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Nissan Titan vs. Ford F150



  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    Watch out for Toyota! How many shots at the minivan market; or the car market for that matter, did it take until they got the best product? Watch out for the Tundra.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    Speaking of cheap woodgrain dash. Come have a look at my '03 Corolla. It boasts a 26 MPG avg (city) compared to the 32 est. And it would be faster RIDING in an F150. The first time it rained the windshield leaked.

    My '95 Tacoma was recalled for a head gasket problem that was supposed to have been fixed for the earlier 3.0 V6.

    My '01 GMC 2500 HD had the Allison transmission completely replaced TWICE in the first 6 mo.

    The wife's '98 mustang has 50k mi and no problems.

    Toyota quality? Can't prove it by me.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    SO you are trying to sat Ford has better quality than Toyota and GM? Been smoking something lately? Mr. Ford himself proclaimed that Ford had a quality problem. As to your problems, no vehicle is perfect, you always have a chance of problems. The thing is, you have much LESS chance of problems with a Toyota than a Ford for many reasons. This isn't just me saying this - the majority of automotive media say the same thing.

    By the way - GM has improved much more than Ford.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    As you said,"no vehicle is perfect" and I agree that you have less chance for problems with Toy. I've bought 2 in the last 8 years.

    BUT; Toyota is certianly not trouble free. First year Tundras had brake problems. Several models of thier V6 had head gasket problems. Several of thier engines have sludge problems.

    I'm sure there are a lot of quality Toyotas out there but very few "best in class" claims other than quality which is clearly less than perfect. My Tacoma was GREAT off road but it's 1800lb gross payload was exagerated. The springs bottomed out with 1200 lb of sand in the bed. (My GMC has 4-5 inches of spring travel at 500 lb OVER the 3300 lb rated payload.) The tow rating was 5000 lb With the Taco but it struggled with my 3800 lb boat. I never considered towing in the mountians.

    People who think thier Tundras are work trucks don't actually work them. Car-like ride? You bet! 1800 lb payload? You'd better keep it against the cab and take it easy on the brakes. I agree the Tundra is a great truck for most peoples going to Home Depot needs but class leading it's not.

    The new F150 has an optional payload of 3000lb. IF the next generation Tundra offers higher tow / hual ratings they'll need to stretch the wheelbase to the same as a real full sized truck.(like Titan)
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    I drove one for a day, but I was disappointed by the power from a 300HP engine. If you're going to make the sacrifice of poor gas mileage, then I feel you should have snappy acceleration available if you want to use it. The acceleration was just barely adequate with no weight in the bed. I have a hard time believing that it really had 300HP. Has anyone dynoed it? This is not a race car, but it feels slow even when compared to other full sized pickups.

    I also would want side curtain airbags for an extra margin of safety especially with the risk of roll over in a truck. Maybe in a couple years when they have discontinued the Heritage model and have all factories building the new F-150, Ford will make side curtain airbags available and find the missing horsepower. The only other thing I didn't like was the cheesy super-fake plastic wood trim in the Lariat.
    I'll check back when the 2006 models come out.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Well, I don't share many of Keanec's opinions, but his last post I pretty much agree. My son-in-laws brother just brought home a '04 F150 the other night and I had a chance to drive it.

    Keep in mind my daily ride is a '03 Dakota, so some of my critique is based on those non-relative terms. The F150 is a nice truck. It is quieter than my son-in-laws '02 F150, but then so is my Dakota. This is purely a subjective thing, but the interior strikes me as being stark and over utilitarian. I would not use the word "cheap" because I don't think the materials are inexpensive or of poor quality. It just doesn't have any warmth to it. It reminds me of Nissan Frontier.

    I've driven the Silverado and the new RAM and without a doubt I think both have more feedback, tighter handling and more precise steering. The RAM, in my opinion, is the leader in this category by far. This '04 F150 had the 5.4 engine and to me the power seemed more than adequate. However, compared to my 4.7 Dakota automatic I think those horses in the 5.4 have been way over fed. I have beaten my son-in-laws '02 5.4, it sure seems like I could do the same to his brother's '04. Even my son-in-law remarked that it seemed "doggish" and advised him to have it checked.

    The ride is very good, I must say. Better than my Dakota, better than the RAM, and just as good as the Silverado I last drove. However, the penalty may have been in true payload capacity since this '04 F150 and my '03 Dakota are sporting the same 280 pounds of sand in the back for winter traction and the squat in the F150 was more pronounced.

