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Nissan Titan vs. Ford F150



  • See the article below from edmunds. This is why EDMUNDS reviews have no weight. The FORD sold more trucks (F150) than Nissan (Titan), therefor FORD F150 had more consumers......Check out the liberal adjectives (burly, massive, innovative). I want to know how much money Nissan is paying off Edmunds to write this..

    Large Truck: Nissan Titan
     In what has to be called a surprising upset victory, the all-new Nissan Titan edged out the redesigned Ford F-150 for top honors in this fiercely fought category. The Titan's burly V8, massive interior and innovative features helped it squeak out a victory by just 1 percent of the vote (27 percent vs. 26 percent). Such a tight margin of victory shows that Ford's revamped half-ton is still a popular pickup. With its slick interior, numerous body styles and smooth ride, there's still plenty of fight left in the Ford. Further back in the pack were the Toyota Tundra (15 percent) and Chevrolet Avalanche (11 percent), two trucks that prove there's always a market for specialty trucks. Rounding out the list were the Dodge Ram (8 percent), Cadillac EXT (7 percent) and Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra twins with 6 percent.
  • Has had customers for how long now compared to the Titan? Thats right for a great long time. So yes the F150 is more readily known, and will have a more loyal following. So again the F150 will outsell the Titan no matter what Nissan does for the time being. Doesn't mean the F150 is the best pickup out there. Same as the Explorer is the top selling SUV which I own one. But its not because its the best SUV on the road. Its because its the best known one. Personally I am considering replacing it with either an Armada or a Durango. For the better tow ratings. I dont think Edmunds is taking ad Money from Nissan lol. MT on the other hand lol. But everyone will have an opinion. But if the Titan has the same engine and trans characteristics as the Armada then yeah it will have some good power. Like I posted before although MT chose the new F150 as the TOTY they still have gripes about its power or lack of it. So its not all that perfect. Then again no truck is lol.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    you MUST be smoking the funny stuff today, dude.

    the f150 is the best selling vehicle in the world. this is not in dispute. but volume has nothing to do with the truck itself. is a kia rio better than a porsche 911 gt3? according to your logic, it is.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Bowke, Gotta admit, I admire your last 2 posts. Like hittin' that old nail on the head.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    <---humbly bows to audience...

  • Most Consumers = Most popular

    Edmunds most popular article is inaccurate.
  • Lets rephrase your logic.

    Compare F150 vs Titan (same class Truck)
    The better selling vehicals equates to a more popular (better) vehical for consumers. FORD F150 wins.

    Comparing a 911 to Kia (you must be smoking the funny stuff). Need to get into same perspective in vehicals. Thats like comparing F350 to a Titan (NONE)....
  • And you are very funny. Get on the winning team and buy American (FORD)......
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    first, do some research. the titan has more american design and content than ANY other full size truck, including the super and heavy duty trucks. the main difference is that nissan isnt held hostage by the crooks of the UAW.

    second, im not smoking the funny stuff. i simply used YOUR reasoning to point out that its ignorant to assume that volume equals quality.

    want to know who smokes the funny stuff? look in the mirror. YOU arfe the one that said it.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    With the global economy, I'm not sure what buying American means anymore. See how American you can buy when you buy your clothes or electronics.

    FYI, I drive a Dodge truck, 74% US and canadian parts, 20% Mexican.
  • The Dodge Brothers built the first automobile with their name on it in 1914 as a 1915 model. Previously the brothers had built all the mechanical parts for the first 500,000 Ford Model T cars. The Dodge Brothers were well known and highly respected in the automotive industry because of the work they had done for Ford, Oldsmobile, and other leading auto manufacturers.

    This World War I Dodge Brother's half-ton Army truck had a body built by the Budd Co. It rode on a 114-inch wheelbase chassis and was powered by the famous Dodge Brothers 212 cubic inch 35 horsepower four cylinder engine. (John Zentmyer)
    From the very beginning Dodge cars sold exceedingly well. The Dodge brothers positioned their car up market from Ford's Model T. It was bigger, had more features, and cost more. Even though many of their satisfied customers begged them to, the brothers adamantly refused to offer a light-duty truck simply because they couldn't meet the red hot demand for automobiles. Late in World War I when the government asked they readily agreed to supply almost 20,000 half-ton chassis cowls, cargo trucks, light repair trucks, and ambulances.

