we deduct for those 75,000 miles, the new tires, that little bitty 5ft deep scratch down the side that was touched up by National Federation of the Blind ..

            And oh, let's not forget that little repaint on the rear quarter that has overspray in the trunk on both sides and the seats look like the Michigan Marching band have used them at band practice ... other than that, it's in EXCELLENT shape ~ it just needs a bath.

                         Terry :))
  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    I agree there' probably some exaggeration going on about the vehicles condition here ( hope I don't break that limb by going so far out on it:-). The other thing to possibly consider is that just like the theory that Edmunds posters are possibly more savvy then the average car owner ( for the most part) then they also might keep their vehicles in better shape.
    Just a thought.....

  • I can smell car salesman a mile away, and these last few comments wreak of car industry individuals. I am going to sell it on my own via e-bay. Thanks for the some humourous remarks as I know the actual condition of the truck, and will just get what I know its worth or just drive it into the ground.
  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    Just as an FYI. isell,landru & rroyce are all in the car biz. They are also 3 of the highly regarded folks around so I would listen to their counsel. As isell said in post # 7 if it's worth more sell it. Good luck to you....

  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    what many folks don't realize, and rightly so, is that in order to retail a used vehicle, the standard today is to provide some sort or warranty. That has come to be expected, and consumers usually haven't the foggiest notion what it takes to get a vehicle up to snuff.

    Just because a vehicle was "running OK" and "pretty clean" doesn't mean there won't be a $1500 shop bill to catch of on all the maintenance the owner "forgot" to do, that $600 set of tires because of dry rot (but they look fine!), or an extra $100-200 to the detail department because those stains that you said would come out - didn't.

    There is a huge responsibility difference when retailing a vehicle through a business and selling it privately.

    If you don't know all the hidden costs involved, perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to judge.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,411
    None of us have seen your truck, and the last few comments regarding "EXCELLENT" shape weren't aimed at you -- other than you're one in a long line of people asking what their car is worth, and claiming that it's in excellent shape.

    I'm with Duncan here, in that the average person to come here probably takes better care of their stuff. But never mind.

    If you come here to ask questions, that's a good move. You got some really sound advice, from people who are in the business... whether as a salesperson, an owner, an appraiser, a used-car manager... these are the people who KNOW this stuff. I don't understand why you now feel compelled to write things like "I can smell a car salesman a mile away." Who the heck did you think was going to give you the help you asked for? Car people, of course.

    This is a good place to hang out, trade war stories, and get insider perspectives. But you need to play well with others.

    FWIW, I haven't liked the tone of your posts from the get-go. If you're so sure you know what your sled is worth, what do you want from us? Why don't you go and sell or trade it to someone who really wants it?

    I haven't chimed in so far because I'm not an expert, and the big-SUV market isn't something I know anything about... smaller cars, vans, I know those pretty well. Terry told you what he thinks the rig is worth, my advice to you is to say Thank You and move on... if anyone can tell you what it's worth without seeing and touching it, he's the man.

    I'm not telling you to go away. I AM asking you to please change your attitude.

  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    Great post Mathias!
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