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Lexus RX 330 Maintenance and Repair



  • babysnowbabysnow Posts: 48
    i have a 04rx that i love. the only problem i've ever had with it was the wind noise problem that was resolved. the only other car i would consider trading in for would be the hybrid rx (which is almost my definition of a perfect car. the only thing lacking is the 04rx's air suspension system). i have not read the mdx forums but i've had two acquaintances (one who owned a honda, the other an acura) who both had their pistons break down shortly after 3yrs. i crossed out the acura tl off my husband's potential new car list after learning that. maybe it was coincidence but i thought with something as serious as a car better not to take a chance. hope this helps. btw, when i was car shopping, i also considered the mdx. i decided against it because i didn't need something that seated 7 and i didn't like the interior design.
  • fun6889fun6889 Posts: 27
    Thanks for your input. I personaly like RX330 better (the look and the finish). But with all the posting I saw. My heart drops. Spending 40k on a car, yes it is not like I will go broke on it, but it is still pretty serious $$ spending on the car. And most likely I won't be looking for a new one soon after this. And I do put a lot of miles on the car, so I am looking for somehting I can keep for a long while, and I won't hite myself on it for the next 5 / 6 years. Anyone else has suggestion or Golden Advice for me? or am I worrying too much about the RX troubles/problems?
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    I have a 2005 RX 330, after having a 2002 RX 300 and a 1999 RX 300...great cars! You are worrying too much about possible problems!
  • babysnowbabysnow Posts: 48
    like another poster mentioned somewhere earlier in this forum, all cars have possible problems. i was also worried about buying an rx after reading this forum. however, after reading other problem forums, i decided the rx problems were of a less serious nature than all the other suvs i was considering. i think you will find yourself happy with the rx. i know i love mine.
  • aaatttaaattt Posts: 22
    Yes! I post that "all cars have possible problems"
    Like u said "(one who owned a honda, the other an acura) who both had their pistons break down shortly after 3yrs.

    The piston break down is VERY VERY VERY serious problem!

    I still waiting my RX330
  • babysnowbabysnow Posts: 48
    what special features did u order that you are still waiting for the rx?
  • iquiqu Posts: 4
    Color and options: Navy w/ ivory interion, NAV, Prem+.
  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    Does any one has problem with the headlight water condense ? My car
    (2004/rx330) just start having condense inside the driver's side headlight while driving under the rain. My close-up visual inspection the headlight, there is no crack or stone chip on the headlight. Already contact dealer about this problem. This model year seem to have more problem than the rx300, The tranmission, the daskboard rattle and now the water condense headlight.
  • You know, I read all these nitpicking complaints about the best cars every made, regardless of price...we have an 05 RX330 and it is a wonderful car in every about $41 k with great equipment, you cannot go wrong. of the milllions of cars sold, you read a couple of disgruntled owners on this forum and right away you believe it ...I say dont believe is a great will enjoy it...we have owned 5 Lexus's..since 93..the last two 6 years each, neither one of them ever had a just cant beat it...I also own an 02 SC430 at the present time, and had a couple of problems with it which have been is a great great car..plan on getting another one...I have owned them all in the past, Rolls..a couple times...lots of Mercedes (for 20 years)..I am 80 am a former car dealer for 32 years and know what I am talking about....dont listen to the naysayers who knock aint true!! IRV
  • tcheungtcheung Posts: 6
    The sound system on the 05 RX330 I recently purchased lacks base and sounds flat when compared to my 02 ES or the 00 RX300 I previously own. Dealer said this is "normal". Anyone else out there experience the same?
  • iquiqu Posts: 4

    You made my day!!
  • chicagocarchicagocar Posts: 11
    After having 5000 miles service on my year 2005 RX330, the performance sucks. The car drive has become heavy. The service guy told me that they updated the computer with TC005-03.

    Two mechanics drove the car and told me everything is fine, but there is definitely something changed. Please help with your experience…

  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    Headlight is replaced with a new one. The ratlle noise in the rear, tech guy can't pin point exact location where the noise come from. Remove the cargo cover and first aids kit, but creeking noise still exist.
    Problem so far for this rx330: Tranmission (up shift); Daskboard rattle; Winsheld crack (faulty design); Headlight condense; and Rear rattle noise. Don't know what will be next...
  • and I thank you for the kind words....Irv
  • samw_97samw_97 Posts: 2

    I have exactly the same problem with my Bluetooth phone. Did you find a solution to the problem?
  • gvlnggvlng Posts: 14
    Has anyone had experience with Lexus of Tucson? Since they are the only Lexus dealer here I wonder how they treat you service wise. Any help is appreciated.
  • fhfcheffhfchef Posts: 9
    Overall the car is great but if you enjoy driving a responsive car then the 05Rx330 is not for you. I hate the driving experience because of all the jerkiness of the transmission that is almost embarrassing when driving with passengers. I have Customer Service calling me regularly to try and help this problem but unless they get me out of this car, I don't see any solution in sight. I hate to be a Negative Nancy but the Drive by Wire system stinks and I drive rental cars all over this country and have never seen anything like it. It is a shame because the car is great otherwise.
  • yyyyyy Posts: 22
    Did you expereince the transmission problem from day one? If not, how many miles the car has when you start to notice the said problem? Just want to know if the problem is slowly developed :-(
  • chicagocarchicagocar Posts: 11
    I didn't notice much of a transmission problem, until during 5000 miles service ( 2005 RX330) the service guy updated some program etc - he told me that they updated the computer with TSB - TC005-03. After this the performance sucks, more jerk during driving and car drive has become heavy.

    Not sure anyone on the fourm has the same problem.

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