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Hyundai Tucson



  • winston8winston8 Posts: 2
    I'd like opinions on the Fwd. I live near Chicago, we get slush and ice and an occasional (1-2 per year) snow storm with 4-5 inches. Our streets our generally well-plowed. Does the Fwd handle this okay? Is the MPG better with the v-6 fwd over the 4wd?
    Is the 4wd worth the $2k my dealer wants for it?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I have found that AWD/4WD is great and it will get you out and about during the winter....but unless you have to be somewhere 24/7 (maybe a doctor, emergency worker of some type) if you encounter snow, or ice,especially ice,so bad that 4WD is necessary you might as well stay home until the roads get cleared. Have you noticed how many 4WD SUV's litter the median along interstates during the winter?? this comes from the overconfidence in the traction and stability of 4WD, but they do not steer or stop any better. Having had both front and all wheel drive I have found that with lighter powder snow the front wheel drive car with all season tires will plow through more than a foot of fresh snow. It is mostly limited by ground clearance. Heavy wet snow is a different story but FWD will still get through 8 or 9 inches of that, maybe more, if you know how to drive in snow. If you add dedicated snow tires and change over to them every winter FWD would be entirely adequate for most if not all winter driving. I do admit to liking the extra security AWD seems to give though but if you can get past your macho feelings FWD is OK. Now, to answer your specific Tucson questions...yes FWD will do fine under normal Chicago winter conditions. Yes, a FWD SHOULD get marginally better fuel economy than the AWD version by nature of its lighter weight and simpler driveline with less friction loss. Both have more ground clearance than a normal car
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    Tenpin288- No apology necessary as you can post in a reasonable manner without going into a tirade every time about how bad Honda and Toyota are as an excuse for problems at Hyundai. I could list all the problems with the car here, but that doesn't fix the quality issues and neither did the dealer. Some are just poor designs and cheap parts. I replied to someone asking about the 4-cyl for purchase, I own one, and gave my opinion and I don't need to defend my experiences with the vehicle. I think you can respect that but at least one here can't. Thanks for the common courtesy of an apology even though it wasn't you.
  • alpine1alpine1 Posts: 51

    What make vehicle hit you and how did that vehicle fare in the accident?
  • dripgossdripgoss Posts: 7
    Dude, you need to get over yourself already. You've made your point so why don't you move on and sprinkle your obviously inflamatory commentary elsewhere. So, back on topic...

    After much research and numerous test drives, my wife and I just drove off with a decent deal on a new 05 6cyl LX FWD Tucson with leather, moonroof, 6CD, power goodies that was overstock from another area. I have to say that after testing a Mazda 3 hatch, CRV, RAV4, Element and even a Santa Fe, I really liked the feel, drive and features for the money of the Tucson. $17.5k +tax/title @ 50 miles on the Odo. The runner up was the CRV which just felt cheap (folding center "tray", 4cyl, hub capped wheels and cloth seats for 25k?!?! NOPE) and the drive felt way to harsh and truck-y for me. I loved the Mazda 3, but couldn't justify the price to get leather, 6CD, but without the room, engine, warranty or vantage point of the Tucson for $4k more. I know they're apples and oranges, but I was open to many makes and models. So far I feel good about the purchase and will update regularly as I break 'er in...
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    You don't need 4WD. Just spent a winter in Quebec City with a FWD Tucson and it did just fine (with Gislaved winter tires however..) We had record level of snow this year BTW, over 10 feet!

