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Lexus RX 330 Maintenance and Repair



  • ozz2ozz2 Posts: 2
    I bought my RX330 earlier this year......had my headlights stolen in my apartment garage last month and the same guys hit 2 other RX330s in my garage and 1 that was parked on the street the same night. Got my car back last Friday after $7500 of installed datadots and brackets on the new headlights......guess what? just 6 days wife parked the car in a Target parking lot and it got its headlights stolen in the middle of the day in the 30minutes she was there......nice car and all but the xenon headlights is too much of a bother.......I live in New Jersey and I have been hearing the same thing happening all over NYC and NY state. Bringing in the car tomorrow for repairs again and very likely selling it right after and getting a car without xenon headlights. Any suggestions?
  • How about keep the car, but move the hell out of New Jersey?

  • "How about keep the car, but move the hell out of New Jersey? "

    I second the motion!
  • ozz2ozz2 Posts: 2
    I was thinking of getting a car without xenon headlights may be the less drastic option.....I can see this problem spreading to other states outside of the northeast easily if all it takes is a minute or two to get to the headlights that sells for couple of hundred bucks in the black market. Just wished Lexus had a non-xenon headlight option on its RX330
  • just turned 15K on our 04, I was one of the first to post about the rear wiper problem, we still have the hinged one but I noticed a post about a REAL FIX, not the one they did on ours. I'll get that done next time in.

    Just had a problem with the driver's side mirror. I noticed when we switched drivers on a trip from NM that the horizontal movement was real sluggish, then it quit. I called the dealer and the service writer said he'd have to order the complete unit, skin and all to get the color, and that they'd had several of them already. Got it done in a couple of hours, no problems. Unfortunately two days later the passenger side one started acting up! I searched the forum but didn't see any other posts, are we the first?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Had my passenger side mirror replace about 3 months ago- did the same thing. Only thing still having a problem with is the A/C. Still find that it has turned itself off if the RX has been sitting out in the rain, or if I go thru just a little water it turns off & the A/C button starts flashing. Just have to hit the button (off completely-unlit) and hit again to turn on. But can get to be a real pain here during the rainy season.
  • Was the windshield crack replaced by the dealer under warranty? Who and where is your dealer? Did the dealer give you any hassle?

    The windshield on my two month old RX330 just cracked sitting in the garage over the weekend. The crack was on top of the windshield, just off the rear view mirror.
  • Go to an automotive store and buy a small waste bag (made of pleather). It is should be strong enough to hold itself up. Then put it in the front drivers side (and passenger side) storage slot in the door. It works great!
  • I also just got my 2005 RX330, only 30 miles on it, and I already notice this clunking sound from the rear passenger side. I live in NY city and every time that rear tire hits a "manhole" cover it clunks! With the windows open its down right embarrassing!

    I looked under the car and noticed the entire exhaust system sways from side to side freely. And the exhaust tip uses a spring loaded clamp to hold it in place allowing it to rotate freely. Also, the rear tailpipe is supported by a neoprene hanger which is almost like a heavy duty rubber band.

    I think what is happening is there is nothing to prevent the exhaust system from hitting the undercarriage, so when I go over a manhole the tail pipe hits the bottom of the trunk and sounds like my spare tire is loose!

    I am going to contact Lexus on this..... I can't believe they dropped the ball on this. By the way this car was made in Canada. VIN 2T2HA......

    anymore stories on this?
  • I have the Moterola MPX 220. I also just got the Lexus with Bluetooth option. The address book from the phone does not transfer to the car. But it does allow you to setup your own speed dials (about 8) in the car itself.

    It also has a log of the numbers you dialed last. I does not transfer the caller ID info either.

    With that said, this is one of the coolest features about the car. As soon as I turn on the car it searches for my bloetooth phone and tells me the connection was successful. If any one calls me it mutes the radio and says CALL. The ringing comes from my phone only not the car.

    I can pick the phone from my stearing wheel and begin speaking on the car speakerphone. there is a second button on the stearing wheel to hang up.

    If I want to place a call, i just press the call button on my wheel and the NAV display turns into a telephone touch screen to begin dialing, or I can choose from my speed dials or logs.

