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Hyundai Tucson



  • my KIa Sportage Alias Tucson pull my 17foot/75hp rig and trailer pretty good (about 1800lbs) .

    Car is rated at 2000lbs for the v6 AWD IF THE TRAILER HAS BRAKES !!! :surprise: AND IF THE BRAKES ACTUALLY WORK !!

    I basically pulls ok to and from the lake launch

    I will try mountains and dirt roads next summer

    What I don't feel good about is the cheap towing frame. The one with the skimpy one inch square socket and insert.
    ( I use a 2" ball)

    The Sorento had a much more appealing 2.... 2.5" bar and socket good for 3500 lbs.
  • the CRV/RAV4 is over-hyped average-ish completely, just carrying the Honda or Toyota namebadge

    I can't comment one way or the other on Korean quality as I have never owned a Korean made vehicle. I have owned multiple Hondas and Toyotas over the years and they have all been exceedingly reliable and well built. Far ABOVE average and appropriately-hyped. They cost more but in my opinion are well worth the few extra dollars in purchase price (which they more than make up for in decreased maintenance and fuel costs over the life of the vehicle).

    Your comments sound like sour grapes to me.
  • they just show that I value Korean cars, SUV's and minivans. The old opinions of Kia's and Hyundai's that were held by Americans in the late 90's aren't in the realm of reality anymore.

    While everybody(except those in the know)has been sleeping Kia and Hyundai's have been winning awards left and right for their vehicles' quality and value.

    The lack of decent Toyota and Honda body styling also turn me off to those brands in a large manner.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I recently bought my first Honda..a 2006 Civic. It cost me $19,680 with no discounts for which I could have bought a nicely optioned Sonata (gas was at an all-time high at the time). I am not entirely happy with it and it has its share of problems that are common to other 06 Civic owners (see the 2006 Civic owners site). I am also thinking of buying a larger car in addition to keeping the Civic and guess what, it won't be an Accord. Unlike you, I have owned other Hyundai products and I'm buying a new Sonata. I am thrilled for you, you have found your automotive "soulmate" in Honda but I, for one, am not sold..the Civic is merely OK.
  • The Tucson isn't underpowered...every bit as quick as your ex-Blazer. Can the unibody/automobile derived (from the Elantra) Tucson tow as much as the body on frame, truck derived(S-10) Blazer..nope. If towing is your thing maybe the Tucson isn't the best choice...but then, neither is the CRV so why bring up the Blazer?? I notice you didn't buy another Chevy. Finally, with regard to reliability, the last time I looked Honda dealers haven't all closed their service and repair facilities for lack of business!!
  • I brought up the Blazer for comparison purposes because it got practically the same gas mileage as many of the Tucson owners report on this forum. It was an terribly unreliable truck and the only reason we owned it in the first place was that we got it off lease from my father-in-law as a gift. My point was that it makes no sense to buy a new (and smaller/less powerful) truck in order to save money in gas when the new truck barely gets better mileage than the old clunker.

    We never really used the Blazer for towing so that wasn't a priority.
  • Well we agree on that..Blazers were basically junk!!! I do understand your point about reported poor economy by posters here but I am also a poster (maybe in the minority)who reports reasonable economy, not 30 mpg perhaps but I don't think 23+ highway is too bad for an S.U.V. with a V-6 and 4WD. Don't be fooled, the Tucson isn't that is very near the size of a Santa Fe, same as Escape, Liberty, bigger than the previous generation RAV and at least as big as your CRV. I maintain that if you give me a CRV to drive I may get "only" 18 or 19 mpg where and how I drive. I would then cry, as many here do, about the poor economy for a "Honda for God's sake" on the Honda owners site.. Finally, I simply cannot figure out how one guy here reports something around 9.5 mpg, let alone the people who insist they are getting 12-13. I guess it may be possible but not in normal type driving...I never used/abused ANY vehicle in the matter that would be required to do this. Well, I lied, I too am nearer 60 than 50 years old and I recall a couple of cars..a SS 454 '70 Chevelle, a 440 '66 Fury and a few others that I MAY have driven pretty hard. Further, these are all 2004-2005 model cars and couldn't be that mechanically screwed up to get that and still run.
  • Owned a Ford F250 HD crew cab (diesel) and sold it last year to buy a 2005 Hyundai Tucson V6, 2.7 L, 4 WD because of the vehicle's good looks and for the declared good fuel efficiency. Have been very disappointed because the F250 got better gas mileage by 3+ mpg (12-14 for Tucson vs. 17-18 for F250). We haven't been able to resolve the problem as the dealership on Maui has not been very cooperative and for that matter neither has Hyundai USA. Not sure this information is very helpful to you but in my opinion keep the Ford, it's more versatile and may get better mileage. Good luck.
  • Yep 9.75 miles to a US gallon...