    The traction and stability control works great. ;)
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yep...its me!! and you haven't seen tirade yet. No apology extended because I own a Honda too and I will once again tell you, and anybody else who cares to listen, that it isn't everything I had been conditioned to expect. It is merely OK. Nope you don't need to defend anything to me I owned more than one Hyundai.... still do and I am more than pleased. If you are not, you entitled to trade it in for something better, go for it friend it is the American way!!
  • quikglikquikglik Posts: 2
    I have a question about tire pressure (a little change of pace from what everybody has been fuming about here :)). The recommended tire pressure is 30 psi for all tires. It seems to me to be a little low. It's the same pressure my previous small car recommended. Does anybody have it at higher psi? I mean possibly in the mid-30s or so. Also, since the front end is heavier than the back, does anybody put more air in the front tires? Would drivability and gas mileage be improved by higher psi? Additionally, I just figured how to remove the cargo area cover beam. What a dodo. My combined mixed driving gas mileage (based on the trip computer reading) has been climbing from the initial 17.5 mpg to the current 19.7 mpg (mine is a 2006 GLS AWD with only about 1,300 miles on it so far). I like the car a lot so far. A couple of suggestions for future improvements would be less tint for the back windows and a little higher rise for the back part of the seat cushion. And as to AWD vs. FWD, I do agree that with traction control/stability control/ABS, AWD may not be necessary even for Chicago-type climate. You save $1,500 and do get a little better gas mileage (probably 2-4 mpg). As was suggested by someone before, a set of snow tires would provide even more security in the winter, if needed. A few of our Canadian friends I've met in the past did not have AWD vehicles.
  • jmomjmom Posts: 2
    I was hit by a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. The front and the hood were smashed, both front air bags went off. The report said about $3k damage to his and $10k to mine, but the insurance is giving full replacement plus tag, title and taxes since I had the car for less than 2 months. The police said I would have just spun, but the wheel hit the curb and that was what caused me to flip over. We think the dealer has finally found me another Tucson, this time with the correct interior color.
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    dipgoss- Sounds like you overpaid for your vehicle, you should have shopped around a little more. Maybe thats why you're so upset and commenting on issues that didn't involve you. This is a forum and not a "good news only about Tucson club" even though the most frequent poster(s) here would like that. When you own a Tucson over a year then you might think different.
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    The 30psi from the door jam is what Hyundai recommends and it only considers the overall ride of the vehicle and it is low. If ride is your only concern, 30 psi is the absolute minimum, if thats what the door jam says and its the OEM tires. The max pressure on the sidewall is only for when the tire is at maximum weight or when used at high speeds, normally 100+mph at which point the tire can't do both the speed and max weight, unlikely a Tucson would be in this scenario. So the trick is to find a pressure in between that meets all your needs. If you tow, carry heavy loads, or drive 100+, you need to be closer to the sidewall limit. Most fit in between and while the ride is a little rougher as the pressure goes up, it also decreases the rolling resistance some. 37 psi on my Hankooks works good. Once you replace the OEM tires, the 30 psi door jam #'s no longer apply as its a different tire and you have to figure it out again as the max pressure on the new tire would likely be different, but the same rules apply. 37 psi would also likely give you a cooler running tire due to less sidewall flexing.
  • fk322fk322 Posts: 15
    I thought I would post my evaluation of my 05 Tucson GLS/4wd V6 as I am nearing the 1 year ownership level Mr. Flytedhy described above. Gas mileage has averaged about 22MPG in mixed driving. I am a bit disappointed with this but I realize the Tucson is an SUV and I did not buy it with MPG as a major factor.
    As far as the interior, I wish I had another inch of leg room up front but overall its not bad. Backseat is great. My kids love the reclining back seats and privacy glass. I wish the seats had a bit more cushioning but overall not bad. The stereo is TERRIBLE. The sound quality is very poor. There are lots of cavernous mapholders, cup holders, and a large glove box.
    The ride has been very good. Very smooth for a SUV. Theres a bit too much wind noise that I'm going to have checked next time it is in for service. AWD/4WD works flawlessly. This has been a HUGE plus since I live in a snowy part of the country.
    I had one sevice related issue with the engine that was resolved after the 2nd time I brought it in. Service Dept was apologetic they didnt get it right the first time and were very eager to keep me satisfied as I spoke directly with the mechanic who ultimately fixed the problem. No other mechanical problems since.
    Overall, I am pleased with the Tucson. Considering the entire package (safety features, numerous standard features) the Tucson has been a lot of vehicle for the money.
    I used Edmunds and looked at this forum when I considered purchasing the Tucson so hopefully this will be of some help to anyone considering one.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606

    Reading some opinions in this forum it confirms my report at:

    about this car.

    I don't think that any of your Tucsons has undergone the hard work that my Tucson has endured.

    I hope the new version of the future Tucson may address some of my findings, e.g. poor insulation between the engine's compartment and the driver's compartment after two hours continued driving.

  • lulu17lulu17 Posts: 1
    Right now I have 14k miles on my Tucson. I am currently getting 15.89 mi/g in city-only driving and 20.3 mi/g on highway-only driving. I was hoping that it would get better after the 10K break-in period, but I have not seen anything besides a slight less than 0.5 mi/g gain when I hit 6k. Anyone else having this issue? By the way I drive only slightly faster than a grandma. I was getting within 1 mi/g of the EPA estimates on my "cr-ppy" former company car a 2001 Grand AM .

