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Nissan Titan vs. Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500



  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    If the Titan is VERY succesful, it will motivate the domestics...and we will all win.

    Some say the Tundra is very succesful for Toyota, and Toyota may be satisfied, but they haven't motivated the domestics much.

    Hopefully, this new genuine full sized entry from Nissan will change that and as you said, "we all win"

  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    nissan salespeople will win! ;-)
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    We ALL win
  • I currently own a Nissan PU (the older hardbody style), and though I have been comtemplating a full size truck for somewhile, I intentionally waited for the Titan to come out before deciding. And now the decision is even harder. I do like the Titan, as far as stying (interior and exterior), but I really still like the Z71 as far as interior room and some small features (dual climate control, turn signals in mirrors, etc..). But the one that I cannot let go is the interior space issue. I was hoping the Titan King Cab would have as much rear leg room as the Chevy or GMC extended cabs, but that is not the case. The GM's have about 6 inches more leg room in the back seat to keep your knees out of the back of the front seat or force the driver or front seat passenger to be uncomfortably close to the dashboard. The dimensions are compared on Edmunds, and sitting in them you can really feel it too.

    So, the head scratching will have to continue for awhile until I decide, or the price is cut so low for the Titan that I just can't pass it up.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    If that is the case then Either GM is listing their rear legroom at less than what it is, or Nissan is listed as too much.

    The actual Specs form GM Canada website:

    Rear leg room 856/33.7 (mm/in.)(extended cab)

    Nissan Specs

    Rear Leg room 33.0 in. (king Cab)

    The CC specs are, GM 39.1 in.
                      Nissan 40.4 in.

    I wonder which one is posted wrong?
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    I compared the Titan KC and GMC Extended Cab on Edmunds and they have them listed as above; esentially the same size. Are you sure you weren't comparing the CC GM and the KC Titan. There is approx. 6 in difference there.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    what i think happened.
  • Isn't Toyota coming out with a new engine for the 05 Tundra. I read somewhere that it displaces somewhere between 5.4 and 5.6 Liters and will produce 300+ Hp.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    thats the rumor, but every time toyota boasts about something upcoming, especially in the HP dept, they always disappoint.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    I'll be there on the 7th & 8th. Should be fun! :)

  • Anybody else disapointed with the posted MSRP of the new Chevy Crew Cab? They announced a starting MSPR of 31,000 for an LS 4X2. It seems to me the Titan is cheaper, more powerful, quieter and with more std. features. I was really interested in the new chevy crew b/c of my GM card savings and a possible customer loyalty $1000 rebate later on this year, but with this pricing it prob won't be worth it.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    i agree. we have a titan XE crew cab 4x4, and the MSRP is at $29k. this has power everything and a 6 disc changer.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Most of the crewcabs sell near or at invoice. If you haven't been to a dealer, I suggest checking it out. On top of that there are low interest or 0% interest financing or huge rebates.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    but what does all the incentives do to the value of a used one? (hears a plane crashing)
  • Have you seen any available at the dealers? I thought they weren't rolling them out until Feb. or March, and I figured that chevy wouldn't heavily rebate or even offer a rebate on these new shortbox crews.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Sorry thought you were talking about the HD.
  • Here in Texas, esp. the part I'm from the 1500HD's are very popular. I would hesitate to say I could get a dealer here down to invoice on one of those. They are a nice solid truck, but more than I need and prob. out of my price range. I was hoping the new short box's would be priced more competitively with Ford and Nissan. I got the news on the shortbox crew pricing from an automotive journal, I don't think I can post the webaddress, but they got their info. from a GM press release so it should be easy to find.

    Like I said before, I am inclined to buy a Chevy b/c of my GM card rewards ($1500 max down on a silverado) and loyalty bonus (my dad owns a sierra and the bonus is transferrable to anyone in the family, and I think I might be able to stack another $400 on b/c I am in graduate school.

    All that sounds like a lot of discounts, but I'd imagine those dealers aren't going to budge on MSRP for a while on those new short box's.
  • Does Nissan have any programs like the GM card, or loyalty reward?

    I know Ford discontinued theirs and Dodge has a fairly new one.

  • ssmilesssmiles Posts: 35
    I ordered one from my dealer in California on 12/15/2003. I was advised they would go into production at the Ontario, Canada plant starting after the New Year's holiday. Chevy's media website

    has press releases stating the msrp's and also states first ones would begin to arrive at dealers by end of January. I chose a Z71 model loaded with all but the DVD system and engine block heater. Hopefully some good incentives will be in place whenever delivery day comes. Local ads state 0% for 5 years or $2500 cash back ends today.
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