    my "abnormal driving" consists of the usual driving around nothing elaborate, nothing new over the years.

    Remote start the Kia and warm up 5 min . like a lot of other cars do up here in -20C

    Drive to Wal-mart or Sears... pick-up groceries
    drive over to father's place half a mile away
    no screaming tires or speeding on 20 mph side streets.

    Dealer initially said they can't do much for me before... 6000 miles is reached

    I am now at 4400 so figure I will burn in excess of 250$ for nothing. Gas here is about $3.50U$/128 oz or 4 liters

    I asked the dealer if the V6 awd are all the same and he said no! So I figure my car is the problem because I statistically can't be the worst driver in town ... or at the bottom of the heap of all Sportage/Tucson drivers.

    The dealership director seems a good guy so I will let him follow-up and see what they will do for me .. before I reach 6000 miles !

  • I suppose I will finally have to have something wrong. I can't imagine what though since I guess you would agree it drives OK....normally? I just can't process 9.5 mpg it seems unreal. And your dealer is very right, it is abnormally low. Good luck in tracking it down, perhaps you can let us know what they eventually find. You seem to like the dealer but maybe try a Hyundai dealer for other ideas or new directions to look.
  • Yep 9.75 miles to a US gallon... :cry:

    There is definitely a problem there. I have an 05 LX AWD V6 (12000 miles now) and I just filled up yesterday and got 16.9 mpg on the last tank. I am in the Laurel Highlands of PA and most of my driving is to and from work on hilly 2 lane roads, sometimes snowy and icy, and lately in a lot of cold weather. You should be able to do much better than what you are getting right now. Keep on that dealer. :sick:
  • Laurel Highlands? Somerset?? I also live in Pa. south central now but was born and grew up in that area...don't miss it during most winters.
  • is negative for gas mileage, yes, but 9.5 mpg negative? Whoa. I'm following this discussion because I have a '01 Sportage 4x4 but I get around 20 city/ 25 highway, averaged out tank to tank. 9.5 is nastily low, something is wrong.

