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Hyundai Tucson



  • delta4delta4 Posts: 138
    Replacing current 4 cyl with Sonata I4 is very certain as Hyundai will be moving to aggressively remain competitive with CRV and Rav 4. Although it will not be significant in horsepower as these models it will offer better fuel economy over existing Tucson. 2007 model with new I4 and increased hp in 2.7 V6 may appear after Spring of '06.

    Good catch on the upgrade to power driver seat in limited. Also look for auto locking doors and manual tilt/telescoping steering wheel as well.
  • Anyone know if there's a known method to program the keyless entry for Tucson? My husband has mis-placed (lost) his set of keys. I've found the exact key fob's on Ebay but doesn't include instructions. In looking at Hyundai's service site, it looks like it may be more involved than some models have been in the past. (Price to get new remote from dealer was quoted to me as ~ 170 while I found 2 key fobs on Ebay for 30 plus shipping. But I don't necessarily want to get them if I can't get them programmed)
  • wknjwknj Posts: 9
    what does the manual say about the timing belt and when it has to be changed....thanks
  • Typically other Hyundai cars require timing belt replacement at 60,000 miles (per the owners manual) but if you are a betting man wait a bit... they normally last longer. I changed out one on my sons 2000 Elantra at around 80,000 miles and it looked new.
  • Any rumors on when this engine will appear in the Tucson? My guess is that it will be in the 2nd qtr of 2006! Looking at buying but the only fault I can find with the current Tucson is its present 4 cylinder engine configuration which gives poor gas mileage and sluggish performance. From all my readings the 2.4L Theta will cure these problems with a 10-15% improvement in mpg while providing a good healthy increase in HP. Additionally, it will level the engine HP/torque playing field with the new RAV4, CRV7, Saturn VUE and the Dodge/Jeep Caliber/Compass. What are your best guesses??
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    3rd quarter as the 2007 model.
  • Maybe! Just seems that Hyundai is really discounting the Tucson right now. They might be doing a mid-model cycle, (i.e. 2007 model year) engine I-4/V6 update to compete with RAV4/6 and the Caliber/Compass releases. Funny how the Caliber/Compass will be using the Theta I-4 engine series. Now if Hyundai did the same release as Dodge with the I-4 Theta and CVT2 transmission then you would have a killer product.
  • wknjwknj Posts: 9
    Is it easy to get the the oil filter on the Tucson I heard it is very close to the exhuast?
    Also, I have been going crazy deciding if I want to buy this vehicle. I am a Japanese car guy but the Tucson seems a great bargan. Is this car a 'you get what you pay for'??
    Any reassuring thoughts would be helpful .
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    It's really a good vehicle. I went trough the same toughts before buying a 2001 Santa Fe and did not regret it one bit, coming from a 1997 CR-V.

    I bought a 2005 Tucson for my daughter to drive and it's really nice.
  • delta4delta4 Posts: 138
    The Tucson has received very good reviews throughout it's introduction and many consumers rate it very highly. Additionally for the '06 model year they have even made the interior even nicer with the addition of a limited model. For example some new features added are tire pressure control, height-adjustable center console, re-designed rear security cover. The ride is very smooth and quiet, fit-an-finish is excellent, plus+plus+.

    I highly recommend you take a test drive and do the research here on edmunds. There are plenty of consumer feedback that will help you make an informed decision.
  • I have owned my 2005 Tuscon GLS, V6, for 1 year now and do not have a single complaint. I have 28k on the odometer, and the only issue I had was the molding/weather striping coming loose around the windshield. I contacted the dealership, they took pictures of the issue for forwarding to Hyundai and fixed it without question, while throwing in a free oil change. The gas mileage has been fine, the heating/cooling systems work perfectly according to season, and I just love the car. The fact that it just received a 5 star crash rating was welcome news also. I had never owned a Hyundai prior to this one, and traded a 98 Lexus ES in to purchase it, and I must say I am impressed with the quality. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone, especially when you compare pricing/warranty to similar sized SUVs. Merry Christmas everyone
  • Dear emmett1;
    I recently bought 2005 Tucson LX FWD. I enjoyed a lot. It's a really good vehicle. I feel fun when driving. But I felt MPG seems low (~20mpg). What is your average MPG for past 1 year ?
  • fk322fk322 Posts: 15
    I have a 05 Tucson GLS with 4000 miles. From a stopped position, the transmission goes thru a serious of "lurches" before it finally gets up to speed. It happens on a cold and warm engine. Brought it to dealership and the problem magically diappeared before technician could diagnose it. Now its acting up again. I love this car but this is driving me nuts! Anyone having similar problems???
  • kznkzn Posts: 1
    We have the same vehicle with 1400 miles. It seems to surge and it does whether its cold or up to temp. We posted a comment regarding our experience with this. The vehicle is still in the shop waiting to be diagnosed. Please post or email when they determine what is wrong with yours. We will do the same.
  • Guy, I'm an expatriate Canadian (currently resident in the US), but I will be returning to our home in Ottawa likely next summer. I'm looking at the 2006 GLS version of the Tucson, and weighing this against the 2006 EX version of the Honda Element. What has me slightly tilting toward the Tucson is the safety ratings on the car -- better than the Element especially for rear-seat passengers. I would be very interested in your daughter's overall experience with the Tucson, especially the mileage she might be getting (how does it stack up to what was advertised by Edmunds / the manufacturer / Natural Resources Canada. Thanks!
  • fk322fk322 Posts: 15
    Second time in the shop and they figured it out. Mass Air Flow Sensor was getting the wrong readings because it came loose from the Intake Air Tube. They repositioned the Air Intake Tube and reattached the sensor. Mechanic says he has seen a rash of this same problem with the 05 Tucson. Says its a design flaw and expects Hyundai to issue a recall with a newly designed part to alleviate the problem.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    Our's a 4 cyl GL. She's getting 10.5 to 11 l/100 km, mostly city. For the rest everything is fine so far!

    Welcome back! :)
  • I have a 2005 Tucson LX and the rear windshield leaks! I have broght it to the dealer 3 times and now they are calling the tech line because they don't know how to stop the leak. They have changed the seal but it still leaks when it rains. My car smells after it rains as the water gets musty. Does this fall under the lemon law if they can't fix it??? :lemon: :mad:
  • The initial idle rpm is normally higher during a cold weather start, however I'm finding that below 32F that the idle is 1700 rpm and it takes about 4-5 minutes for it to get down to about 1200. 1700 is just too high to even put the auto in D. Anyone else notice this?
  • 238000238000 Posts: 48
    My 2005 Tucson bought in Feb 2005 has about 15,200 miles on it. At about 12,000 it began to make a vibrating noise when going up long uphills. I finally took it to the dealer - after waiting about two hours, the service manager came in and said - the problem is in the drive shaft - it is vibrating and Hyundai has come up with a fix that we'll get around the middle of Jan. 2006. So, they tweaked the drive shaft but nothing changed, so I'll have to waituntil they get the part. This is very discouraging. After the troubles with my 2003 Sonata with the front brakes, and heater problems, I'm rethinking Hyundai. I hope that the Tucson is not a dog, but what else can I think?
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