    And speaking of "Toyota quality," since owning one I most certainly think that phrase is highly exagerated. I noticed in Consumer Reports last Buying Guide, the Camry and the Dakota now have the same rating for reliability ("average"). Those claiming Toyota invincibility are either suffering from juvenile superiority ("my machine's better than your machine") and need to brag as an outlet for their egos, or are in denial.

    Haven't seen a Titan yet in the flesh.

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    "You go into great detail to say why the 3 valve per cylinder is better than four and how it was going to give way more power in low RPM's than the 4 valve set-up...oh ya, it was going to be cheaper too!

    I have yet to see your proclomations come true. Do you think everybody who has tested it has only used a vehicle with less than a couple of hundred miles? I think it is time you smelled the coffee and realized that with all the extra weight and an engine that is good but not great, it is just ordinary."

    Then if your well versed as to the manufacturing and development of the F-150, then I do not need to link you to articles indicating the items I have stated. As in, if you've taken the time to go thru the boards at the information I have shared, then you will see for yourself I'm backing up my info.

    No vehicle is ever perfect, and diversity and choice allow consumer's to ultimately vote with their wallets of what they want. And certainly the 900K units plus a year will surely indicate what it is people wish to have. The information I have linked previous, will show comments supporting various points I have made and proven. Obviously that is not enough, a few "Of the Year" awards is not enough for you, and your entitled to your opinion of course, but for the majority of buyer's, it's more than enough and the proof is out there.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    The new F150 has an optional payload of 3000lb

    This 3000 payload is not available on every F-150. It comes with the 8200 GVW, and I believe the 3000 pound rating is only on 2WD regular cab models with the 8' bed, in which it is an option.

    Other models with the 8200 GVW (Super Cabs w/8' bed, which it's standard) have a lower payload (because of a higher curb weight), but still very good.

  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051

    It looks good. The old version/Heritage is horrific.
    Now all it needs is some kind of VSC to reduce roll over risk, plus make side curtain airbags available as an option to complete the package.
  • I have assumed, following this thread, that the Nissan's engine and drivetrain will be made in Japan and shipped to the US for installation here, at the new plant. Is that correct? .... I must say, this thread has a disturbing amount of heat for the lack of actual road time that anyone has with the new truck. This time, next year, we'll all be entitled to opinions about the relative merits of the new 150 and the Titan. Right now, the comparisons are speculation. And I'd bet that Ford announces, within two years, that a three-valve V10 Triton is forthcoming.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    That should get rid of sluggish performance at the cost of even worse gas mileage.
    I wonder why the 300HP V8 performs so poorly. Other trucks perform better with about the same or less power.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    In the latest PM truck comparison the Ford was statistically even with the Toyota. Most people realize that the Toyota performs better than its numbers suggest, but the Ford should have edged it out with 60 extra HP plus more torque.
  • I think its the extra weight of the Ford that robs it of the better performance its specs give.
  • Just comparing the Curb weight of the Super Crew F150, the Titan Crew Cab and the Double Cab Tundra. The Ford outweighs the Titan by 97lbs and the Tundra by a whopping 390lbs. So its a big heavy truck that might be robbing itself of power. I think the extra 5 HP and 14 torque help the Titan out power the Ford although they are very close in their spec numbers.
  • The Titan engine is actually made in their Tennessee plant and shipped to the new Mississippi plant where it's built.

    If anyone has reservations on the F-150 engine drive one, then drive the Nissan Titan. You'll never look at the F-150 again. No comparison. I was all set to buy the new F-150, decided to test drive the Titan "just to make sure" and ordered myself a Titan.

    All of you can talk about the interior's all you want, I buy a truck for the engine and what it can do, if you want a plush interior go buy a Cadillac.

    I can control everything in the Titan with my work gloves on, the F-150's are too small.
  • If you want a cushy bling bling interior for a (pickup?)and can wait a little bit lol. Lincoln is suppoosedly getting its own version of the F150 according to Motor Week. It wont be a useless truck like the Blackwood though. It will be Navigator interior with a real pickup bed not that stupid non removeable electric bed cover.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    The F150 is definately heavy, but there's something else going on. Either the Fords power is overrated or the gearing is too tall.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    It's weight, the gearing is very similar to last years version.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    The Titan has an alloy block & heads, IIRC; not so for the F-150.

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
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