    Also, my rear seatbelts (on both sides) lock up during driving when I brake. I know during sudden brakes it's supposed to do this in case of an accident. The problem seems to be with the rear belts only. They never release even after 10 minutes. The seat belt has to be taken off, retracted back up, then put back on. It doesn't seem to matter who the driver is or the size or age of the passenger in the back. I myself have experienced it sitting in the back. Also, I have had complaints from nearly everyone of my passengers who have sat in the back over 16+ different people. The dealer can't duplicate the problem and did nothing to fix it. Anyone else have this issue?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Leslie
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I think that if you are realistic with your expectations the fuel economy you are getting is about (within +/- 1 MPG) what this vehicle gets...period. Some may get up to about 21-22 MPG strictly highway but again this depends on many factors including driving of tune/how well maintained...tire pressure....headwinds...vehicle load...etc, etc. There are terrible inconsistancies with the EPA estimates and the real world, mostly "real world" is a LOT lower but every now and then a specific model car surprises me with close readings, not often though. With regard to your rear seatbelt lock-up I think I would first drive another one off the lot to see if this was normal and if not walk right into the service dept and state your case..again. Seems, they should be able to duplicate the problem since it is common everytime you drive. You drive as you normally do with the service manager in the back and let him experience the problem first hand.
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    The hood would hit the fender of the car when it was opened. Just started doing it. Took it to the dealer and even though I only have 5k on the car, it was 1 month outside the 1 year "adjustment" period, they would not cover it under warranty. The vehicle had not been in any accident or fender bender and I'm the only driver so something was out of adjustment. The charge was to be $99 for a diagnosis then whatever additional labor to fix the problem. 3 service reps and 1 mechanic looked at it and agreed thats what had to be done. I called the Hyundai 800# customer service and was told I would have to pay the $99 diagnostic fee to the dealer but that Hyundai may help share the cost of the actual adjustment. The solution: I took the car to a body shop and they made the adjustment in the parking lot and lubricated the hinge in less than 10 minutes and charged me nothing, something the dealer where I bought the car and Hyundai were unwilling to do for less than $99. What a joke "america's best warranty" is and a hood that goes out of alignment after 5k miles is just another indication of a poor build.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    OK...I had to rent a vehicle this past week-end and it acted in a similar fashion. Several times when braking (briskly but not a panic stop) the front drivers side seatbelt would lock up. I had to scrunch back into the seatback to take the pressure off the belt and it would then release otherwise it would stay locked. It will never automatically unlock, you must take the pressure off by leaning back into the seat cushion but it isn't necessary to release and reinstall them. I suspect this was an overly sensitive lock-up mechanism but it was generally acting as it was designed.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yeah sure...I've been driving since 1963 and have owned dozens of cars since. Even the cheapest $100 rust bucket winter beater (a 1963 Ford SW rusted through and through)never had the hood randomly come loose and become out of adjustment to the point where it would hit the fender edge. There are several bolts on each hinge X's two (2) hinges so for the hood to get loose enough laterally to be that far out of alignment ALL these bolts would have to be loose...not very likely. All your supposed dealer interaction also sounds suspicious. If this senario actually happened any Hyundai dealer I have dealt with would simply notify the paint and body shop and either make an appointment or re-align the hood on the spot. But, in my experience, a hood will never simply "go" out of alignment unless you hit something. Funny how things keep happening to "your?" Hyundai that conveniently illustrate how "cheap" the build quality is and how "poor" the warranty is.
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    targetuning- You have zero facts and no direct knowledge of the issues with my vehicle, therefore you speak from a point of no credibility. Given the many posts on this forum in which you attack anyone who has a different experience than yours, further proves my point. Facts replace fiction: Your 63 rust bucket was not built to the close tolerances all cars are today so I believe there was so much play that it probably never did go out of alignment. Cars of that "era" never really were in alignment in the first place, not compared to today. ALL bolts didn't have to come loose, the body shop guy loosened them on 1 side, did a little tweaking, lubricated both sides and it works perfectly. 3 service reps and a mechanic at the dealer opened the hood themselves and seen it catch the side fender. Are they suspicious too? My dealer doesn't have a body shop, its contracted out and not at the same location, so your assumptions were wrong there also. According to my receipts from the dealer that several sensors in the past were "out-of-limits" and were replaced means that the dealer is now not telling the truth also? These things do happen to "others" as they do me, but there is no reason for anyone to post here when you are allowed to attack others. Posts like yours add nothing to the intent of sharing experiences on this forum and are simply attacks on anyone who doesn't always post what you want them to say about Hyundai quality or lack of it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    If this senario actually happened ...

    You and I weren't there so I don't think it's appropriate to jump to conclusions.

    any Hyundai dealer I have dealt with would simply ...

    All dealers are not created equal.

    in my experience

    My experience is that my experiences don't always cover all contingencies.

    Let's all stick to issues and avoid innuendo.

    tidester, host
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