    Very cool..... To set it up from my phone I had my phone do a discovery. You have to gointo a menu in the car, but I can't tell you which one cause my salesman did that part....

    good luck.
  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    Yes, dealer should replace it under warranty.
    Lexus of water town in MA.
    No, hassle. After the glass vendor replace the windshield at my home, he ask me to claim through insurance or dealer. I refer the claim go to the dealer.
    Crack happen either left or right the rear view mirror. The 2 clips glue on top of the windshield cause the crack. These 2 clips will be removed before the new windshield replacement.
  • fyi...had my wife's 2005 rx330 AWD in for service...service guy @ watertown Lexus basically tried VERY VERY hard to talk me out of the re-program/reset of the transmission. Said they had done it for one person and the results were poor and there was no going back. he also gave me the usual BS line about it could be related to poor gas quality and that all premium fuels are not the same. He mentioned the initiative which seemed hokey to me. I did read up on it. There is some legitimacy to the claims about detergent levels in gasoline but it is complete BS to suggest an issue that is acknowledged by Toyota to affect specific transmissions could have a root cause of gasoline quality. If that were the case then any model would be affected. Also interesting about the gas quality issue, the only gas company that distributes in MA that meets that top tier rating is SHELL with their v-power formula's. Also interesting that Shell is one of the comp[anies that imports the MOST from the Persian Gulf region, so if you want to NOT buy Persian gulf related gasoline AND put in something that has a higher level of detergent to keep the injectors clean AND you live in the Northeast or specifical Massachusetts you're screwed. the WATERTOWN Lexus service guy was suggesting an alignment at 15k which they charge $139. I explained that was too expensive for an alignment. The advisor went into a sales pitch about the high quality machine they use there, I need to be careful about who to use..look for dirty or rusty machines don't bring a lexus just anywhere..its worth the money to use the dealer. Yeah right. Plus I lease and they own it so when they get it back they can align it without me paying the costs. NOT thrilled witht the hard sell on services.
  • Does anyone know if you can request DATA DOTS/anit-theft bracked for the Xenon lights and get it for free if you have NOT recevied a letter from Lexus?
  • mhemhe Posts: 7
    I got my RX-330 AWD in May of 2003, and has only 26,000 miles on it. Yet I noticed lately that the tire tread is already worn out, and is about time to replace these Goodyear tires before the winter comes. I drive gently, and am totally surprised that the Goodyear tire can not even last 30,000 miles. Is there something wrong or this is normal? I checked Costco, and they have the Michlin at $174 each.
  • Katherine

    I was so glad to see your posting. I have "helicopter" noise when I have my back windows open. I didn't know how to describe it until I read your posting. It is when I have any windows down. It hurts my ears too. Did you find any solutions ? I would appretiate any advice you have or have heard. Thanks KJ
  • FYI -
    Thought you should know that we are in the same boat as you. My husband who is a mechanic was told by a former Lexus mechanic that Lexus put these JUNKY tires on their cars and EVERYONE ends up replacing them after only 25k miles - like you and I.

    for the price of the car you'd HOPE that they would have put a decent tire one the car ! I guess not !
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The only thing that can be done is to improve, radically, the exhauster airflow capacity. The ability to lower the rear window glass ever so slightly would help tremendously.

    But I wouldn't suggest anything so radical unless you're also experiencing instances of sudden windshield fogging during the colder weather.

    In that case you can buy exhauster vents for the 4runner, etc, and install them in the lower portion of the "C" pillor. That way when the A/C evaporator decides to quickly humidify the cabin the saturated cabin atmosphere will be exhausted much more quickly.
  • OK i know this sounds silly BUT....there was either a TSB or i read somewhere that you can get an intermittent CLUNK noise from the tools bin in the back that holds the jack and all of the associated parts. Had this happen once on our '05 rx330 AWD. Check the bin..sure enough the lug wrench had popped loose and was clunking around. I also read somewhere once of people simply using a towel or some material to keep those items from clunking even when they are help in place in the slots each one fits into
  • I've never found a solution, which is particularly annoying because I've had a lot of loaner cars from my dealer and none of their moon roofs have had this problem.
  • This is one I haven't seen yet.

    My '04 rx has developed (another!!!) very annoying rattle, this time in the area of the rear view mirror - eye glass holder. It sounds like loose change rattling, and is especially loud when I go over a bump. So I explored by pressing gently in the region, for example, inside the eye glass holder, and the wind shield wipers activated (I keep them in the automatic mode). Sometimes they activated when I went over a bump - or whenever..... I wasn't always sure if I'd gone over a bump or not. So what's up with that???

    The dealer said the "jell pack," the thing that adheres the rear-view mirror to the wind shield (I think) was loose, so they replaced it. Now the noise is back, but of course not when I took it back to the dealer.

    Having the wipers activate when the windshield has a layer of whatever has landed on it since the last wash or rain has got to be scratching the heck out of it.

    Has anyone else heard of this problem?

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