    All you people need to get back to your history books and American culture. Get with the program on what a domestic vehical and where the name orginated. Be a loyal American. Buy Dodge, Ford and Chev....

    I sure what buying American means. But someone of you are misguided souls that take things for granted.

    I don't care that some parts are built elsewhere.
    I don't care that a foreign truck is built in Mississippi.....

    I care about the heritage and roots where these vehicals were invented, the United States....If you do not believe in my value set, then you are bottom feeders look up to me....
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "I care about the heritage and roots where these vehicals were invented"

    so you want to reward people who died decades ago? sorry, but your post makes no sense. i should buy a ford, dodge, or chevy even though i think another vehicle is superior and fits my needs better?

    you are more ignorant than i thought. try taking the chaw out of your mouth and putting it in your overall bib before you try again...bubba.
  • ...if you are making that patriotic argument, that the Japanese, while certainly not altruistic have been more supportive in the U.S. war on terror than the Candian/Mexican governments.

    I looked at one time, now I've forgotten...but I remember that the only truly foreign assembly in the Titan was the 5 speed automatic transmission is made in Japan, the engine is made in Tennesee, and most everything else is also made in Mississippi and USA.

    The big difference though, is that Titan is not union made, not UAW made, which to my way of thinking is a PLUS.
  • Some people would sound less ignorant if they would use the spelling checker before posting. If you are trying to make a point glaring spelling errors don't help you cause.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I will admit to giving some thought to the fact that Nissan is owned by the French these days, who have not been helpful lately, and regardless of where it's made, the net goes back home to Renault, but that's not why I like the F-150 better. OTOH, I do feel the UAW is hurting our auto industry, not helping them any longer, so how's that for a conflict!
  • Well, I am from Mississippi. I have a lot of friends and family that work at that plant in Canton. They say good things about the plant. This company has become a part of American life because of the American families it supports through all kinds of benefits and payraises. They have not move to Mexico or Canada for cheap labor. Their are other foreign car plants that support Americans better than other American car plants. Can you really say what's American? We are all immigrants in one sense or another through our ancestors. The dodge brothers were not originally from America and neither was Ford. The Indians really are the only true Americans raised up in this country and not imported from overseas. Let's get back to discussing the trucks. Ford has an established tradition for being a great truck. The Titan is establishing a tradition for being a great truck. Motor Trend has made some poor choices in the past in picking vehicles of the year. Edmunds also may have made some bad choices. I prefer Edmunds over Motor Trend. Their tests seem to be more detailed and more realistic. Motor Trend seems more of a crowd pleaser. I think in a couple of years Titan and Ford will be competing neck and neck as two great trucks for consumers. Ford will improve because of the competition from the Titan. The Titan will continuously make leaps and bounds towards working to be the best truck on the market. This competition will only make it better for the consumer.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    (Taking out the Violin)....Oh yes Nissan has done such a great job of building their truck plant in the U.S. (no matter how unreliable the products from there are), to help the american economy, and just help out all the wonderful little people working in that state, so they can all benefit from a better way of life...

    That was the spin, here's the story... The reason Nissan built the truck plant in the U.S. is because there's a 25% import trade tarriff that applies to any foreign owned truck being produced in another country. This tariff was initiated many MANY years ago to protect american jobs. Hence, it makes sense to build the factory in the U.S. not only because of the tariff placed upon the vehicle, but because N.A. will probably be the only market these vehicles can cater to. That's common sense.

    Toyota is also building their trunk plant in Texas for their next generation line of trucks.
  • You sure post a lot. Now even a lesson in history! Thank you. I have read your posts, some are funny, some are interesting, most are neither. I did note that you never talk about the trucks. So far you have labeled Titan owners as Yuppies and un-American. I researched and drove both, the Titan won in the areas I am concerned with. I will not bash the F150 because it is still a great truck, and I feel no need to feed my ego as some people do. Please post something about the TRUCKS.

  • I am glad to push your buttons, it makes my day....

    American means: General Motors' GMC, Saturn, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile; Ford's Mercury, Lincoln and Ford brands, and Chrysler's Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler brands.

    (UnAmerican) Foreign means: Everything else.

    Spell check this, ignoramous....
  • Is building a BIG new plant in mexico also......

    Thank You NAFTA !.....Bye Bye to more US and Canadian jobs.................
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