    And they're not spinning tires in the ice or anything? I know the Hyundai/Kia engines do need a break-in period in which engine internals seat up and set up inside, then gas mileage will improve noticeably after that. But 9.5 mpg?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • In Johnstown now, but I grew up in Jerome in Somerset County. I know what you mean about the winters around here. They can get nasty. Small world, isn't it! ;)
  • I grew up in Central City..if you know where that is you get the gold star today. Now in Chambersburg, much better winters but it still snows on occasion
  • Let's see... Central City? I seem to remember some small school district around there. Shade-Central City, maybe. ;) Lots of little towns around there, Shanksville, Berlin, Rockwood, Boswell, etc. I seem to remember our BB teams beating up a lot of those schools. :blush: But that was back in my way younger days(back in the 70s). Definitely nice country, but these winters :cry:
  • You got it!! good ole' Shade High.....
    Anyhow, I have my reservations about all the posted poor fuel economy (poor in my book is less than 15) for this smallish SUV even factoring in the fact it IS an SUV and will never, ever get 30 mpg. I have one and I know how and where I drive it and I can get 19-20 average no problem. Makes you wonder how these low numbers are being computed. To all those about to reply that MY numbers are suspect, go ahead I'm done with participating in the fuel economy debate. I get those numbers with the Tucson, did with both Santa Fe's that I had owned too but I get over 30 with my Civic if that counts. I suppose those who allegedly got better mileage with a variety of previously (and currently) owned vehicles..Ford/Dodge diesels...Chevy Blazers...Honda CRV etc ad nauseum what? Check their driving habits? Have their cars checked out? Sue Hyundai? Trade them in on another of the previously owned (better mileage) vehicle? Check their math? Grin and bear it? Wake up to the fact that this is a vehicle that will generally not get great mileage? Take your pick.....or add your own suggestion. I, for one, am satisfied that I am getting what I expected and to those who aren't.. see above suggestions.
  • Hi all, My wife just got a new '06 Tucson, 6cyl, 4WD(AWD) Does anybody have any idea how this will perform in the sand on a beach. We intend to take it to the No.Carolina Outer Banks in the fall. The whole family will be going so my Bronco will also go but it would be nice to have two vehicles that could traverse the beaches.
  • and I thought my 20.4 MPG was bad... there has got to be something wrong with your vehicle.

    That said, one of the reasons I bought my 06 Tuscon was because of the advertised MPG. I haven't reached it yet and by the sounds of it, many others haven't either.

    I also read the argument that the MPGs are inflated by the government. Not sure 'bout that one, who has the biggest dog in the MPG fight? The government or the maker?

    Is anyone questioning Hyundai on the Tuscon's MPG performance? If so, I'd like to jump on that bandwagon and voice some concerns.

    Other than the gallon/mile issue, the ride is everything that I wanted at a decent price.
  • I think you should be made aware of the EPA testing proceedure. I have a basic grasp of how this is done and while there are professionally researched and written articles I can give a basic overview. For starters on the professional articles however see the Oct.2005 issue of "Consumer Reports". The cover alone says "The truth about fuel economy...the EPA tests misrepresent MPG 90% of the time... in addition a recent editorial in Car& Driver magazine also addresses the problem. I am sure there are countless articles on this but basically the EPA ratings are the result of middle 1970's (1975) test assumptions that do not accurately take into account how "real" people drive. The average speed used is fixed and far less than what is normal on any interstate something like 50 mph, remember this was 1975 when the national speed limit was 55. Additionally, no AC is used..the ratio of city/highway driving does not reflect the increased density of city traffic over the last 2 decades or so. Further, some of this so called testing is done indoors with the vehicles on a dyno and suffering no effects from traffic, weather, wind, with the AC off again. The whole test is for only a very short period of time. Finally, manufacturers can legally submit a vehicle that is handbuilt and "tweeked" for maximum fuel economy. While this vehicle is technically what you or I can buy it sure isn't what you will get when you go down to your local Ford..Chevy...etc etc dealer. These are simplified reasons and by no means all of the reasons why everybody is unhappy with the "advertised" fuel economy. By the way, the EPA window sticker is in no way an advertisement for fuel economy from the manufacturer. In fact it is a government mandated " for comparison only" sticker that compares all vehicles of a certain grouping i.e. SUV's, then sub-groups within SUV's such as physical size (small SUV to large SUV), engine size,etc. If you would read the fine print it says this...use these numbers for comparison only. Based on what I have read in that Consumer Report article they compared 10 vehicles (1 ea. in each vehicle type catagory from hybrid to large SUV) for actual city driving and these were from 35 to 50% less than the EPA estimate. So, before blame is placed at the manufacturers doorstep for poor fuel economy a smart consumer should research why the EPA estimates are so inflated. In a nut shell: the tests are antiquated, no more 55 mph national speed limit(people are driving at 75-80 mph plus), city traffic is far more congested than in 1975, manufacturers submit hand built cars for testing and probably much more.
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